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Great game Bama! You guys are awesome hope you win it all again. Wish we had a prototypical UF defense but not this year.
I get it, the ones that thrive on UGA's failures are terrible fans.
Not surprisingly, a lot of uga fans on here commenting. I think they may be bigger bama fans this week than actual bama fans. Sad fan base.
Hahaha when there is so much talent it is bound to happen?? What is all this talent leading to? Definitely not national titles. Hope you all make the bourbon bowl this year though.
Congrats LSU. You deserved to win the game even before the shoe throw by our most hated player. Note he was the most hated FLA player before that even happened.
AuburnDawg so you guys were really without a qb or is that an excuse? Thought the mailman always delivers? What about that ferocious D? Injuries don't matter as much when you're so deep in talent.
Kyle 2 Kyle has been so fun to watch. I know it’s too early to look ahead but feel like Bama will shred our D. Going to need a few stops and/or takeaways to have a chance.
As a Georgia native and also one that chose UF over UGA or any place else, we have something in common. Great choice, Go Gators!
Go Gators! A Win is all I wanted but won a lot of money from my UGA buddies just makes it better.
Next week will tell if defense can still win championships in the sec.
SDS should adopt a free season long ATS pickem for all sec games. For bragging rights only.
I get it, UGA defense is elite. And yes Grantham is starting to piss us off but I think we’ll get better as most others do as the season goes on. This years WLOCP might be the most interesting ever.
Check out some of your buddies ugaflyfisherman and class of 98 comments. Don’t seem too concerned w Pitts and still a massive talent gap between teams. That opinion is totally fine with us.
Bunch of UGA fans hating on Pitts. I wouldn’t expect anything less. UGA reigns supreme and FLA is just mullet, gayturds, floriduh ect. I bet most UGA fans on here cheer for them because their great grandfather knew somebody that knew somebody that was once a water boy for the almighty dawgs. It’s pretty typical among my UGA acquaintances that they don’t even know why they cheer for UGA when I ask, but will talk trash when they’re good.
Top 25 matchup and we get the coveted noon kickoff for the 3rd straight time. FLA might not have a single night game all year as a current top 5 team. LSU and UGA games already scheduled for 330.
Kneegan- The dude said he chose Clemson to be near his grandpa because they were so close. He actually lived in Atlanta area and still didn’t choose UGA. Unfortunately he died and Bowman wants to be closer to home now. Are you ill informed?
My Predictions Florida 34, South Carolina 21 Tennessee 31, Missouri 17 Alabama 41 Texas A&M 17 Kentucky 31, Ole Miss 35 Mississippi State 38, Arkansas 20 Georgia 20, Auburn 24 LSU 37, Vanderbilt 21
I’m sure UGA fans will assume no drop off from losing the so called #3 PPF qb Newman. Always overly optimistic. Then again who cares about ppf rankings.
Gotcha. So Newman a top 3 QB in college football. Got it thanks.
Hmm. So you are saying 47 qbs are better? Does my math check out? Or are you basing this off of someone else’s opinion or a single stat category?
Looking good for another top 10 team next year. Won't be nat'l champions per usual but congrats.
I see nothing but uga fans commenting on this article...seriously obsessed with anything regarding florida. So flattering.
Blatantly obvious wrong call. Difference between UF and others is that if UGA wins we still won't blame the refs for a L, UGA would.
You'll be happy to be the 'Under-Dawgs' when you are 6 pt favorites? And glad to hear our local atl sports radio personalities guarantee a uga win and covers the spread, it's a lock they say. 3 days cleanse w/ a UF win. Are they just wanting to do that anyways or something...
Yes, I have watched both defenses. Don't get me wrong, by me predicting for UF to score 31 points I still think uga's D is legit. The reason I come to this conclusion is that I think Auburn's D is slightly better than UGA's. We scored 24 on them (lowest of the year for us) and we turned the ball over multiple times. That, and the fact that I think we keep improving and uga isn't.
Is this how you react to every statement or article you don't agree with?
So you're saying you watch Florida's reveal video EVERY week? Thanks for being so vested.