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I am troubled by his use of "their" as opposed to "our." (This is my Wal-Mart psychology training speaking.) Franks is as much a part of this team this year as anyone even if he didn't play the whole season. It seems like he already distanced himself from the team when he should still feel like a big part of their success. I sincerely wish him the best but it saddens me that he may feel he wasn't part of this team.
Nice. This article is about a deeply tragic event for LSU. It is NOT about their performance next year. Regardless of what you think about the team, this was an awful and saddening time for Tiger nation. Put the sneakiness aside and support this team, if not for the win but as a someone who recognizes that this team is sharing the grief of their coach.
Mullen will likely use Trask/Jones similar to Leak/Tebow. They will have specific packages matched to the situation and their respective strengths. I don't see an either/or situation next year.
Providing they have the line to protect them, it would be a potent combination.
Whoa, hoss. Let's pull back a bit. The last time the Gators felt as though we were getting too much of a cupcake, we lost a 9 point half time lead to Notre Dame to lose by 11. (I sat through that game in the SuperDome.) If Virginia made the bowl, they deserve the best we have to give them. But I've learned never to take a team lightly based on rankings.
McElwain wasn't (and isn't) ready for prime time. He failed to inspire the team and did not have a staff that could manage players off the field. Examples - players who were paying for their own strength and conditioning after years of preventable injury attrition and disciplinary issues that kept many key players off of the field in 2017. At Alabama, Saban and his staff were much stronger in managing the noise - just seemed that Coach Mac was in waaaaaaayyyy over his head. Wish him well, but don't want him coaching our team.
"CBS Sports updated its weekly rankings of all 130 SEC teams". I had no idea that the SEC had 130 teams.
It saddens me that this young man felt he needed to apologize for missing a kick. No team should pin their win or loss on one play or worse, one player. Alabama as a team did not execute at key points throughout the game, including the kicking game. I hope his teammates read this and stand behind him as a team. It was a tough loss but should not be solely on the shoulders of this man.
Don’t see him at FSU just based on him being a Gator. But wish him the very best.
"the game will also mark the first night game against a Power 5 opponent for the Gators this season" LSU?
Wow, dude. You just ascended to platinum level d!ckhead. I don’t care about the football crap you spout but your comment here is naive and grossly inappropriate.
Good Lord. The man has played and coached college football for years and played sports throughout his teens. He had every reason to cut loose. Mrs. Smart, let him have this - he earned it.
How is Mike White on the "hot seat?" I get that this season has started horribly, but nothing about 4 seasons remotely suggests that he is a poor enough coach to consider firing. What am I missing here?
He did, but not after only two years at Florida. Even his third year was a four loss season. My point is that Mullen (at Florida) hasn't yet earned credibility against Georgia, but two ten win seasons (after a dismal four-win 2017) suggests that it is on the horizon. Corch - congrats on the Dawgs wrapping up the SEC East. I sincerely hope UGA brings home the title this year.
Spurrier was repeatedly bashed for his style and his words. He repeatedly ran it up on teams (82-6 over CMU one year and even spitefully dropped 50 on UGA.) Free Shoes University and Can't Spell Citrus without UT are classics. You may call any coach a name and throw scores in the faces of your rivals but it doesn't change the fact that Mullen is doing a great job.
Mullen deserves some grief for his words, just as Spurrier did. But my Wal-Mart psychology degree tells me that the braggadocio was much more about instilling confidence (even arrogance) to get the players to buy in. For example, he said prior the first Orange and Blue game that our receivers were "relieved" to have scored a touchdown when they needed to be angry and more determined when they didn't. That was MacElwain's legacy. A football player may think that if the coach is puffing up, he must think we can do it. Mullen is hugely competitive and his style works for Florida. I don't believe anything is personal (not against a player or coach specifically) but more to stir the pot and generate some excitement. I may be wrong and I don't always agree with his tactics but the results are a night and day improvement over the last two coaches.
That's a great idea and and would be a nice gesture from the team. Hope they can make this happen.
There is enough sh!t talk from the usual suspects. We have our own, of course, but it doesn't make it better. Just ignore them - they have 5 wins this season. Much rather be in our shoes than theirs.