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Big Bad Breakfast is a must. Ajax, Boure and City Grocery are all excellent. There are many others all in The Square Region. If it's Friday or Saturday night I would suggest making reservations in advance. I town of 30,000 turns into a city of 100,000 on football weekends. Hope this helps. Travel safely.
It's a small place. A true college town of about about 30,000 people. The Square is the center of everything on football weekends. Restaurants, bars and clubs galore. Plenty of stores for shopping if you are your wife are into that. The Grove is a must on game day. The campus is very easy to walk around. I would go see the Lyceum and the new Law School. Both are beautiful. Ole Miss has done a great job with consistent style in terms of architecture. USA Today and other publications have named Ole Miss the most beautiful campus in America in recent years. In August ESPN named us the best college town in America. Both are subjective but real compliments. The new 90 million dollar basketball arena is next to the football stadium. The baseball stadium is an easy five minute walk from both. Rowan Oak is also a nice place to visit. About a 10 minute walk from the main campus and the home of famed writer William Faulkner who won the Nobel Peace Prize. Rowan Oak draws visitors from all over the US. If you run into a man who looks like Morgan Freeman it's likely him. He spends a lot of time in Oxford as do the Manning's - Archie, Olivia, Eli and Abby. The biggest difference you'll notice is how hilly it is. Very different from College Station. If nothing else, just do The Square on Friday afternoon and night and The Grove on Saturday.
Agree. I thought UT competed their butts off for 3 quarters. As you said, the lack of depth showed up in the 4th quarter. Early rumors were Herndon had torn his ACL against Ole Miss so I was happy to see him out there playing. Never want to see players suffer serious injuries.
We just shake our heads. Schlabach says. Alabama and Georgia think. Coop (Dad) Ole Miss grad. Ellen (Mom) Ole Miss grad. Archie (Grandfather) OM legend. Olivia (Grandmother) OM cheerleader and homecoming queen. Peyton (Uncle) Tennessee Eli (Uncle) Ole Miss Anyone who knows Coop (the Dad) knows he may be the biggest Ole Miss fan in the family. His dream was to play at Ole Miss and had the stolen from him due to a neck issue as a freshman. While many in the media continue to dismiss us as little Ole Miss, Arch will fulfill his Dad's dream a generation later. Coop and Ellen will be thrilled. So, too, will Archie and Olivia. Both have places in Oxford as do Eli and Abby. Wait and see.
When you can get pressure rushing four only you're going to be darn good on defense. The Aggies can and they are. Hitting their stride at the right time.
Looks like the greatest coach in college football history to me.
Great! We'll be thrilled to keep Coach Kiffin. May I recommend Dan Mullen? Jeremy Pruitt?
Keith who? If Keith CAMPBELL is heir to the soup empire, he'll be able to pay Lane anything he wants! Guess it's too bad our AD is named Keith CARTER.
From an Ole Miss man, I'll join in and say this article is ridiculous. Clark Lea is in is first year at Vanderbilt. Mike Leach's team just beat Texas A&M in College Station 2 weeks ago. Maybe the moron or morons who wrote this have forgotten that Mississippi State and Vanderbilt each won a National Championship in baseball.
Keith Carter made a great hire. We were rock bottom 2 years ago.
Appreciate the classy response, Hillybillybengal. Our coaching staff is really doing an outstanding job. Was very pleased and pleasantly surprised by our defensive performance today. We're still young and lacking in talent on D. But, we played hard today. Show heart and hustle. Took good angles to the ball. Looks like Nussmeier has a future in Baton Rouge.
You can't even acknowledge that Ole Miss beat you back to back on the field. Selective punishment can't change what happened on the field. 2015 Ole Miss 23 Alabama 17 2016 Ole Miss 43 Alabama 37 Thank goodness Harvey Updyke didn't get so mad that he poisoned trees in The Grove.
Sam Pittman is doing a great job. Rome isn't built in a day.
There is a cow. He says moo. Maybe you won't MODERATE this post which was complimenting Sam Pittman and Arkansas.
It happened. I sat in the stands and watched it. Hope you did, too. LMAO about vacated wins. Being called a cheater by Bama is like being called a little slow by Biden. I remember sitting in a board room with a former Auburn coach who told me, "When _____ (prominent Bama donor) gets in it we know it's over." If Keith McCants was still alive, he knew him well. To repeat your phrase, just saying...
The consensus seems to be if Coach Kiffin leaves then Jeff Lebby would be our next head coach. I don't know how the Manning's feel about him but he's very respected by the Ole Miss fan base.
