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Are we absolutely sure this is what he said? Are we sure we didn't misinterpret whatever it was that came out of his mouth?
Who would you get to replace him? Even if you're unsatisfied with the performance, you've got to have a game plan for what to do after you fire your head coach. I don't see any options right now Arkansas that are better than Bielema right now.
I have to disagree. Every thing I saw that gave Virginia Tech the ball was all on Austin Allen and the Offensive Line. Allen threw an inordinate amount of picks, so this game and the 2nd half is squarely on him and the O Line.
I don't know about the other games, but I don't think you can blame this one on Bielema or the coaching staff. This game was lost because of so-so O-line play and many 2nd-half mistakes by Austin Allen.
This still isn't the best formula. Alabama-Tennessee, despite not being the most competitive over the past decade, is one of the SEC's biggest rivalries with a lot of history behind it that should not be scrapped. The best method to make SEC Football better is to blow up the Divisions and instead give each team 4 Permanent Opponents, and rotate 3 each year, playing 7 conference games. This also opens up an OOC Slot, which will allow games like Georgia-Clemson, Auburn-Georgia Tech, Texas A&M-Texas, Arkansas-Texas, and Florida-Miami to occur with regularity. The permanent opponents can be set up like this: *Alabama --- Auburn, Tennessee, LSU, Mississippi State *Arkansas --- LSU, Ole Miss, Missouri, Texas A&M *Auburn --- Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Ole Miss *Florida --- Georgia, Auburn, South Carolina, Tennessee *Georgia --- Florida, Auburn, Kentucky, South Carolina *Kentucky --- Tennessee, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Georgia *LSU --- Arkansas, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Alabama *Mississippi State --- Alabama, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Missouri *Missouri --- Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Arkansas *Ole Miss --- Mississippi State, LSU, Arkansas, Auburn *South Carolina --- Kentucky, Florida, Vanderbilt, Georgia *Tennessee --- Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Alabama, Florida *Texas A&M --- Missouri, Arkansas, LSU, Mississippi State *Vanderbilt --- Tennessee, Missouri, South Carolina, Kentucky
How are these "bold" predictions? You just picked the favorites to win.
If Championship Games consisted of the two best teams from each conference rather than the best teams from both divisions, this weekend would be a little more exciting. We'd be looking at Clemson vs Louisville in the ACC and Penn State vs Ohio State in the B1G, which would make for a little more interesting match-ups.
Nada. I hate watching ESPN (except for actual sports broadcasts) and I can't stand Kanell. I'd rather listen to Lou Holtz blather on than him.
You know he's probably not really interested in the Oregon job, so much as he's trying to coax a pay raise out of the higher ups at Florida, right?
I think he is. Hell, I think under him Arkansas might compete for a Conference title a few years down the road, if not a CFP slot. From what I've read and seen, Coach Bielema is a good guy with a great personality that if I was an athlete I would definitely want to play for. Arkansas did right to hire him and would do good to keep him around for several years.
I personally feel kinda sorry for Mizzou fans. A lot of other SEC fans don't really want them in the conference, and Mizzou has had a lot of trouble with those protests the past couple years. It's fun to hypothesize about what if West Virginia was added instead, but that's all it will ever be, a hypothetical. Missouri is in our conference, and they are a good addition. They've won the East twice already and, even though a lot of people on here like to focus solely on football, they've also brought some decent shooty-hoops and great academics, one of the few AAU members we have. That said, I think there is a lot more that can be done to make them a more cohesive fit in the Conference. I think doing away with divisions as a whole and giving every team 4 permanent conference opponents and rotate through 4 more every year would be beneficial to Missouri, as well as the entire conference. If every year they played, say: Arkansas, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, and South Carolina, and rotated through the rest of the opponents, they would host and visit more SEC teams and build up some history with them. Also, if they could resurrect their rivalry with Kansas, a great historic rivalry, that'd be great for the school and it's fans.
It's more football during the holidays, so I'm not complaining.
I would despise them if they hired Briles, and I have a feeling most everyone would too.
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I did a little research when Michigan first cancelled on Arkansas. If the Hogs wanted to schedule another Home-and-Home series in the same slot, which they need to fill the P5 OOC Requirement for both those years, the only teams with an opening for both years are: Michigan State, Utah, Florida State, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, West Virginia, Pitt, Rutgers, Syracuse, Boston College, Northwestern, and BYU. Take your pick, Arkansas
What we have here is an exhibit of some of the worst songs by the worse "musicians" to ever pollute the radio airwaves.
For reference, this man also has Clemson at #7, Miami at #11, and Auburn ranked at #23. May not be the best man to trust his predictions.
