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Harsin is a good coach but I don't think he has ever had a similar experience as this 365 day a year hatred between two schools in the same state.. He hasn't gone against a lot of Power 5s except Bowl Games maybe in which there is lots of time to prep. He is about to get an education and in my opinion, you don't pay a coach $21 mil to go away unless you have a bigger/better name lined up. Maybe Sankey & the SEC bigwigs nixed Hugh 1-900 Freeze?
Harsin is a good, solid coach, but was he worth paying Malzahn $21 mil to go away just to get a similar type coach? Harsin also followed Malzahn at Arkansas State in 2012 and got about the same result in his one year there, maybe not quite as good.. He was a Boise alum, so he has never had to deal with super-meddling boosters and sky high expectations, at least not what he will have at Auburn..
We're wondering the same thing in AR.. It's not like we were going to be good anyway this soon, but we now have 6 of the preseason Top 13 teams.. Yes, we traded @ ND for @ UF in a way, which is fairly even, but getting you guys AND @ UF to save 'Bama from any chance of a 2nd loss is brutal. 2 of the 3 western most teams were brutalized, us and Mizzou. A&M came out okay but Dumbo Fisher will find a way to screw it up as per usual..