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looser of OSU VS Michigan will also still be in the hunt for that 4th spot. Only Georgia and winner of OSU VS Michigan are guaranteed at this point no matter what
I think USC will jump LSU in this week ranking. USC had a good close game against UCLA. Also caleb williams will get some additional votes for heisman. But as long as LSU takes care of business against ATM and UGA we are in CFP for sure.
I think in UT game the offense was decent. The score board is mis leading but offensively especially the second half LSU was able to move the ball well. And I feel that was the turning point of the LSU Season.
I wonder if NIL deals have morality clauses... If someone has access to a typical NIL contract; would love to read and understand it. i.e what happens if you quit mid season or transfer or get arrested or jeopardise the university in any way
Dynasties are made to be broken down. You will win some and loose some. With NIL in the picture I think the Top 20 blue blood programs will pull away from others very soon
Alabama has some development issue but if I were to bet i will say Alabama will not go any where anytime soon. Saban is not a hard head like Les Miles who refused to change philosophies. Saban's elite defenses were complemented by Game manager QBs and in last 5 years offens's have been elite. As a LSU fan i have hated every bit of their success since 2012 championship; but I want to say the hate is now become a healthy respect and competition. Looking forward to kicking the tide a** for the next decade.
James Cregg hired Mike Leach... So my guess will be a highly touted OC outside SEC from PAC12 or BIG10. Kiffin and Freeze will stay put. Rhule, Brien are favs Sanders and Leipold with outside chance due to current success
His recruitment is unlike any due to the family background. If history is any proof what the manning family will look for is development of Archie as a player (NIL, money etc... are all secondary). The coach who can get him to becoming the No.1 draft wins the lottery. a) Kirby/UGA is yet to develop any QB until this point b) Alabama has definitely developed with multiple OC c) I donot think he will go outside SEC due to development. When u r in SEC u play against better competition and help in development d) OleMiss is also in the mix. If he picks Ole Miss I will assume Kiffin will stay at Ole Miss for another 3-4 years and juice the Archie talent into landing a NFL or better Power 5 coaching gig after. But more importantly it does not make sense to lock up recruitment this early. The coaches and how a school is perceived can change quiet a bit before early signing period.
He has earned it. By all indication he is a good QB (not Joe Borrow good but comparable to Mattenberger). And he has been loyal and patient to get his turn
Along with this Arik Gilbert..... who had 100yds per game as senior is also heading to LSU Passing game should be up and up for next few years.
Miles and Franks have a history. He committed to LSU at some point during his senior year at HS and then flipped to Florida during signing period. Won't be a surprise if Kansas lands him again.