Someone's making a real attempt at getting the Fulmer Cup
I complete agree of showing the bands at half-time. Right now, when half-time hits for a game we're watching, do any of you actually leave the channel there and listen to what they have to say? I sure don't, I flip the channel over to another game. Broadcasting the bands and half-time show would definitely keep me tuned in.
It's funny. This is Satire here but could pass for an actual article at a Big Ten blog.
#8 says that the SEC East will close the gap with the SEC West, but earlier you say that SCar will start 0-6 and Kentucky will not make it to a bowl game again? A tad bit inconsistent, isn't it?
If I had to guess, that #1 vote was probably given by VT's Fuente or the HC of App State to make their resume look better if they lose to Tennessee.
Until last week, I would've agreed with you on this list, but now that Auburn's RB depth chart has been hollowed out, I think Mississippi State will be able to pull off the W.
I don't see anyone going undefeated in the SEC this year, including LSU. Our game is a toss-up, and LSU's games at Arkansas, at Texas A&M, at Florida, and vs Ole Miss are likely going to be tough ones. Likewise with Bama, if the Tide is going to drop a game, which I think they will lose one at the least, it's going to come at the hands of Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas A&M, or LSU. Ole Miss has beaten Alabama twice in a row as well, so they're definitely a threat.
I agree with most of this, only change I'd have is flip the Georgia game to a W. Kirby's great, but until Georgia can prove themselves and make that talent work flawlessly, I'd count that game as a W for Florida. They could get more wins if Luke Del Rio or whoever really pans out as QB though.
I took a look at some potential expansion candidates myself, checking out Endowment, Academic Rankings, Enrollment, Media Markets, Football Record & Stadium, and their Basketball. We're all football first here, but Basketball also generates significant revenue and a Conference is a group of Universities, so they're academics matter significantly. Something most people will have to realize, no matter how bad you want Missouri gone, the only way they will ever leave the SEC is if some SMU-type situation goes down and they get the "Death Penalty" and the SEC drops them, or possibly if they get an offer from the B1G. For the foreseeable future, Mizzou is here to stay. Another thing people ought to know is that the SEC is not going to grab a school in a state another SEC already resides. If I recall, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Texas A&M have an alliance to block any membership from their states, to keep their rivals out. So, no Clemson, no Florida State, no Georgia Tech or Louisville, the only in-state school that could possibly become a member is Texas, because of the vast amounts of $$$ they'd bring, but they're still a stretch. My first thoughts on expansion for the SEC are that unless the Conference can get an Exception to the rule on Divisions and Conference Championships, they shouldn't expand. A 16-Team Conference shouldn't exist without a Divisionless Schedule or a Pod System. Looking at these different universities, I divided them up into Tiers that the SEC should expand, with the Conference trying to grab one or two Tier 1 Schools, then falling back and inviting Tier 2 schools. Tier 1: North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Oklahoma Tier 2: Oklahoma State, North Carolina State, West Virginia Me personally would love it if (and only if we had a Divisionless Schedule or Pod System) the two new members were North Carolina and Virginia Tech. North Carolina would be a pretty good addition for football and a spectacular grab for Shooty Hoops. On the court I imagine the Heels and Kentucky would develop a rivalry right away, while on the gridiron it would reignite their old rivalry with South Carolina, with some pretty good games against the likes of Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida, with Vanderbilt's academic rivalry and Kentucky's basketball rivalry potentially bleeding out into the football world. Virginia Tech would fit in pretty well with the culture of the SEC, and yearly bouts with Kentucky, Tennessee, and Florida would make for good TV. Both of these teams are solid academically, reside in valuable media markets, and would open up the SEC to good recruiting grounds in their states. These two teams would also receive a boost by being in the SEC in football, get further access to recruiting grounds in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas, and would most likely be safe from any further conference realignment shakeups. The other candidates aren't bad either. Oklahoma is one of the best, most storied football teams in the nation, and have been to the NCAA Tournament almost as many times as North Carolina since 2000. Seeing the Sooners take on TAMU, LSU, Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Bama yearly is almost too good to pass up. Oklahoma State, while not as storied as Oklahoma, would also be a great addition and it would add another team to the SEC that's main color is some variation of Red or Crimson. Virginia is one of the best universities in the nation, and bringing them into the SEC would raise the academic profile of the conference immediately. Their Endowment is over $7 Billion too, which is a big plus. In the event the Tar Heels don't come to the SEC (which I don't think they would) NC State would be a great replacement for them that also brings the SEC into North Carolina and is still a pretty good add, for both football and basketball. West Virginia is at the bottom of the Expansion Candidate list, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't be a bad grab. Academics-wise they're not that good, but they're record in Football and Basketball is nothing to sneeze at.
Just a few more weeks till football comes back. Good gracious this has been a long off-season.
He'll still say we have a Nick Saban problem. You ever had a problem that everyone else wishes they had?