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So right! kY basketball with all the 5 star recruits should have more national titles or at least more final fours under Cal. Either it’s his coaching, the recruits are not as good as they think they are or a mixture of both. I still think it’s mainly his coaching and the lack of trying new things when old things are not working. Losing to St. Peter’s was a prime example. SEC is getting better all around and KY is not the only king on the block anymore.
Cal just keeps looking like a jack ass… oops he is and a very arrogant one at that! I’m a KY fan but do not like Calipari good recruiter but lately good coach is questionable these days… getting man handled by St. Peter’s is inexcusable especially with some of the best recruits in country and going 9-16 the year before that. He thinks he’s a god but he’s not. Coach stoops is right in that KY is more than a basketball school now. Football has done better than basketball lately. Cal knows how to put his foot in his mouth on a constant basis. Go cats!
Cal looks like a arrogant jack ass right now. Not a fan of Cal either. Stoops has done wonders to a historically bad football team. He has made KY very competitive and has actually had success postseason unlike Cal who lost to a no name 100+ranked team. He has trouble developing players and than he blames everyone else but himself. A fan of stoops not CAL
This is all speculation! Anything can happen and their are a lot of questions about the secondary and both lines. Let’s see the teams get out on the field and actually play that will be true reality of if they are good or not. I do think SC is the dark horse and whoever plays them better be prepared and not think they are a easy cupcake win like Vandy. Sec is the best conference!
I’m sorry this is not newsworthy! This is not best starting five for KY of all time not even close.....can we actually get newsworthy events that actually matter???
Some of these guys don’t want to compete for a position they want it handed to them cause they are 4-5 star got to earn that is a lot different and faster than high school!
TN, GA, FL will be losses and possibly ole miss and or South Carolina too. KY lacks experience and depth for both lines and secondary. 7-8 wins this year for KY with a bowl game. Hope I’m dead wrong and there are more wins. Go cats! GA and Bama are in a different category still everybody else is fighting for the second spot. SC will definitely be better and I think they may be the dark horse in the East.
Some team will be getting a good quarterback for sure! I do hate he wasn’t given much of a shot. Wish him the best of luck
Vols always choke in big dance I always have them getting beat no matter what they do in SEC. Vols with their puke orange is hated from most of the colleges around the nation including some of the SEC.
Calipari magic??? He has literally done nothing with most of his top classes and has been out coached many games. He may be able to recruit but can he do something with them is the big question?? He does need to change up his scheme cause it’s not working look what happen for the sec tournament to the big dance. That was poor coaching. Just being real! I am a KY fan but most would truly agree with me.
Now let’s see if Calipari can do anything with them! He is a good recruiter but coach I’m not so sure about. We will see! Go Cats!
Keep the excuses coming TN! What a joke and a bad representation of college football .....cheat and you still can Win.....
TN should be penalized harshly....bunch of cheaters and they still suck!
And TN gets caught cheating the system again.......that’s TN for you! What other players have been paid?.. TN should be banned from post season and should be punished severely! This stuff hurts college football and disrespects the game! Vol fans will try to make excuses like they always do more than likely toward bama or Georgia! Which are in a class of their own....
I don’t think any coach should get a lifetime contract that’s absurd and gives the coach the ability to be complacent like cal has the las 4-5 years
SEC is the best conference and they will probably prove that once again this year.....SEC as a whole will be better than last year and their are several sleeper (unknown due to the new transfers) teams that will shock some teams this year that are not getting recognition ! I’m ready to watch all the SEC teams this year can’t wait for football to start! Get it done SEC
Yes sir. SEC I think will have a lot better teams as a whole!
Can we move on from this guy! He never played a game for KY! This is truly not News for KY. He is a pro player now so it’s a pro issue with Portland.
Sec is the best conference to play for by far not sure why living in the south you would want to play for another conference! SEC has dominated the football world for sure and it looks like it maybe this year too.....
Who cares???? Move on!! Never played a game. He’s not a KY wildcat
Who cares! He never played an ounce of basketball for KY in a real game! This is not a story. Move on already!
Who cares??? I’m so sick about hearing about this kid who never played for KY is a non-factor! We should be focused on the upcoming basketball and football season on players who actually want to play. Move on from this kid
Tn sports have not been good for a long time and it seems that they choke when it really counts. It’s hard to have a good team especially football when the coaches suck. TN current coach (football) was a great hire and it seems he is bringing in good recruits and a stable atmosphere. They will contend in the sec East for sure in 1-2 years maybe earlier. We will see I think GA will have their hands full this year
Awesome! WE can’t and always use another RB! Sounds like he could contribute right away. With Chris Rodriquez in question now good to see that KY may add a possible weapon
Ky will need him if they want to win 7-8 games. Backups aren’t as good as Rodriquez. Of course I think Ky is not going to be good as they think will be. Online and D-line are suspect and no true proven backups
He wasn’t truly happy at KY not sure if it was coach Cal or playing time or both. I don’t think Cal is as good of a coach as he thinks he is but a good recruiter yes! He has made some very terrible decisions when games have been on the line. He is not producing in tournament either. Getting beat by St. Peter’s was just another reason why KY fans are disgruntled and they have every right to be too. KY is not the premier team in the SEC Auburn and TN and a few others are definitely at the pinnacle or close to it.
Ohio state is always overrated! Bama or GA will be on top ! Sec is the best conference!
Ky will go at best 8-4 but realistically 7-5 due to lack of offensive and defensive line. It is definitely suspect and lack of depth. 10 wins nope not this year unless the line on both sides are better than we thought. I doubt it though. We will see when they suit up
Why would you put yourself in a position that could possibly screw your chance of college football! If I was good enough you can bet I would stay far away from any trouble as much as possible. We hear this stuff over and over and kids from schools all across the nation have to deal with these kids that can’t seem to stay out of trouble. I would give anything to have the athletic ability to play college sports.