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Sam Pittman took the Ark job when no one else wanted it. He had bought vacation property in the state and wanted to live here. I sure hope this turns out to be a very good deal for both sides. Sam clearly has a humble, focus-on-what-matters, inspiring leadership style -- and -- Arkansas was so desperate for a true leader. Considering how Sam "wins the livingroom" recruiting in his GA days and now delegates key coaching positions to great leaders and leaves them alone (Odom as DC), I think the future is bright with the recruits he likely will attract. I sure hope Sam gets paid stupid money with future success and wakes up daily with the thought that he's getting paid handsomely for what he'd probably want to do for free... Win-win for all involved.
I'm not going to bet against Kiffen. Smart, cunning, good attitude, and knows how to win. He'll do good things at Ole Miss. Now Gus and Morris at Auburn? I think Auburn has Gus at least 2 more years with that stupid-high buy-out. Morris is going to drill a big ole hole in the boat by they time they show him the door. Go Ole Miss -- beat the wheels off the Gus bus!
For what it’s worth, on this very site, click on the quick link at the top right of the page to jump to a particular team and it’s listed as “Mississippi Rebels”, not Ole Miss. SEC send our some memo and I missed it? SDS and now the SEC Network forgetting Ole Miss is “Ole Miss”....
Truly feel for you getting Morris. It was a backward slide for 2 years at Ark. We steadily declined in nearly every aspect of the game, but the offensive calls were consistently bewildering. The deeper in it he got, the more circus-like and strange the plays got. Always felt he fancied himself a genius but no one else could keep up -- and believed everyone would still love his genius despite the losses. It got so bad he even got us on The Tonight Show, to just make the embarrassment even more complete. "I'm bad, I'm Nationwide". Hopefully, he's gone after this season. I don't wish that on anyone, friend or foe.