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My reason to hate Bama is only because of kiffin I hope we expose his offense today please Vols no mistakes and let's shut up this coward scared guy
It's funny UT fan is the trolling a page about Tennessee vs Bama I think not Florida guy you the one trolling so go be quiet in the corner and think of more excuses why you can't play LSU AND UT we should do as our team does let the talking be played on the field
I honestly don't think the VOLS are on upset alert he's saying they never had a hype no stress on them have you forgot last year already they were picked to win the East this year we have juniors and seniors who have been in those situations and will take control Big O red had a hard time stopping our defense last year and there better now and your goin to tell me VT will do that get out of here someone need to take his notepad away
How can you even talk about our program atleast butch isn't helping the rapest unlike Saban he got real mad when finebam put the pressure on that issue Alabama y'all about to have a rude awakening we comen for you and other teams are irrelevant GO VOLS
That was funny we all know about what goes on in Kentucky
He said best if I'm not mistaken