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Smoke and mirrors has been enough to smoke the dawgs the last 3 out of 4 years. Troll.
I don't think the new chancellor would stand for it. He already has made comments publicly that he is against the whole "Hotty Toddy Holidays" fiasco. Who knows though.
Why don't you go take a hit of acid, let me know if you don't try to spread your wings and fly off.
This team has too many holes in it to win the SEC west this year. Watch any game and you would know that. It's great to be excited about the team, but this whole season was made out to be something unrealistic simply because of star-power. We are still extremely top-heavy on the depth chart. It might take a few more years to get there. Temper your expectations. Quit calling for the heads of the coaching staff. At the end of the day, it comes down to players making plays. Take a deep breath, and if you look up, you will notice that the sun still came up today. Hotty Toddy
LOL at the Ole Miss fans that think Freeze is not an SEC caliber coach. You guys remember the decade before Freeze? We are more relevant than we have been since 2003, and one could argue that the SEC west is tougher than it has EVER been. So yeah, let's get rid of Freeze and get a real SEC coach, haha. Curb your expectations rebel fans, it's not easy to win in this league. It's a long season so don't jump off the ledge just yet.
We have had solid recruiting classes since then. Last chance is a bit of a stretch. Years of building and recruiting is how you win championships, not just one class. In fact, our 2016 class is currently top 10. We'll see though, it will defitely be a major loss when those guys from 2013 leave.
Third down will be key for Bama. If they find themselves in a 3rd and 10 situation, is Coker going to make a play? I am eager to see how both teams respond.
I agree, I busted out laughing when I saw his face on Gimli! Good stuff
Watched the games in their entirety, we probably could have easily scored 100+ if we were trying to run up the score. Freeze went to the cellar on the depth chart in late 3rd and 4th quarter. Those teams were really bad defensively though. Never seen an Ole Miss offense ever put up this many points though, has to mean something.
Considering we share a border, you should know that Mississippi is not how you described. Sure if you travel to Duck Hill, Mississippi you might find the character you are describing, but I guarantee I find that same type person in Dothan, Alabama. Let's stick to football. By all means trash talk, but to act like you are better than those from Mississippi because you are in Alabama? Haha, anyone from the MS, AL, LA, TN area knows better than that.