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Excellent points. And to be honest, as a buckeye, I'd rather not face Bama in the first round either ( if we get in), lol.
...says the fan of a team who hasn't won a natty since 1980. Win an NC and then talk to me, mmmkay?
Lol, obviously bama fans can't count seeing as 2015 isn't 8 years ago, but hey, UGA will whup your ass and bama will be watching the playoffs from their couch.
Wow, you're "special". Yes, OSU struggled early on in the season as the team for the most part is young ( new faces at qb, rb, secondary, kicker, etc) Fast forward 2 months and they've had time to gell. Reminds me of 2014 when we beat bama on our way to a natty. Long story short, we'd kick your ass this year, neutral site or not.
Honestly, it's pretty hilarious that the dude who was 3rd on the depth chart at tOSU is up for the best WR receiver yet olave and Wilson are absent? C'mon man!
That game was over at the half. So the 2nd, 3rd and 4th stringers got playing time yesterday.
Um, over the hump? Ohio State won the very first CFP in 2014, beating 'Bama in the process, remember? UGA's last natty was 1980. All that being said, it should be a great matchup against UGA for all the marbles.
I'm hoping we both win out and get to see a dawgs-buckeyes championship game. That will definitely be a fun watch!
And that's the kind of thinking that has teams walking into the CFP overconfident and taking an L. Let them be paranoid as hell if it keeps them on their toes.
What site is that? LOL. UGA actually has a chance of beating Bama this year and you're excited. I get it. When you havent won a championship since, what, 1981, I guess I'd be really excited too! Hey, at least my "Suckeyes" beat Bama in a playoff game. Can you say the same?
Y'all know how this game is played: Oregon has the better big win (for now), but they have the way worse loss. If OSU's only loss is to a ranked Oregon (early in the season) and Oregon's loss is to an unranked Stanford and OSU has played multiple top 10 ranked teams on it's way to a conference championship, they're in above a conf. champ Oregon whose best win was us. (Let's not forget the PAC is a garbage conference) Simple as that.
I can guarantee you the OSU team that played Oregon in week 2 isn't the same team now. If you cant see that, then you're an idiot.
LOL, y'all are so easily triggered it's hilarious. A few points: 1) UGA is definitely killing it and will probably win it all 2) We have our work cut out for us with MSU and Michigan 3) Our defense, while much improved from early in the season, is still nowhere near UGA level Our team is hella young and may or may not get it done in the next 2 weeks, but then again that's why we play the games, right? Personally, I'd love to see our offense vs UGA's D. It sounds like y'all have anointed UGA the CFP champion before the CFP games have been played, just sayin'...
That's kinda hilarious coming from a UF fan, lololololololololololoolololol!
Texas in the SEC is the equivalent of Aquaman in the superfriends-yeah, he's part of the team, but ain't nobody calling him when ish hits the fan, lol. Hope y'all kept the receipt!
You know he will, lol! After the bs harbaugh was spouting least year about tOSU, Day is looking to drop a hundred on scUM this year.
Nope. OSU-Michigan is going to be the location on thanksgiving weekend
The next few weeks will determine just how good we really are. We lose again we're out of the hunt, but make no mistake though, we blow out the rest of our schedule we're in as the 2 seed, guaranteed.
That's the thing though. If Bama loses in the SEC championship game they'll be out for the first time in forever.
Game of the year thus far! Other than UGA #1, it'll be interesting to see the top 10 next week! Well earned win by TAMU.
How so exactly? I love college football, B1G, SEC, Doesn't matter. Sorry if a little critisism of your precious Cats got you butthurt..Actually, not sorry. LOL.
Blah, blah, blah. I'd love to see more SEC teams come up north in November to play B1G opponents. Props to Auburn for going to happy valley and playing their hearts out. Lets see how UK ends the year before taking ish...
Honestly, this is looking like 2014 when much the same thing happened to OSU befire they got the last CFP spot and then won it all. They are a ridiculously young team that's getting better every week. Still a lot of football to be played, we'll see how it all plays out in late November!
Lol, remind me again about the last time UGA won an NC? Oh, ok then.
It's not the only criteria, but it definitely is taken into account. No one disputes the SEC's dominance, but there's a lot of football played in the rest of the country as well.
You guys kill me....Like them or not, ND has a national audience and Wisky has a large following throughout the midwest. TAMU and Arkansas? Not so much.