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Interesting that the debut of the new McKethan Stadium in Gainesville wasn't mentioned.
Stealing a parking boot (government property) should not be a felony. Stealing a fighter jet, now that's a felony.
Break it down Barney-style? Skippy, is that you?
"I want to win" (in a conference with 1 elite team and several also-rans) as opposed to the SEC where there are multiple elite teams and stronger top to bottom.
Hello Pot? This is the kettle. You're black. You have called people "twink" and other "demeaning and dehumanizing" names throughout your trolldom. While I don't condone it, karma, dude.
Expanding the playoffs would provide an incentive for affected players not to opt out.
Remind me how Justin Fields is doing...
Neil isn't making excuses for anyone in the article. He is stating fact. While he has had exceptionally good defenses at UF, they could not compete against elite offenses (UGA, Bama, 2019 LSU). If the overwhelming number of defensemen were freshman and sophomores, fine, but they should have performed better as the season went on. They didn't and that is ultimately Grantham's and Mullen's responsibility. If UF wants championships, CDM has to have the stones to cut loose non-performing assistants. Grantham and Hevesy leap to mind here.
Presumably because he is the head coach with veto power. Or maybe it's his grocery list.
OC changes at top tier programs make headlines. Georgia's change was discussed at length, both here and in the mainstream sports outlets. Johnson's promotion to OC during the offseason was broadcast but perhaps overshadowed by the (mis)perception that Mullen called the plays, Trask and Pitts career seasons and the dismal defensive effort. He has done a great job and has not received enough credit this year.
I stand corrected. After I wrote this, the highly accurate chronometers switched from being identical to an hour apart. Garbage in, garbage out. 7 out of 12 responses were Gators, the rest, UGA.
They happened about the same time (according to SDS's highly accurate chronometer)so the numbers still work. Negan has the ability to tilt the numerator pretty quickly.
Probably because our faithful were preoccupied with responding to King Douchebag, hence the numbers. A reminder, Monken wasn't the talk of the town this season - that honor went to Kirby and the JT Daniels debacle situation.
Put. Down. The. Weed. Johnson has been discussed all season and interviewed for the USCe head coaching position.
Perhaps taking into account when the comment was posted might help make the math work. 5/6 were UGA comments as of the time of Marsh's posting.
He is. Specifically, an SEC team with a losing record.
Hopefully, they negotiated the CBS college football theme into this agreement.
SDS - (slaps forehead) Didn't recognize that "naked woman" and "sushi" could be misused. was a reference and likely an accurate one. Not sure Nash is the one embarrassing himself.
UGA grad... or pre-teen watching I Carly? See if Mom will take you to CiCi's later.
That's pretty conspiratorial. Mason's record would not have been helped or hurt by Sarah's involvement in the game. Given the options available to Coach Mason, this one appeared viable. (Jim McElwain went to the general student body to find a kicker at Florida one year - not great results - but at least gave UF an option for red zone 4th downs)
Jurassic? Like extinct or antiquated? Prehistoric perhaps? Sorry, PREHISTORIC PERHAPS?