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No you're wrong little Odom Troll. Pittman detailed after his hiring his relationship with Odom and how he inquired about hiring him multiple times also LSU tried to hire Odom but we bumped his pay.
Baseball players are not rated by stars but yes Plumlee is a fantastic baseball prospect.
I disagree. Auburn would wait a couple years for it drop unless Gussie just implodes.
Aubie, doesn't have the money for Ole Gurse's buyout.
You have a response for almost every Arkansas fan that has posted a response on this topic.
This is total BS. Everyone needs to move on because this is getting old quick. Yes Aubie got gifted another one but it's ok cause we all know what happened. How bout Sam Pittman being one of the better hires this offseason though. He made alot of you dopes look stupid that kept saying he has no HC experience and wont have success.
Agree, it seems we do the best when were not expected.
Yea these are cute to speculate on but I dont see too many of these panning out. Some LSU players will drop from recent performances and some players we didnt see coming will jump into the 1st round.
He's still gonna be calling plays from his house. Hope the best for Saban and his family the guy is up there in years.
Best stiff arm since Earl Cambell. Just heard Saban tested positive for virus.
Trelon Smith has shown he can be a #1 back IMO he kind of reminds me of Alabama's Josh Jacobs. It's only gonna get better for him when O-Line improves and jas shown he can catch the ball out of the backfield which is a must in a Briles offense.
Haha so Kiffin's 11 year old kid knows more about football than Most Aubie fans.
He walks up behind Costello at the end of the game and looks like he's chirping in his ear. Of course Idk know what Franks was saying to Costello but it didn't seem he was too receptive to whatever Felipe told him. It didn't look like any meeting of the QBs one normally sees between foes.
Lmao, yea I was at the game and saw the same "Left Lane Hammer Down" garbage.
Yea, I got couple of Aubie trolls on me for telling them how Chard is no offensive guru and makes QBs regress under his tutelage.
You need to let Gus dictate the plays Morris has to choose from. Auburn should have the Schwartz kid at the 1000 yard and 10 TD mark.
Like I said your a kid. Cute snide remarks and punctuation comments. Next thing you gonna tell me is that Auburn is being looked into for the way Bruce Pearl recruits. Please comment about punctuation cause I know that's your thing.
I'm glad he got the recognition he deserved and continues to show why he is IMO the best LB in college. SDS are a bunch of hacks how the hell is he not #1 on your defensive players list is beyond me. Dont worry though the real experts knew better.
Hey Tiger TD what did I tell you lol this kid is a baller. No moment seemed to be too big and he methodically worked through his progressions. Congratulations on finding that diamond in the rough as they say.
I'm not elated by Fanks performance so far but he's definitely light years ahead of what we had to endure for several seasons now. I have an issue with the way he approached Costello after the Mississippi State win but hopefully he continues to grow character wise cause that matters. I believe Hornsby is our future but would welcome Franks back if he believes he needs another year before the NFL cause we know this QB class is going to be loaded with big time talent.
Hey trolly get outta here. Auburn bought Cam Newton and everyone knows it. Alabama always gonna be that big brotha lmao.
Your a fool. Like you really delivered on the game lol. The game plan was never to run the ball but I'll agree you did but Bigsby fumbled and you got beat up a team that plays a rotation 7. So yes you got out worked. Sounds like you clipped and pasted your comment above lmao. Kid your just a troll now.
WDE0012 your O-line got out worked by a team with no depth at D-Line. Your " What If" scenario is just an excuse like your answer for lack of Offensive fluidity. Your team was lackluster and should have ran the ball every play.
I'll go with he'll be worse next year for $1000 lol.
Exactly, as the hold saying goes "Don't let appearances fool you". I'm liking what I've seen from Coach Drinkwitz and can I say his voice certainly doesn't sound like a dorky white guy lol.
This guy is a joke saying anything less than winning 2 out of the next 3 is a unacceptable. If we learned anything this year expect the unexpected. Ole Miss will get a few teams we didnt see coming. Kiffin has his rolling on offense and will be a threat to any team they face.