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Actually, Bill, OU has won one in the last 20 years (barely). The year was 2000 and they went 13-0. But yeah, they don't belong there and neither does USC. They won one too, but had it stripped and lost in another title game. LSU and Clem both have a better claim to that first tier. Clem has won 2 and lost 2. LSU, as I'm sure you know, has won 3 and lost 1, making them the team with the best title game record over the last 20 years. Bama is 5-2. As much as I hate to say it, I believe Ohio State belongs there, too. They have the same record as Clem (2-2) with less recent success.
To me, Bama looks about right, but has definite upside potential. I'd put my Tigers at 6 with upside, but less than Bama. UGA and FL both look about right, but with their schedules, they could rise. The Barners and TAMU are about right, but not likely to rise. That leaves TN, the Jellies and Hail, all of whom I believe are too high. Time will tell the tale.
Here is my prediction of how these QB's will rank in the SEC at the end of the season in terms of value/contribution to their team: 1. Bryce Young, Alabama 2. Myles Brennan, LSU 3. Kyle Trask, Florida 4. Jamie Newman, Georgia 5. Bo Nix, Auburn 6. Mac Jones, Alabama 7. KJ Costello, Miss State 8. Kellen Mond, Texas A&M And before you start, I'm not an Alabama fan.
Ah, hahahahahaha hahahahaha never get back there! That's a good one. You're a funny guy. Are you a professional comedian or just a really good amateur? Lol, never get back there..... too funny.
Briles came back from exile last fall, coaching a high school team in East TX. Fun fact: many people don't know that Briles walked away from BU with a check for the full value of his contract, no agreement not to prosecute him and no admission of any wrong doing on his part. The reason? He didn't do anything wrong. The vast majority of wrong was done by the Campus and Waco PD's. There is a truckload of stuff that never came out about that mess.
"I think it was a lack of trust between the coaching staff at LSU and myself" Translation - he couldn't trust them to blow smoke up his skirt and constantly tell him how great he is. That's fine, Cupcake. You can go pick up your participation trophy in College Park.
Don't you think you're being a little hard on Aaron Murray? All he did was be a bit critical about the coach taking the team out to play too much.
Hahahahahahahaha. You're funny. Everybody has been dissing LSU. PLEASE keep doing it.
As an LSU fan, I see it as a close game. However, if LSU's defense shows up like it did against TAMU, the Tigahs should win by 2 TD's. That's a big "if" given how inconsistent they've been this year. However, one thing none of the talking heads has mentioned is the fact that they have played well enough to win 12 times this year. Regardless, UGA is no chump and it won't be easy.
Actually, Miles offered Dak as a linebacker, not as a TE. Regardless, it was yet another bonehead move to add to the list of Miles less than stellar accomplishments at recruiting and developing QB's. As for Dak, I thought the article attempted to diminish his amazing success despite having little talent around him. Considering he is projected as a 2nd or 3rd round pick in the draft it will be interesting to see how he pans out compared to some of the others mentioned here.