Came of age during the Vols golden years of football, 1990-2001. Knoxville Central graduate who was glad my classmate Todd Helton got a chance to start for the Big Orange (and proud of that baseball thing he did, too, lol)

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JaMarcus Russell, hands down, is the best analog to Will Levis. Maybe Tim Couch, but he was tasked with rebooting the Browns. Who knows how well he may have played elsewhere. At least Schuler won a lot of games in college. What has Levis ever won?
Bye Jimmy! Best of luck to you. Definitely needed a change of scenery and a new opportunity.
Imagine if he brought Cam in to coach QB's...
Long time Vols fan here. I was numb after Pruitt was fired, and I am numb today, having seen half or more of the best players on an awful team leave via transfer portal. It's gonna be ugly this year. 4 wins would be great, I think. Even better would be a top 10 recruiting class, fewer offseasons transfers, and no idiots in the athletics department handing out extensions like Oprah. Lol
Do we really want a 16 team conference? May as well go ahead and add Clemson, Virginia, North Carolina, & Georgia Tech while we're at it (welcome back, Yellow Jackets!) and just finish off the ACC, too. 20 teams sounds fun, right? Then you won't be able to play every team in your division, lol. Or add another 4 to that to make it 24 (Florida State, Virginia Tech, Louisville, Miami?). That might finish off the FBS, lol. (shut up in advance, B1G and PAC-12 fans). Please, no adding in Texas and Oklahoma.
I kind of feel sorry for Liberty U. If you can't make it 6 months in Knoxville, how are you going to make it in Lynchburg (honestly, even the name of the town says it all...).
Stephen A. obviously missed The Athletic article on Ichiro from last week, on how quickly he picked up English and used it with authority. Oh, and missed how Ichiro was a major attraction with or without English. And how about Hideo Nomo? And those are just the Japanese examples of baseball stars who didn't need to speak English to draw fans.
Technically, since this is now a reading lesson, THIS article does not specify whether the four positive cases were vaccinated or not vaccinated or a combination of both. You might infer they had been vaccinated based on the context of the prior sentence, but it is left unclear. The linked article at D1 does say 4 vaccinated players contracted COVID-19, but not the SDS article.
Commies would not care about the expendability of life and make them play on. I guess it will take having yourself or someone close to you permanently disabled or dead before you will give up your foolish thinking.