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Interesting. Didn't know that 'possum was one of your dietary staples. Guessing you get those from the road rather than Publix?
Leg - you’d think. It’s a bit chewy for my taste.
Nash - Latin. Stop. It doesn't translate well to this audience. Try single syllable words.
"So now Corch is into the Blue Chip Ratio. So here’s the funny mathematical thing about the BCR: ...." words, words, stuff, meaning, yada. Corch is not a Vulcan and will not appreciate logic. He is from Planet Masengill and your structured thoughts and coherent arguments have no effect. "Arrowflight, You are now at the the bottom of the totem pole for Uncle TDOW chasers" - TheDawgsofWar June, 2020
So close! I had Sideshow Dan the Clown, MuLLLet, and ‘turd. Only “Needed 24-17” or “Chump” for Troll Bingo.
Dawgsports running an article that is more Georgia friendly? Didn't see that coming. "Mullet" is capitalized, btw. We covered this.
I’m truly honored! (And really proud that you used “typo” rather than “Type O”.) Look honey, our little troll is growing up!
It's "but" not "buy." You'll get it next year when you get to school sporting your new Super Why lunchbox. I'll put a special Snak-Pak in there just for you.
"World" shouldn't be capitalized but perhaps your finger slipped out of your nose and onto the keyboard. Fun Fact: Did you know that a "The Dawgs of War"'s anagram is "Whew! A Dog's Fart?"
Not upset but find it curious about the overlooked symbology.
Cooked Gator on a stick best represents the coach for the Gators? Cooked/Dead/Maimed/Rotting mascot does not ever positively represent that school unless you are a rival team. I appreciate the intent of the article but doubt you would favor roasting Tiger on a stick when tailgating for Mizzou.
Still not sure why SDS believes that, symbolically, serving or eating Gator meat is even a choice for a Gators coach. Take your mascot, kill it, cook it and serve it. In effigy, it means the Gators are not only dead, but being served to a rival. LSU fans cook Gator when they tailgate, as an example. Same logic applies to South Carolina though, to be fair, there is always a losing chicken and the spurs make handy toothpicks.
How did you get out of the playpen you little scamp? Way over here on a Florida article, what a big boy you are! Let's get back to nap time and we'll get you a Capri Sun and some dino-nuggets.
To be fair, it was. Any time your team wins the Rose Bowl it should be celebrated. Georgia has been well-coached under Smart. I don't like it, but don't have any misgivings about the coach, the school or the team (other than as a fierce UF rival.) But I really prefer more constructive discussions than what some of the UGA posters ooze. Until then, they should be treated as the kindergarteners they portray online.
Quite the specific logic. He also lost the "longest hair" and "being a total dirtbag" contests too.
Again, capital "M" in Mullet. I know it's hard with crayons. Perhaps if you got along better with your little friends on this page, you wouldn't be distracted. Get yourself an Uncrustable and go play.
“Move back you suuuck” is the one you are referring to.
SDS consistently uses the “closest” logo to the story. UF was logo’d on the death of Mike Shula and again when Norvell has the rough start with his players earlier this month. Not sure why.
Capital "M" in Mullet. They covered this on Sesame Street. That's ok, champ, you'll get it.
Thank you for the objectivity here. A welcome respite from the sewage that accumlates on these threads.
That's an awfully big hashtag for a six year old. #youaresuchabigboyyesyouare
Yeah, I didn't do so well in "How to Not Get Trolled 101."