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JoeJort is a troll whose schtick is berating a team while pretending to be that schools fan. He’s also Bayou Beaux or something dumb like that. Ignore him.
Is it? IT IS!! Joe Jort’s alter ego playing the role of Eeyore.
We'd better be able to put up those numbers weekly or order a new defense from Amazon.
BINGO! Finally. Got 'turds, Sideshow, MuLLLen, Eddie and the free space diagonally. Suck it, Corch.
Starting to understand how our rivals viewed Florida during the past decade. Like watching a train wreck.
Have you heard from any Florida fans about the collar or is this just preemptive? As long as UGA players and fans like it, what difference does a Florida fan's opinion make?
Apparently, I covet italics.
Tigah, I'm not convinced he is charging the small country churches that fee. Here in Atlanta, we have about a dozen mega-churches that would think nothing of that amount given their size. And I'm also not convinced that his speaking engagements are always free to the attendee, meaning that I am expected to pay for a ticket to offset the cost to the venue (including churches). Additionally, Tebow does not seem to covet attention as much as it is given to him based on his convictions. Not trying to make you a TT fan, but I'm not sure the narrative is what the author claims it is.
Real Christians make a living, Tigah. Just because he isn't eating with the lepers doesn't dilute his faith or his ability to reach people. His foundation has given away nearly $7 million dollars to charities. People contribute to this foundation (and pay his speaking fees) largely because they want to be a part of what he represents. What would this man have to do to meet your standard of "real Christianity?" I think he's doing a pretty outstanding job, personally.
Um. Wow MSIB. Aren't you a ray of pitch black. But then again, PFM!!!!! Raaaaooooorrr! Gimme a beer! Wooooooooo! I bet you have a giant pickup truck, hm?
Historically, Neg, there has never been a time where you could have said something and didn’t.
No, we weren't. We dropped one to the Seminoles. Ackk!
Ohh, I don't know. Parties, women, beer, beaches and women would have been enough to keep me away from Accounting and Financial Planning for another couple of years.
First, our Sunday best is flip-flops and a Ron Jon tee shirt. Weeeeeeeee!
Apparently you can't Google correctly. Perhaps your "staff" did it for you, mm? Semper Fi!
Allow me to retort. 2021 NFL Draft: Why Kyle Trask, Brock Purdy could rise up rankings, plus our top 32 prospects Kyle Trask, QB, Florida We all know about Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields and Trey Lance. Those are the consensus top three quarterbacks heading into the 2020 season, even though Fields and Ohio State won't (for now, anyway) play this fall and Lance and North Dakota State are only currently expected to have one showcase game against Central Arkansas on Oct. 3. Lawrence and Clemson will kick things off against Wake Forest on Sept. 12. All three players are considered first-round talents. But Florida's Kyle Trask, who only took over the starting job in 2019 after Feleipe Franks suffered an injury (Franks has since transferred to Arkansas), showed the type of poise and decision-making you'd expect to see from a player with a lot more experience. In fact, Trask attempted just 22 passes before last season when, in 12 games, he completed 66.9 percent of his attempts for 2,941 yards, 25 touchdowns and just seven interceptions. "Steady as she goes" might be the best way to describe Trask's game. He's not flashy but he's efficient, and in the NFL the ability to do the right thing from one play to the next is more important than flashing once a series while drives stall out. Trask's nickname should be 'Textbook' because his footwork in the pocket is consistently on point, and more importantly, he gets the ball out on time, accurately, and he rarely looks confused by what he sees pre-snap. While we're not expecting him to make a Joe Burrow-like leap in '20, we wouldn't be surprised if he continues to improve and ultimately find his way into mix as a possible Round 1 target. Trask is currently 32nd on our big board. Ryan Wilson wwwDUMBASScbssportsDUMBASScom/nfl/news/2021-nfl-draft-why-kyle-trask-brock-purdy-could-rise-up-rankings-plus-our-top-32-prospects/
I am now picturing the annoying "Weeeeeeeee" pig hanging out the window in the Geico commercial. Seems appropriate. Does the "G" stand for Geico?
Hello, Kettle? It's the Pot. You're black.
Fantastic idea! Like a commemorative patch for those who "will be remembered" this fall. B1G = meatheads
Sorry, didn't catch that without the raging capital letters.
Mullen - marches with his players Zook - fought a fraternity and lost a coin toss in BOTH halves of a game. We have come a long way, evidently.