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I'd slap you silly in person. I have friends and family out there trying to keep fools like you off a ventilator. I've seen kids, Adults, and the elderly loose their lives down here. Just because the news isn't rolling their names on the TV like tgose in Vietnam doesn't mean it didnt happen. Do us all a favor and not waste a vaccination on your dumbass.
I believe he could seems ti ba a shifty quick burst type of player. All I know is WR Coach Stepp has been killing it on the recruiting trail.
Hey JTF Don't be a dumbass just go throw yourself of stone mountain. People are falling like flies and you people want to quote me numbers about it be a selective killer of the old. Go tell that to my Uncle that lost his boy. Yea SDS is a bunch of b!tches that bicker with each other over football when 90% have never sniffed what it likes to play college ball but tgis is getting ridiculous. I sincerely hope you people are not as dumb as you make yourselves out to he on here.
It shows people love a winner. No matter how low someone's character and morals it seems that as they can win they'll get another chance. This guy is garbage and would never let my kid play for someone like that.
Tell that to the 1,000,000 American families that lost loved ones.
Your funny kid. Guessing it so sad to be a Mizzou fan you got to beat your pecker against your forehead cause you finally made it in the SEC lmao. The truth is you haven't achieved anything as far as a university in the conference but you think your relevant.
TGT88 and anyone that agrees with him are morons. This thing is serious and there is no room for dipsh!ts makung it worse. Get over that you cant have it your way because it doesn't matter as long as it continues at this rate.
Tony Tiger your a fool if you think you had the better team this year. Your schedule blah and you shot your wad early. Arkansas beats Missouri every in sports besides football so who really has the better program.
Crybabies your funny. After that bogus unsportsmanlike penalty the momentum shifted towards Mizzou. Yes, Bolton shouldn't have been thrown out but more calls went tour way than ours. I'm just stating facts you goofy little kid.
Your a fool plain and simple. Now tell me what would everyone's records would be if they got to pick and choose wins and losses.
This by far the best thing I've seen this. First clas Roundtree.
Unclenutz and all other punctuation experts f off. You know what I meant you bunch of nuut wipes.
Haha dont get mad little buddy. No I liked Pinkel. Mizzou has not accomplished squat this year.
We literally beat Mizzou every year in every sport haha. Your football team needed a fake penalty to beat us this year so enjoy that win.
An Odom pet? Your just mad he didnt sign your Tiger Thong lol.
Wolfman nobody and I mean nobody believes one thing about yiur bio.
Don't get butthurt you little sissy. Yea no I'm not the easy out you were looking for there little guy.
I'd take those odds that Irvin Myers whoops the little Herbstreit legacy. The face id this kid is there because of the the publicity no the talent. Hell at least Jerry Jones grandson we have at like 5-String QB was a legitimate football player.
This guy's opinion is gayer than his picture.
Tigur you're garbage. You and that fake ole ball coach Wolfman are a match made in heaven.