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Total BS. Aggies earned a spot and deserved a spot. Worst part is head of the selection committee is from Houston and lives in Frisco, Texas. Tom Burnett Commish of the Southland Conference. Ross Bjork should cancel every game in every sport with Southland Conference teams on the 2022-23 calendar. Would be a giant and deserved FU for Tom Burnett.
I'm biased and love Corral but Young deserves the Heisman. Bama was not who we thought they were. Much better. When it mattered most Bama proved their greatness again. As someone said today never bet against the Saban the GOAT.
Hate to read this. Prayers for the young man to make a full recovery.
That's crazy. Rogers is playing as good as any quarterback in the SEC. How does a team that's won 4 of their last 5 drop out of the Top 25?
If the cold rainy day and night forecast holds true, it's impossible to predict. The only thing I'm sure of is that I'll be there. I've only missed one Egg Bowl in almost 40 years,
Will this be Harsin's only Iron Bowl? Will he go to U of Washington after finding out how hard the SEC west is?
I wish the Saints had traded up for Mac Jones. He's a smart winner.
I watched about half of your Arkansas game. No I didn't see him get hit but said Young was great. I said Young was Heisman worthy and was more accurate than Corral on deep throws and he was the best freshman qb I could remember watching. 3 very good comments but you ignored all of that. As to your insult about my ignorance about oline play let's see who knows oline play. Please answer these questions. What's the best way to protect vs zero? What are the mechanics of slide protection? Explain how silent protection works on the oline. who does what and what never happens? Bet it's googletime for Bamatime.
I watched Florida totally dominate Florida State. If the Gators play defense like that they'll be better than 24th.
Opposing fan jumping in. I thought the Moultry targeting call was bs. I watched a few minutes of the Auburn-SC game and I was cheering for SC to win. That said I don't know how they could possibly call that punt indisputable evidence. The first call - if it had been made either way - should have stood in my opinion.
Young wins the Heisman if 2 things happen. If Bama rolls Auburn and he plays great again. If Michigan beats Ohio State. I don't know if Michigan can do that but I think Harsin's first Iron Bowl is going to be painful for him. Bama 44 Auburn 13.
Thanks. Who's your next coach? Not who you want but who you think the AD will hire.
Was Bryce Young hit one time Saturday? He looked like a guy throwing in practice where the qb is never hit. Regardless he was Heisman worthy with that performance. Young is more accurate on deep balls than Corral and Saturday he looked as good as any freshman I can remember ever. We all love Matt Corral at Ole Miss but a solid case Corral is better than the Manning's? You just made a solid case that you were too young to watch Archie play. Stats mean nothing in that argument. Different era and Archie missed several games with a broken arm in a time when qbs could only play 3 years. I have big time respect for Corral, but Archie Manning is one of the 10 best players in college football history.
If LSU wins do they go to a bowl game? If the Tigers go to a bowl Will Coach O coach that game?
Big win for Beamer and his program. Hope you beat Clemson.
Yeah it's should he a great game. Corral and Rogers are two of the best in college football. Hope it doesn't rain like predicted. We may all be wet but I'll be there. Have only missed 1 Ole Miss-State game in the past 40 years. Kiffin, Leach and Deion Sanders. Mississippi has three of the most entertaining coaches in college football.
It could be Georgia vs Ohio State. Both are great teams, but don't sleep on Bama. They know how to win when it matters most.
Sam Pittman is doing a great job at Arkansas. I'm impressed with Briles and Odom. Good coaching staff. Arkansas is heading in the right direction.
8x5 Kiffin doesn't give a shot about recruiting rankings. He's decided that it's better for OM to sign half the class as portal transfers after several of our best players on this team came from the portal. It's a plan. How's his 2 year plan worked out so far? You just made fun of Aranda's record at Baylor too. You've taken shots at State, Tennessee and almost every other SEC school. You have a great team at Bama. You have the greatest coach in college football history. Maybe had the 2 greatest ever in Saban and Bryant. Why can't you just enjoy your SEC championships and national championships and quit posting bad things about other programs?
Kiffin is a modern day Spurrier. Cocky, fun, entertaining and a winner.
He's been great on the field and humble and classy off of it. Matt Corral will leave Oxford as an Ole Miss legend.
Here's my explanation, 1967. Which team is undefeated? Georgia. Which team is ranked #1 in the coaches poll? Georgia. Which team is first in the current playoff rankings? Georgia. Which team is not any of those three? Alabama.
mbkrc I'm not sure there's an issue. Just a possible decision or 2. Does Kiffin think it's going to be harder to keep winning 9 or 10 game every year at Ole Miss than it would be to win at Miami or LSU or Florida or any school that offers him next month? Kiffin is in his 40's and divorced. Would he rather live in a big city or a small town. Coach Kiffin has brought winning and fun football to Ole Miss. I hope he stays but we won't act like Tennessee fans if he leaves. He's earned whatever comes. Hopkins is right. We would just hire Lebby and keep winning.
Arch is a high school junior. Kiffin may have 2 or 3 schools offering him next month long before Arch makes his decision.
I would be shocked if LSU interviews Obrien much less hire him. If they don't get Riley in Baton Rouge, I think it will be Aranda, Kiffin or Napier. If Liberty beats ULL tomorrow does Freeze jump ahead of Napier?
I'm going to watch Finley play before deciding how good he is or isn't. I've seen teammates play better than anyone thought they would in the past. He'll have 3 games to prove it. South Carolina, Bama and the bowl game.
Grover I didn't read media guides. I played almost 40 years ago. Not one of our coaches or teammates ever called us Mississippi.