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I loathe the school, the team, and especially the chant, but I do like FSUs unis.
Great article, Neil. The non-headline games are what have made me nervous (USC, Mizzou and even Vandy). I think we will see a stronger mid-season team this year than in years past. The LSU loss will provide momentum moving forward.
Pretty sure it is highest ranked team in the playoff rankings.
Should be a lot of fun. Night at LSU and the crowd is nuts. Not optimistic about coming home with a "W" but should be a battle.
Did anyone notice that the title of this article was "5 Reasons Why Auburn WILL beat Florida" while the UF article was titled "5 Reasons Why Florida CAN beat Auburn?" C'mon, man! Have some confidence!
Well said, Rooster! Congrats to the new family.
Agree with you, but (metaphorically) don't see the point of a weekly update on how my ex performed.
Seriously, is this article even necessary? I get that the transfers are doing well but it really doesn’t affect their former teams.
Agree about the white helmets. Our receivers need to be wearing neon orange helmets with a strobe light and frickin' lasers on top.
Would have to agree with GatorRob. The O-line is not yet capable (and/or strong) enough to effectively create a credible running attack against premier defenses. I like where our passing game is but not confident that it is enough against AU. Hopefully we can get it all together this week. Go Gators!
Unfortunately, you may be correct. That doesn't make it right. If it happened once, it will happen again. I hope that Stoops didn't have a "Oh by the way..." conversation. I think Stoops is better than that.
Are you not old enough to drive on an Interstate yet?
Marsh - Totally agree with you. Kids have heart and determination and found a way to win. All the credit to them. But with the exception of one quarter, UF didn't put it together effectively (outplayed). This worries me later in the season against better teams.
Disagree with most of the Gator posters. I think Finebaum is pretty accurate with his assessment. Kyle did great last night but Florida was outplayed and we needed three scores in Q4 to secure the win. Our O line was not effective and while KY is excellent up front, UGA, LSU, SC have more complete teams behind them. Our game last night shows that we may have a pretty big challenge ahead. Of course this doesn't mean impossible but unlikely - just as Finebaum said.
Probably want to look again at your post Mr2Bits. Presumably you meant NON Florida fans?
Other than attending a Georgia game with a Tennessee jersey, did this guy do anything wrong? The article sounds like he got kicked out for showing up with a bag on his head.
Good article. "The big question is if Kentucky is better overall than people realize" I think is pretty accurate. That works both ways too - Does the UF against Miami or the UF against UTM show up. I like UF's defense to be the difference for Florida.
Even so, the question is not well thought out. Obviously the biggest advantage is having your starters healthy. Any advantage gained in no film on new starters is lost because they are, duh, new starters.
I will miss George Edmonson. When I arrived on campus I thought the cheer was a bit dated but his energy was contagious and during that year when we weren't even allowed to be on television (I'm old, I get it), he brought life into the stadium. Miss you, Mr. Two Bits.
They are already putting "Georgia State - 2019 Tennessee State Champions" on the stadium.
Agree. He seemed to be a supersize order of effed up.
Quite a fall from grace. Don’t choke women dumba$$.
Danny Kanell - Next cover of "Punchable Face" magazine.
Agree with the Prime Time players with the exception of Michigan. They seem to shoot themselves at some point in the season, especially with OSU. Until that stops, Michigan won't be a true contender.