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Lol, so it's unthinkable that the B1G is the deepest difference in the tourney? Oh the horror!
And we'll be looking for a rematch this year hopefully! Y'all were on a mission last season...
C'mon y'all. The SEC is not a basketball conference with the exception of Kentucky. The B1G is easily the best conference this year. With UNC and Duke both sucking this year, the tourney will be pretty interesting methinks. Good luck to all.
Not sure I agree with that take. I agree the SEC is the best conference, but let's get real, Kentucky, Vandy, Tennessee, USC ain't giving anybody nightmares. The top tier SEC teams like Bama, TAMU, UGA and UF will bang on each other but they all have their share of cupcakes including some serious cupcakes in ooc games. (Props to Bama for scheduling some good ooc talent btw). I'd be more inclined to entertain that argument if Bama wasn't killing it every year
C'mon man, dont be mad the SEC is arguably the 3rd best basketball conference, lol.