Arch's Dad, Cooper, is, perhaps, the biggest Ole Miss fan in the family. He's the eldest son who signed at Ole Miss, but whose career ended due to a spinal cord issue in his freshman season. Cooper (Dad) Ole Miss grad. Ellen (Mom) Ole Miss grad. Eli (uncle) Ole Miss grad. Peyton (uncle) Tennessee grad. Archie (grandfather) Ole Miss legend. Olivia (grandmother) former OM cheerleader and Homecoming Queen. Ellen's parents (grandparents) I think one or both went to Virginia. Cooper and Ellen have a place in Oxford. Eli and Abby own a home in Oxford. Archie and Olivia own a condo in Oxford. LSU? I guess anything is possible, but, in spite of what some sportswriters speculate (many of whom have never met any member of the Manning family), Ole Miss wouldn't trade places with any other school right now. The future will take of itself. Hope the young man plays great tonight on national tv.
You had the far better team Our offensive line got their butts kicked. But, disaster for Corral? Matt Corral was 21 of 28 for 218 yards. One TD pass another dropped for what was a sure TD. Bryce Young was 21 of 27 for 241 yards. Two TD passes. Full credit to Bama for the win but please stop the disaster nonsense. One game doesn't make the season. For the season Bryce Young is 158 of 224 passes. 69.5% He has rushed for -2 yards. Matt Corral is 122 of 184 passes. 67.3%. He has rushed for 457 yards. Corral is on pace to possibly rush for 1000 yards. To put Corral's rushing numbers in perspective Tim Tebow rushed for 910 yards his Heisman season Lamar Jackson rushed for 430 yards his Heisman season Michael Vick rushed for 131 yards the year he finished third in Heisman voting.
Best NCAA tournament performance I've ever seen was Bill Walton and UCLA beating Memphis in the finals. Walton scored 45 points and only missed one shot the whole game. Had close to a dozen rebounds and played his butt off on defense. Legend.
Would love to have Arch at Ole Miss but want the best for him whatever decision he makes. Ole Miss-LSU is one of the great Southern rivalries. Arch will likely see a fun and high scoring game in Oxford tomorrow. Perfect weather predicted for a weekend where we'll be honoring Eli. Great timing.
I have no idea, but when you're 5-1 and have one of the most exciting offenses in the country other schools take notice. Nice problem. If Corral is healthy should be another high scoring game tomorrow. We may both have 500 yards in total offense.
Re Freeze losing to ULM you are aware he's the only coach in SEC history to beat Saban back to back. Speaking of Nick Saban he lost to UAB when he was at LSU. Bet Bama's happy they didn't let that loss to a low level in state team disqualify him. Maybe Napier will be your guy. Your points are interesting on him.
Interesting that your response to the true story on how Dean became a last minute Georgia Bulldog was to make insulting comments about Mississippi. You started the insults after a factual post. Reminds me of how Dems turn a factual comment about Joe Biden and gas prices into Trumphate. For them that's easier than hearing the truth. Same with Dean to Athens. One thing is for sure about Mississippi. We clearly don't rank first in arrogance.
Why have Georgia fans become so obnoxious? Maybe you'll pass Bama this year but why do you feel the need to take classless shots at other programs? It doesn't make you look bigger. For what it's worth Ole Miss has been to 7 bowl games in the last 11 years. Mississippi State has been to 10 consecutive bowls.
Woodward will have no shortage of proven head coaches to chose from. Fickel, Petersen, Tucker, Freeze and more. No offense to Brady but why take a chance when you can't afford to be wrong?
Hope Kentucky goes 11-1 or 10-2. As football fans you sure lack the arrogance that too many in our league have. Go Cats.
Alabama and Georgia fans can be so unsufferable. Let's say Matt Corral has 9 great games, 2 good ones and one average one - Bama. No, that doesn't eliminate him from the Heisman race. In 2016 Louisville lost to Houston 36-10. Lamar Jackson was 20 of 43 - less than 50 percent - and he threw more interceptions than touchdowns. One bad game didn't cost him the Heisman. He won it because he was the best player over 12 games. It isn't always about Bama.
Hey, Unclnuts, lick mine. 250 for Dean. Common knowledge in this state including all over DeSota county of which you've probably never stepped foot. And, speaking of MORON's there was no NIL back then. RE your jokes about our state, at least we didn't have Stacey Abrams counting votes. Enjoy the rising prices - gas, food, etc. Worst inflation since Jimmy Carter was President. What state was HE from? If the peach fits...
Or, SaturdayFootball, we could just play UT again and hope you throw the cans and bottles earlier. That way we could have a 20 minute rest during the game compliments of the Moonshine fellers up in them there stands.