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Uhhh... Justin Worley as UT's starting QB? Are you mental? No, no, and no. Dobbs was OUTSTANDING in the Spring Game compared to him. I wanted Fergie to start but I'm fairly confident Dobbs will get the starting job, not Worley. Doesn't matter that he's a senior, it's about talent, not age.
Really?! Florida with the best defense when Tennessee had FIVE turnovers within six plays?! We dominated WKU who made Kensucky look like a pee-wee squad. I'm convinced that you sir, hate the Tennessee Volunteers. Hell, if we won the NC you STILL probably wouldn't give us credit. GO VOLS!! Brick by brick!!!
Rocky Bottom, we all want to know what team you're supporting?! --Anyways, I am absolutely excited for this season, it's gonna be one of our bests. Dooley and his assistants are doing great work in the locker room, in practice, and elsewhere. We're gonna be a team to look out for this season, just watch. I can see 8-4, but, of course, I'm hoping for a whole lot better! Bray is gonna be great and I have faith that as he matures, he will also mature in football skill. GBO!! -Ashley Marie
ERIC BERRY!! Still hear that chant every football season! GBO!
You've gotten me excited for football season and it's not even April!! Killin' me, man! But I agree, I cannot wait to see the power between all these guys, especially Hunter and Bray. This season is gonna be fantastic!! GBO!!!!! :)
LOL! I agree totally! That's the ONLY thing I'll ever thank that man for, though! GBO!
Love this article, not only cause I'm a Tennessee fan, but because it's SO true! It always angers me when I see the Bear put above the General. 0-5-2 doesn't lie! :) I also agree that Fulmer should've been on the list instead of Majors. We need a list of all the SEC teams greatest coaches, like team by team, that would be good! :)) GBO! -Ashley Marie