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Morgan was also going for the ball but got put in a headlock before making it... another call that was missed during this play.
Would also be interesting to see behind the scenes conversations with ref crews.
It sure would be nice if Anonymous Hacker Group released SEC emails to Wikileaks on their 'formula' for choosing this year's schedule.
Is that why it was ruled an incomplete pass instead of a fumble that was just blown dead at the spot?
2002 vs Florida and 2009 vs Florida. While I'm at it, 2010 vs Auburn.
This has been happening to us for far too long to blame it on Barry.
Can post gifs or pics but google 'South Park Cable Company' and that will be the SEC's response to the complaint.
The problem isn't so much the ambiguity of the holding. Rather, it was much too close to throw a flag on the tackle for a ref that's only supposed to be looking at the center and the two guards. Regardless, our offensive line was dominated the whole game and we didn't stand a chance to win.
Nothing to see here... Just speculation about a hand on a pile of 100's that happened while Treadwell was visiting Oxford.
This happened during late 2012, which was after Freeze took the position.
I think that Hugh Freeze was clean from the cheating but it doesn't mean that there is not a dirty booster involved. I wish that I could say that there are certain schools immune from this problem, but every one is susceptible.
Just google the article about Treadwell tweeting the picture with his hand on a pile of 100's during his visit to Oxford. I would put it on here, but the moderator takes forever to approve. Happened late 2012, not during the Nutt era.
What happened to Treadwell tweeting the picture of his hand on a pile of cash whilst visiting Oxford in late 2012? I never heard if that was resolved or not.
What happened to Treadwell tweeting the picture with all the cash while he was visiting Oxford in late 2012? Just asking.... I never heard if that was resolved or not.
Apparently, Grover eats dinner with Freeze, all the assistant coaches, as well as the boosters and can personally testify that none of them are actively engaged in cheating.
Yeah, definitely agree with the Kiffin kick being overrated. Arkansas' "Miracle on Markham" was better than this.
Not much depth behind them. Still razor thin
Haha I was thinking the same. Both are nice states with hicks and nice towns.
The catfish house is nothing compared to catfish that you can get in Central Arkansas.
My 3 favorite places in Fayetteville are 1. Cafe Rue Orleans 2. Penguin Ed's BBQ (only the one on 230 S E Ave) and 3. Apple Blossom Brewery Probably none on this list can compare to what Louisiana has. I miss Southern food. Been in Utah far too long.
I'm not 100% sure but I think that TAMU did that in the 40's.