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It’s like going to the zoo and watching the chimps fling poo at one another.
I do remember that game. (Grabbing the hearing aid)
Neil, next time you write an article like this, title it "Free food for the Trolls." What makes you think anyone is overlooking Utah? You must feel like all Florida fans are frolicking in a meadow of optimism farting rainbows. We could win, yes, but I'm looking for a more disciplined team that doesn't shoot themselves in the foot, throw a shoe, can defend a counter trey. That would give me more optimism for the season.
Upset like, win, or upset like "hurt their feelings?" I'm guessing we have a better shot with the latter.
Admit it. You're still trying to click on the [Click Here to Troll], aren't you? McElwain and Mullen were never relevant to the topic. You overbent to try to work them in. "brain-dead" should be hyphenated, BTW.
[Click Here to Troll] Ray Goff, Jim Donnan - Georgia hasn't always had a Vince Dooley or a Kirby Smart. The comment also isn't relevant to the topic.
This seems like a pretty dramatic take on a single game. Utah's resume both last season and beyond makes them an attractive addition to any existing or future superconference. Certainly more than some existing members of the SEC and B1G.
I hear you but think there is a difference. When teams haven't had the success (like SEC and National Championships) the fan base eventually becomes mired in resigned reality. Those fanbases of teams who have been at the top and can still remember the success won't be happy with anything less. Fans can be insufferable, but fan bases' expectations and behavior are proportional to success IMO.
Of course we were enamored! We had just fired McElwain and the first couple of seasons were extremely promising, even on defense. We got behind our coach and we’re excited about things to come. But Dan didn’t work out and his demise at UF was very painful. (Insert troll response) There is nothing to apologize or regret about being a fan of your team. That includes the coach. We are all behind CBN and things are again looking up, even if only in the preseason. Good lord, UGA trolls, find some new material.
I'd pump the brakes on that sentiment. True, not a good look, but you don't run off a coach that the school gave a "lifetime contract" to without the school looking worse than Calipari. Get the BB facilities in order and tell Cal to mind his mouth. If Cal isn't winning consistently, then make a change. My $0.02.
I'm UF finishing 5th in the East last year notwithstanding? I agree with you considering the perennial potential of the program, but as last year showed, we can stink it up pretty bad from time to time.
The ratio doesn't equate to production and it certainly doesn't account for injuries, new coaching staffs/off/def schemes, and transfers.
The consensus is that we are likely no better than 4th in the East. Competing? Ok. Contending? No. Not yet.
We're an honery fan-base. The '70's and much of the '80's were incredibly frustrating, especially when the other two big FL schools were having so much success. SOS caught us up and consistently put the Gators on top of the SEC. Gator fans realized that with the right coach we could compete against the FSUs and UMs and win not just SEC, but National Championships. Meyer reinforced that and brought two to Gainesville. We know the formula as we are watching Spurrier 2.0 at UGA and of course Saban and his success. The frustration comes when UF hires coaches who are grossly unqualified for the UF job (Zook), are first time head coaches (Muschamp - Kirby is a rarity here), are simply in over their head (McElwain) or lack the ability to build consistency/was clueless (Mullen.) Napier is still an experiment. A successful SunBelt coach who has some pedigree at Clemson and Alabama. We invested millions in facilities and staff specifically to support recruiting. When high-value targets go elsewhere, we start to think that something else is off. It's anxiety and frustration. Is it fair to Napier? Of course not, but it is the mindset of a UF football fan. Napier is doing well and our fans need to give him time. Put the last 3 "M" coaches behind us and show our support and optimism for the future. Stepping down off of my soapbox.
All good coaches on paper. Mullen’s performance was solid until his loyalty to Grantham and Emory got in the way of winning. The staff consistently shot themselves in the foot, failed to create a winning culture, and this resulted in another losing season. That’ll do it.
Best case scenario has to include press conferences without lightsabers, a run defense, and unthrown shoes.
Agree. A big change from the previous staff. We need "normal" and "has a plan." Excited for our future!
Technically, yes. While coaches have the freedom to change jobs whenever they like (or even when they are told to), realistically, this isn't likely to happen that often. Schools have some say both in how the contract is written and whether they want a coach who seems to be job-hopping and/or loses credibility with recruits.
Whoa, whoa, whoa..... let's tap the brakes on that UF owns Michigan line. Unless you are including all of the various directional schools, our record against the MI big boys is spotty at best.