I'm 31 yrs old and from south Mississippi. I'm a Ole Miss fan and love college football. I watch all the SEC games. I am the proud father of a beautiful 10 yr old girl. I was in the army for 8 yrs and I did one tour in Afganistan and two in Iraq.

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Weagle99- The odds of you being in a helicopter crash are EXTREMELY low! You are a thousand times more likely to die in a car crash or getting stabbed to death. I have flown in all kinds of military and civilian helicopters and never once had any issue. I have seen one helicopter crash up close and all 4 people where just fine. The helicopter pilot made an error and powered down to early which caused the helicopter to make a hard landing in the water.
Flying in a helicopter is extremely safe, just like flying in a plane. More than likely it was pilot error or a catastrophic malfunction that caused it to crash. But even if a helicopter's engine stops running it can still land safely by using auto-rotation.
I hope Miss St like being dead last in defense and rushing yards on offense every year lol. But at least they will be first in passing attempts lol.
Im sorry but this is laughable because let's face facts, kids these days are VERY easily offended. They had to watch a horror movie,OMG that must have been so horrible for those poor kids lol.
Seriously lol??? Is this suppose to be a joke because no one is buying it (except Florida fans).
Seriously the Big 12 needs to send someone else to the playoffs to get the crap beat out of them because it's getting old seeing Oklahoma getting their butts kicked every year after running through the weak Big 12 lol.
Sluva Luv, weren't you saying Oklahoma had a good chance to beat LSU earlier lol?
Screw PETA and all the tree huggers! The ONLY groups I give my money to is veterans because they are my brothers and sisters! I don't want to waste a penny on some animal that is going die, the best thing you can do for them is put a .22 bullet through their head and put them out of their misery!
Honestly I think players that don't play in bowl games are cowards. That school is giving him the opportunity to get a free education that thousands of ppl would LOVE to have just to play a GAME! Also it shows that the player has no character and will always do what is best for him, not his team!
Seriously do SDS authors actually do any research? Obviously they haven't watched or researched Cal. Cal's offense is REALLY bad. They rank 116th in the country and their OL is very bad. There is a good reason why OM is the favorite.
It's pretty obvious that the staff at SDS don't do any homework. Cal's offense is one if the worst in the country in both rushing and passing. I believe they are ranked around 116th in the country. I've got my money on the Ole Miss' defense being able to stop Cal's offense more often than Cal's defense stopping OM's offense. Plus OM is playing at home. My picks: OM- 31 Cal- 14 Tenn- 24 Fla- 21 Bama- 50 USM- 10 KY- 30 MSU- 20 Aub- 28 A&M- 24 LSU- 48 Vandy- 7 USC- 35 Mizzou- 31 Ark- wins UGA- 45 ND- 10
I love the powder blues and red tops and think they are the best looking uniforms in the country.
I really hope you aren't serious when you asked who is the better QB vs Kelly and Allen, and who has the better WRs/TE. Because it's not even that close as to who is better. Allen has done a great job and has impressed me, but he isn't on Kelly's level yet. As for as the WRs/TE, OM has the most talented and deepest collection of WRs/TE in the country. That's no disrespect to Arkansas, because they have a good group also.
Not so fast, Ole Miss still has one of the best DL's in the league. What has killed OM is running QBs, not RBs. I guess everyone as forgot that OM shut down Dalvin Cook (91 yards). Plus OM's DL is one of the best at rushing the QB. So it will be interesting to see if Arkansas' OL can handle OMs DL.
Im still not convinced that Florida's defense is that great. Yes their stats look good, but who have they played that has a really good offense, or just a good offense besides Tenn? Tenn torched Florida's defense and Tenn's offense isn't what I would call great by any means. I'm not saying Florida has a bad defense, I just don't think its a great defense, yet!
I have no doubt that Engram is by far the best TE in the country.
I agree that John Crist is a big disappointment, but I really think Chris Wright is trying to take over that spot. I guess at SDS they are really competitive when it comes to being the biggest idiot.
If you actually watch the video, the Arky player doesn't touch Hurts' neck, he was grabbing Hurts' jersey and holding him down on the top of the back. The ppl that are mad about this are the same ones that were crying about the big hit Marques Haynes laid on Hurts that was legal. Granted, the Arky player was holding.
Ole Miss still has one of the best DL's in the league, especially when it comes to rushing to QB. If you have watch OM, you would know that mobile QBs are what has killed OM. OM destroyed FSU's veteran OL and shut down Dalvin Cook (he ran for 91 yards). I'm not saying OM's DL better than Bama's, but they are probably better than Tenn's DL, especially when it comes to rushing the QB.
I would love to just punch one of those pussy PETA ppl right in the face. I hope LSU doesnt give in to liberal PC crap like OM does.
The real question is why is Tenn ranked above Ole MIss? Tenn was lucky to beat App St and Georgia. The same Georgia team Ole Miss destroyed. Tenn is very lucky they play in East because they would the 4th or 5th team in the West.
There is no question who is No 1 by a mile and thats Chad Kelly. At No 2, i would give a slight edge to Austin Allen over Hurts but its really close. At No 4, i would go witg Trevor Knight. No 5 would be Dobbs.
I'm begging to think all the SDS writers are smoking crack. First off, Tenn at No 2? WTF? Tenn has been extremely lucky this season and their luck finally ran out against A&M. It took a hail mary pass for TN to beat Georgia, yes the same Georgia team that Ole Miss DESTROYED the week before. I don't know what Chris is smoking but it must me some really strong crap. A more accurate power ranking would look like this: 1- Bama 2- A&M 3- Ole Miss 4- Tenn 5- Auburn 6- LSU 7- Arkansas 8- Florida 9- Georgia 10-14 are all bad and hard to tell apart.
My opinion is that Washington, Wisconsin and Nebraska are all overrated. Washington is getting a lot of hype over beating the crap out of two bad teams in Stanford and Oregon. Wisconsin beat an average LSU team and struggled with a bad Michigan St team. Nebraska hasn't played ANYONE! Washington maybe a really good team, but they have to beat or atleast play a good team first. I'm not sold on either OSU or Michigan yet because they haven't played anyone yet and won't until they play each other. Tenn did put up a good fight against A&M, so I do believe they are a probably a top 13 team. A&M is ranked about right and OM should be ranked inside the top 10. I believe Auburn is a top 25 team, but beating a bad MSU team didn't prove that much. I was actually impressed by Arky this week. Their offense worries me because OM's secondary is so young. And of course Bama is were they should be at No 1.
Coozie, your alright, it's Bulldawgrock that is an idiot. Him, Tackman and Bamatime are the biggest trolls/stalkers/idiots on this site. So this is why im enjoying this beat down so much.
John, why is it that when you talk about the top WRs in the conference, you really never mention De'morea Stringfellow? Have you seen him play this year? If you have, you have to admit that he has looked like a BEAST!!! He catches everything that comes near him and has made a lot of ridiculous catches. The media just like to talk about OM's WR group as a whole, but don't mention any of the WRs themselves when talking about the best individual WRs in the conference. Stringfellow has looked like the best WR in the conference in my opinion and OM's freshmen WRs (AJ Jefferson and DK Metcalf) really are two of the best.
I still believe OM is the second best team in the SEC and will probably win out. The only team that Im worried about is A&M because they have a dual threat QB. That is OM's weak spot on defense.
I tend to agree. I expect A&M to win this game by at least 10. Tenn's OL is just flat out horrible and Tenn's defense hasn't looked great against teams with weak offenses. IF Tenn has to rely on Dobb's to throw the ball against A&M to keep up, it's going to be a very long day for them.