Wooo pig sooie.

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Seriously? You can't even take the article serious when Kody Walker is not still on the team. LOL
Oh sds. I HIGHLY doubt we will get tcu in a bowl after playing them already and since we play them on the hill next year.
He was the defensive coordinator at auburn in 2008..but youre right....hes never coached a down in sec football.........
Ummm....austin is not a true freahman dude
Lol please tell me where youre getting your info that little bro austin isnt near as talented as big bro brandon .
So you're telling me that that alabama's 30-16 victory, AT HOME, over lsu, was a better win than arkansas going ON THE ROAD AT DEATH VALLEY, AT NIGHT!! and winning 31-14 over lsu.......hmmmm.....makes sense !
Yep....this confirms it. Is your name paul thurman? Lol get a life douchebag
Lol nice one but have you seen our defense the past couple games?
Mollywhoped by georgia? Second quarter , yes. Did you see the final score though? Obviously not!
Our offense is no joke. When Chaney is calling plays correctly (running the ball and utilities our tight ends in the passing game) our offense is almost impossible to stop. Our defense came out of thin air this year. That's all I can say about that. Robb smith took one of the leagues worst and made it one of the best in just his firat year. I knew we could beat Lsu but I honestly didn't expect us to completely dominate the way we did. I'm so ready for the rebs to come into Fayetteville. Should be a great game .
You apparently haven't watched the hogs play at all this year.
Skipper said hello back , and told me to say he can't wait to welcome Robert to Faye town personally
Oh dear god. Bama didn't play us in little Rock . They played us in Fayetteville. We are playing GEORGIA in little rock!
Once again...Collins didn't sit out the first half. It was the first quarter.
How do you get that impression? Arkansas is finally starting to get the respect they deserves, for example, the #10 team in the country opening as only a 3.5 point favorite over us. Arkansas could very easily and SHOULD be sitting at 5-1 right now but things happened and we arent. If arkansas' defense plays like we did against bama then georgia is gonna be in for a long evening and I believe they will. They have played better each and every week. Offensively, Georgia hasn't seen on o line like they will saturday. It's gonna be ugly especially considering collins will be hungry due to his subpar performance last week. Georgia, I'm sorry , but you're catching arkansas at the perfect time.......the perfect time for us anyway.....we are busting down the door and busting it down hard this week.
We had 13-7 lead late, not a 1 point lead. ALSO , collins was suspended for the first QUARTER, not the whole first half.
He is very underrated. My only complaint with him is that he sometimes misses wide open targets running down the field. He does not make stupid decisions though. I'm VERY happy to have him as our quarterback.
Really? ! Arkansas at 12 ?! I know we didn't pass the ball well last year but we gave up fewer sacks than anybody in the league last year . Yes Swanson is a great player to replace but 12 ?! You sir, lol you need to do some research.
While I do believe he will see quite a bit of playing time, I do not think he will be in the starting rotation at any point this season. I very well could be wrong though. He is definitely a very good ball player . Wps
Williams will be the starting running back.
Ok IMO, Gurley is the best back in the country. Hands down without a doubt he is but I do not think Georgia has the most talent overall. Alabama definitely does not either. If you are really trying to make a Cas e that Lsu has a better backfield than arkansas you're just delusional I'm sorry lol. Collins and Williams are BEASTS and when you throw in Marshall who is actually more explosive and faster than either of those two it's a deadly 3 headed monster. I'm not sure if you guys realized this last year or not even though it was VERY obvious, arkansas SUCKED. We only won 3 games . BUT out of the darkness , we could still run the dang ball and run the ball pretty darn well .....even with a very young and inexperienced offensive line. Even though teams were stacking 8 in the box at all times because we had ABSOLUTELY ZERO PASSING GAME ....we could still run the ball . I'm telling everybody right here right now, these 3 boys are going to absolutely DOMINATE teams this year.