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Tuberville is reportedly a candidate for the Arkansas AD job, and there have been talks about Nutt being a candidate as well. If Nutt becomes AD then there is no way that Malzahn comes to Arkansas since Nutt was the reason Malzahn left Fayetteville to begin with. In other words, I hope Tuberville gets the AD job and Malzahn ditches Auburn and comes home. We need people with true connections to this state and this school in order to reinvigorate our fanbase and hopefully pave the way to success. Long and Bielema just didn't have those connections, despite their best intentions.
Interesting seeing all these UK fans trash talk now that football season is over. Sore winners.
As much as I would love for that to happen, I'm not expecting it
Hate to break it to ya, but 54-16 is a crushing loss. I should know, my Hogs experienced a couple of them this season.
USAFHawg21, most FREQUENT bowl appearance, not most recent.
How in the world is Rawleigh Williams III not on this list?
OR if he doesn't let Robb Smith go the day after bowl season is over. We should throw every penny we have at getting Charlie Strong as our DC
If we lose a lower tier bowl game and lose to A&M again then I'd say his seat is getting pretty warm.
Pot activist, Chad Kelly hater, and person who has smoked with my share of notable Razorbacks (none on the current squad) here, and all I can say is this: 1) Why people care about athletes, especially an injured one, using THC is still incredibly laughable. It's not a PED, ya'll. Quite a few NFL players use it for their workout routine, nothing wrong with it. 2) The person who put this on social media is a moron and probably deserve what's coming to them, I just hope what they get doesn't result in violence. 3) Chad Kelly is a moron, especially with his current character baggage (Mia Khalifa, high school brawl, etc.) 4) Legalize the damn plant already
Hogs are gonna get a three-peat on the Corn Dog Tigers after Bama wore them down for us. 20-7
People have mixed feelings about the anthracite uniforms here in Fayetteville but I absolutely love them
How would beating Auburn, who's ranked lower than us, be an upset? Sheesh.
Nothing bold or realistic about these predictions. Allen is clearly the better QB and will prove it yet again tomorrow, Rawleigh will slice through their rush D like butter, as long as the O Line does their job, we will dominate TOP like we always do, and these prediction writers will eat crow like they always do. Woo Pig.
The fact that Auburn had a bye last week should be irrelevant considering we faced Bama during Ole Miss' bye and we still took down the Rebels the next week.
Lol last time I checked we took down TCU and we're supposed to do home and homes with Michigan
Could be wrong, I was there and was going nuts the whole time.
Uhhh. Like 99% sure RW3 got into the end zone last night.
I'm not the religious type in any sense, but this is spot on, wolfman.
Agreed. I still see a 9-3 regular season by December, 10-2 if the O-Line can do their job against the Ole Piss D.
Nothing bold about predicting #1 Bama to win in a very Bama fashion. It's just a shame that they'll be flying back to Tuscaloosa with a loss. Woo Pig.
A&M will show the Vols how truly overrated they are.