A 19 year old filmmaker from Alabama. Also a big Florida fan. #GoGators
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Del Rio was 7-1 as a starter when healthy. Please relax. A blind pigeon is better than Franks.
Kirby should hire someone to find their last national championship.
Please define "Truly competitive".
It's not selfish. Do you seriously think we have anybody better for next year? I really don't want to put him in against Michigan in Dallas at the start of next year. It's better to start him now, get him used to Iowa, and college defenses, than a Michigan defense.
I'm a huge florida fan. I don't think Franks is ready honestly, but we need to develop him or Trask. We can't have them sit on the bench any longer, you're not going to get better sitting on the sideline looking at a clipboard.
He's been doing this longer than the "How Alabama fans watched week x" guy. Check out his channel. Check your facts before you start going off on somebody.