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Coach Harbaugh is officially gone to the Chargers! Time to hire Dan the man Mullen. Coach Mullen would be a great fit for Michigan. I’d like to see Mullen get this job.
Coach Harbaugh is officially gone to the Chargers! Time to hire Dan the man Mullen. Coach Mullen would be a great fit for Michigan. I'd like to see Mullen get this job.
Good luck Coach Nix. Nix was a darn good running back for Southern Miss at one time. Unfortunately injuries ended his playing days. As a Southern Miss alumnus I'm so glad coaching has given Nix a career in the game he's good at and loves. Happy for you Derrick!
Ole Miss will be fine without Judkins. He's a good back, a dime a dozen. I did not see greatness with him. He will be like Kylin Hill, which does anyone remember him.
As we get older in life and learn from experience, we find out it's not always greener on the other side. Don't know if Miss State would want him back, not sure if he fits what Coach Lebby wants in his quarterback. I wish him luck though. Hope he lands somewhere where he finds what he's looking for.
Coach Harbaugh beat both Saban and Deboer. I guess Harbaugh is now the new college football king.
NIL and the transfer portal has ruined college football. Hey; UW fan being rejected by your Coach is painful. Been there and felt that when I was in college. But, you'll be alright. This too shall pass.
The Kiff said he has already learned his lesson following a legend, Coach Carroll. Been there and done that already. Won't happen with him again. Being left on the tarmac was a wake up for him. He's in the right place now where he is appreciated.
If Coach DeBoer is hired I'll be surprised. He will be in for a rude awakening coming into the SEC. Bill O'Brien should be considered now that he is probably soon to be unemployed from the Patriots. But, if Coach DeBoer is hired does this mean Will Rogers might be competing for the starting quarterback position at Alabama?
I think the Tide should now roll with Dan the man Mullen. He's a darn good coach. Dan is your man!
I say Dan the man Mullen should get the first call if he wants the job. Dan the man!
I say Dan the man Mullen should get the first call if he wants the job. Dan the man!
Lane Kiffin has already stated that he knows better not to be the next up to follow a legend. How bout Dan the man Mullen? He's a darn good coach.
I think Ole Miss will be fine without QJ. The guy's a good running back but I don't see greatness. Ole Miss already has a backup plan. I wish QJ the best of luck, though I think he's making a big mistake. I don't see where he could fit into a better situation than the one he already has at Ole Miss.
I wish him luck. He wants run the ball more and Ole Miss is pass happy. He's a good running back but I don't see greatest. We've all seen guys get the big head about themselves and turn a good situation they've got already into a worse situation somewhere else. But in his case he may be darned he does and darned if he doesn't. Good luck QJ!
I predicted two years ago Bama's dynasty is over. With the transfer portal and NIL the playing field is leveling out. Bama's deck ain't so well over stacked now. Michigan was the better team by far yesterday. Bama took a good ole butt whooping. I'm a southerner and have always liked Alabama football but I have always liked Michigan's smash your mouth football too. Well done Coach Harbaugh and team! I hope you win the Natty.
If Milroe would have stepped left it was wide open. But in reality the better team won. I saw were Bama reps are reaching out to Coach Kiffin now. Love Coach Saban but retire and get some rest. Saban didn't look up to the task in this game. But he is still the G.O.A.T.
Why would Dan Mullen want to go back to MIss. State? To get his butt kicked around. Go to Syracuse where the competition is balanced. And enjoy life.
10 win season after the Rebs beat the Bulldogs next week. Good job Lane and company!
If Dan Mullen doesn’t want to come back, which he he has to decline the offer before anyone else is contacted. If he doesn’t come back then Tulane’s Willie Fritz is the best choice. Look what Fritz has accomplished at Tulane, the guy is a darn good coach.
I would definitely like to see Dan the man back Miss State. Folks sometimes leave a place for greener pastures that doesn’t always turn out well. Florida should have never fired Dan, he had one bad season and he got fired. Wow! He needs to head back to Miss State where he is appreciated. Go to a place where people treat you right and want you there is what I was taught when growing up. That’s why Kiffin is happy at Ole Miss because he is at a place where he is wanted and treated right.
Lane train will be arriving in College Station soon enough!
My goodness there is a football God after all. Lane got a signature win. Divine intervention is real. I'm happy for Coach Kiffin and his team. He better have a cold brew tonight, he deserves it. I worry about the stress this guy must be under sometimes. Good job Lane! And God Bless you.
I actually feel sorry for Coach Kiffin. So close to an upset, but no dice.
Gonna be a long day for Ole Miss LSU 49 Ole Miss 7
I think them Tigers gonna give them Rebels a good old fashioned butt whooping tomorrow. It'll be over by halftime. LSU 49 Ole Miss 7!
This was really surreal. If a Lane Kiffin Ole Miss team was ever going to beat a Nick Saban Alabama team this was the year it should have happened. I've given up on Lane ever beating Bama. Really disappointed. Still got Georgia, LSU, Auburn, Texas A&M, Miss State to go. Gonna need some miracles to finish out with a good season.
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