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They get exposure, usually television in markets they might not otherwise be in. This makes an impact on recruiting and subsequently, more W's. (Not to mention a big paycheck.)
I am retiring from football for health reasons.... -Urban Meyer
Curious how this has a UF association? AAF folds. Spurrier coached in AAF. Spurrier coached at UF. = Make this a UF article?
Got to give UGA props here. Since they have the same scheduling restrictions as UF, it has been historically difficult to maintain 7 home games (one home/home with ACC rival and one game in Jax). Here's a thought: Play an OOC home/home game occasionally and, in those years, schedule UF/UGA as a home/home.
Yeaahh. Not a good sign. But he is now considering the University of Auburn and Tennessee University, so he's got that going for him.
There is already a precedent, from Mullen himself, in Gainesville. In 2006, Chris Leak was the incumbent starter with Tebow as the talented freshman. Leak was a drop back passer with Tebow the dual threat guy. Mullen used both of them in certain situations based on the needs of that series. I don't see any reason that Mullen wouldn't employ the same formula for his group of QBs.
Not sure I'd want to sit in Stegeman in Gators colors on the off chance it would work.
Yeah. Bringing in the next guy in line has really hurt Alabama’s production. How tragic. ::sarcasm::
Outstanding, Coach Swinney. Champions on and off the field!
Hope he does well, far far far away from our football team.
"As we do every year", "we always look at everything", "as we do every day", "At all times", "as it routinely does". Could this be any more cover your a$$?
Totally agree here. Grab USF and solicit one of the Power 5 conferences to join.