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Not saying we deserved to be in but we’re still that caliber of team... that’s all I was saying
I’m not saying we are the best team ever but if not notre dame and a no defense Oklahoma team who else would’ve been deserving... LSU? Ohio state?
It’s okay this guys swears those 15 three stars and 8 two stars they got us a rebuild for them meanwhile we got the number 2 class in the nation but we peaked already with a team made up of freshman and sophomores. Let me know the score of that uga sc game next year lol
Explain how we aren’t... who else should’ve gone in place of notre dame and a terrible Oklahoma team? Like please you’re a South Carolina fan I get it I’m sure you still wear your visor to commemorate spurrier even after he screwed yall midseason. But please you mean to say the team that has won the east two years running and went to the national championship last year isn’t playoff caliber. Please sir put your phone down and help Muschamp find y’all something besides 3 stars