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That's probably what I will do. Just facepalm and wait for tomorrow.
I remember Verne saying "Does EVERY school have to play this song (AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck'). Really gets annoying to those of us who have to cover the games." I am paraphrasing but it sounded like something my dad would say. Somewhat endearing.
Meh - Georgia losing to Florida would not destroy the Dawgs season (except on the message boards.) Neither would Alabama to LSU - these are all top 10 matchups at the moment so a loss is not necessarily fatal to the CF playoffs. e.g. UF lost to Ole Miss and still earned the title in 2008 so the "must win" games have to be taken in a larger context.
They aren't worth the effort and everything is cyclical. It is UGA's time right now and until we win on the field, they have the right to run their mouth.
Never gonna happen. Not because the other side will lie down and accept the loss, but because each fan base (including UT) has their own a55hats that spend their lives on message boards waiting for something to happen to the other so they can pounce. But totally agree that at least we are at the point where the argument is made on the field. I can live with that.
I'd agree with the Guarantano prediction if only because he has more room to move than Franks.
Big if. But if he fails to produce then we will see a great deal more of Jones and Trask. While nowhere as experienced as Franks, both have quality games under their belts. I think we will see packages that suit Franks and Jones similar to Leak and Tebow and may lean more on one depending on the defenses that we see. UF also has a great backfield in both Perine and Toney as well as Damien Pierce (Sp?). Hopefully the line will give them a chance to take some of the pressure off of Franks.
Certainly a good person to be compared to. Happy for Jake and his outlook on life. Also hopes he throws several picks in the FL/GA game this year. (Hey, Tim did that also.)
Is it really "unveiling" when the uniform is the standard home uni? Seems like a lot of hype for a new pair of cleats.
Agree. Not much you can do about academic ineligibility (or homesickness, for that matter). Cannot wait for the season to start.
If the choice is between Miami and other programs then I would take Miami every few years. But would like more OOC Power 5 games that take us OUT of Florida on a more consistent basis. Florida/Notre Dame would be awesome, UF/Oregon would also be a very exciting series. I would not like to give up those opportunities to commit to UM every year.
A black and white photo of Fred Weary?!? It's not like the man played before color film. C'mon UF!
"I won't back down" song at the end of 3rd Quarter in G'ville. Recent but electrifying!
A few: 1. When at the game - the ref in the red hat that stands on the field during the commercials. It's hot - play the game. 2. The word "trickeration". Just stop. 3. Refs that call holding from 54 yards away. You should be in the same county as the play to call that. 4. My team's players that hold so badly that a ref 54 yards away can see it. 5. "Respect my decision" 6. The whole hats-on-table college decision theatrics. Gag. 7. Replay cameras that aren't about 10000 frames a second. 8. LSU's two note horror march. 9. My team losing. To a rival. Again. 10. Mondays after my team lost. To a rival. Again. And bumping into the a$$hat at work whose team beat mine, a rival. Again.
You see....that’s what’s fun about memes.
1. Aliens. Just has to be. 2. Agree, completely. 3. Stress will do that to you. Your receiver dropping a pass that hit him in the the end zone....against Georgia.... will bring on that stress. 4. Yes. Nothing we haven't heard (or even deserved occasionally). The one about Cox was funny though. We will take him, though.
I won't dispute the definition of culture nor the non-DV infractions - just indicating the article was focused on DV since the question arose from the advocate recently. The distinction was actually called out by the author: "Nevertheless, the news resurfaced this week and is the fifth such incident of Mullen’s tenure, and that generated questions about Florida’s response to incidents of domestic violence and Florida’s football culture more generally. At this point, it’s important to draw some distinctions, because those are two lines of questioning, and even when interrelated, the existence of one issue does not necessarily portend a problem with the other." My point is that the omission by the author of the non-DV issues was effectively prefaced. I love my Gators, but feel like I can speak frankly about the on and off-the-field issues objectively. I think the author did a pretty fair job here. (We may not agree, but that's ok)
I believe that this article was written in response to the advocate's claim that UF football has a poor culture with respect to women and specifically assault. Based on that, unrelated infractions would not have been included in this article.
One suggestion that has been brought up in the past is to have a universal rule in place by the NCAA or the conference that provides non-negotiable discipline based on the offense. It would apply to all teams equally and remove the coach from the process. What does this group think about this?