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I pull for the SEC against other teams. I even pull for Fulmer's pansies down there in T-town.
I hate this but I have to re-think my support for Barnes.
We have the dumbest fan base in collage football. They just don't know football and what it takes to win. UT fans are an emotional bunch of children and it is proven each day.
Yep a low grade heckler. I have no animosity like some of the UT fans.
You big dummy. Just what did you expect with the roster we have now?
I would ask a Georgia fan if I wanted to know about mediocrity. That's your total program history. You do have a tiny bit of tradition though.
Can't let the inmates run the prison. Glad the big mouth is gone.
Mr. "Fake news" Spencer please explain your headline. Is it just to draw a response? Did you make up the lie or were you ordered to report in such a careless manner? I think it says more about your culture. "FAKE NEWS"
Yep, you do have problems, so why not worry about your own and we'll worry about ours. Troy is better than you and maybe us. We'll see.
Ainge speaks truth. I always called them products of time out.
Every team has dumb people but sometimes i think we have more than most. I won't call them fans though. I wish no harm to any team.
Yeah, we have our problems with a lot of dumb fans, but that's our business. I noticed you posted long after you won your game. Where was your big mouth before your game?
Doesn't deserve the chance to beat UGA??? You are not a UT fan i promise.
He's the guy walking around with Jon Cooper's nose up his rear end.
I'm starting to wonder if there are any full spurts in Georgia.
You present yourself as child-like in the way you respond. Are you posting on your daddy's account?
I bet the two nuts posting ahead of me are a lot of fun at home.
We have another fake news writer in Andrew Olson. First time i've heard 5 star hearts and i'm sure the first for anyone here. So tell me Mr. fake news Olson, how does this become a cliche after just one use?
Georgia has always been the most overrated program in SEC history. You guys will never get it lol.
Pay no attention to these outsiders. Their fear is seeing UT becoming great again. You won't see me go to another teams page to post unless it's to congratulate them.
It's all good. Worm turns, and then turns again. Glad to be a Vol fan for life.
Thanks everyone. I'm just sickened by all of the lives lost. When it comes down to it we are all in this thing together no matter what team we support.
Lol. Bunch of emotional, believe anything losers.
I've never hated on Kiffin and understood that he left for his so-called dream job. I was really disappointed in the way people acted when all that happened. I'm not in the fire Butch idiot crowd but if he left i'd take Kiffin back in a minute.