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So last week a LSU dude was trying to just get a holding penalty by trying to tackle our WR Cleveland instead of gifting a wide open TD...but there was no call and we threw the game deciding INT in the endzone on the same play. Yet here we are talking about the refs gifting UF a win. So does this mean we should have won at LSU and lost at USC?...all because of the refs.
Not gonna lie, I was yelling at Cleveland to stop holding the dudes jersey on the long run. I was just waiting for the yellow to pop up on the tv screen.
I hope every fan on here is projecting a LSU a narrow to large margin victory based on rankings and home field advantage. Keep em coming. I may have missed it but any non UF fan is picking LSU just like last week UF vs Auburn. I understand different venue different team but by all means keep the predictions coming.
In 72 games as a UF coach Dan Mullen hasn't been a double digit underdog until Saturday as the #7 ranked team.
LSU 38, Florida 24: I won’t believe that anyone will stop Joe Burrow until they do it. Ol Mizzou- So you think UF's elite defense will give up 5 td's? So I'm assuming you think lsu offense is way better than our D...I hope you're wrong.
Au was favored by -2.5, Florida won by 11 which is a 13.5 swing. Who cares unless you throw money down on the game. Gator fan for life here but have never put a dollar on them per my bias. Even though LSU-UF games are most always close, just hoping for a good game and can't wait.
Yup. Wasn't hoping for a good game from Nix but definitely expected more out of him. AU should have no business losing by double digits when UF fumbles 4 times with a failed fake punt. Lots to clean up for both teams. But this W puts the uga-uf game into a lot more long as we don't lose to both lsu and usc ahead of time.
Your prediction 31-3 AU My prediction 24-14 UF Sometimes we're right, sometimes wrong, but in this case you just absolutely didn't know what you were talking about.
No pride aside, I stated my only AU-UF game prediction below on Friday. Can't wait for LSU. "UF 24 AU 14 and a 10 game winning streak going into Death Valley under the lights."
Stupid uga and au fans were calling out my uf 24-14 prediction. According to the actual score it was uf 24-13.
boxter-if we get less than positive yardage especially on 1st down, it's most likely going to be predictable pass-pass afterwards. If we get 2-3 yards or more on 1st down, that opens the playbook and will be more unpredictable. But I guess we'll find out when the game is actually played.
All I'm saying is that UF isn't going to abandon the run game so AU can't just bring the house going after the qb. With short runs, end arounds, and occasional longer runs I think Dan will keep them honest. Maybe we win by 2 td's, maybe AU does the same, just an opinion.
I think The Swamp will be deafening and AU won't pressure Trask enough times to decide the game. Perine/RB's will setup the pass with the 2-3 yard runs to keep AU honest just enough. UF defense will bend, not break. UF 24 AU 14 and a 10 game winning streak going into Death Valley under the lights.
Auburn will roll is as of much of a fact as uga has won a natty in the past 40 years.
Why don't you go reread the 50 comments you've made in this lone article and tell me it doesn't sound childish. You speak of a bunch of gibberish, predict a 27 pt home loss, and only talk about the 1 advantage AU has as if the rest of the units won't matter. You are one of a few if not many uga's classless and illogical fans.
What ben said...and go mullett!?!? what's the back story behind the nickname I wanna know please pretty please? But we'll try not to lose too horribly just for you. I just hope we keep it within 3 td's.
Agreed Jim. We've been playing w/o some of our best defensive players and still haven't let up a TD since who knows when. I don't care who we've played, that's impressive. AU will score but if they win they are the better team, playing on the road against a very solid defense.
I'm thin skinned because I'm the one throwing around curse words and GFY's right? Look in the mirror fella. You're just a nuisance and provide no thought in your foolish comments. That's when it's not smack talk anymore, just more annoying than anything, but maybe that's what you're going for.
Both defenses are really good but AU's offense is better. I think we will need a special teams td or go +2 in the turnover margin in order to win.
You only set yourself up when you post thoughtless and unreasonable comments 'just to make us cry' a AU-UF article.
Ugadoggy78 please refer to which dad you are speaking of Barry or Donny?
We need more uga fans predicting au 10+ point win, keep em coming! Love you, mean it.
SDS-There needs to be age restrictions put in place in order to receive a username.
I feel bad for you if you really think uf fans care what you guys think. Good, bad, and everything in between no one cares hate to break it to ya.
Why are multiple uga fans in the middle of conversation between au and uf commentary? It's gotten laughable how obsessed these lowlifes are. No one cares about your predictions or thoughts on this game so why even post?