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Leary with all the experience he has, has been a disappointment but of course is O line sucks too which makes a difference but some of his passes are what u expect a freshman would make. Bad decision making is his fault
Florida will beat KY. Ky makes way too many mistakes/penalties, qb for the experience he has makes a lot of bad throws, offense is very inconsistent and o-line still sucks. KY has played no one up to this point and let Vandy score 28 pts and struggled with an FCS EKU team all game. I don’t see the hype and I do think the KY fans are delusional to ever think they will be the best in the SEC east. Not this year for sure! Tenn always beats KY which is always KY’s Achilles heel and of course GA and Bama will wipe KY clean.
Let’s be honest! KY has played nothing but cup cakes but that’s about to change coming this wknd. Let’s see if they can hang with TN, FL and Ga than we can talk about if KY is good! Ky has a ton of penalties l, drop passes, bad passes and absolutely dumb mistakes! These will catch up to you when u actually are playing a good team. Offense is still not great and if I’m not mistaken no QB sacks against a terrible Vandy team.
KY is in trouble when they start playing real competition. Mistakes will finally catch up to them along with slow starts. Let’s see how they fare with Vandy this coming weekend than we will know a little more about KY. The matchup with Florida the following week will prove if KY can get over the jump this year.
TN is definitely not as good as advertised. Very overrated! Good job to the Gators and smacked TN all throughout the game. Bama is definitely not a top 5 team year as of right now. KY is 3-0 but have not played anybody and have not look outstanding with sub-par teams. GA is the team to beat in the East and second is up for grabs and not a clear leader in that respects as of yet but Florida definitely showed promise by waxing TN. LSU is the team to beat in the West.
Yeah! Go Gators.......TN overrated once again....I hate TN with a passion! Good Win for the ?
These rankings dont mean jack Sh-t! Season is early and SEC hasn’t looked great as a whole this far. A lot will change When SEC play EA other. A lot QBs that were hyped during off-season are less than desirable at this point. We will see how this unfolds in the next few weeks
GA or TN will be the contenders of the East. I was going to throw KY possibly in there but after their first two games and how poorly they have played I scratched them off the list. In the West is a big Question mark?
You are absolutely correct right! If they played any SEC team right now they would lose yep even to Vandy. Will they get better? They better if they even want to make it to a bowl game. Right now from last two games this is definitely not a 10 win team maybe 6-7 win team. KY slow starts will bite them in the end when that actually play a SEC team.
Right now KY is not that good at this point. If KY played any SEC team as of right now KY would lose. Turnovers and it looks like the team is not gelling on offense or defense as of yet. Hopefully they get better if not it will be a long season for the Cats. Playing a FCS team and struggling on both sides of the ball is concerning. A win is a win. 2-0.
KY and Vandy will be at the cellar of the SEC East. KY football is embarrassing the commonwealth with their terrible play/performance. Yes the game is not even to halftime but KY looks terrible.
LSU will be fine and probably end up in the playoffs. They have too much talent not to be. These writers have nothing better to do but write garbage. An SEC team will win the championship. First game doesn’t define the whole season. SEC get it rolling!
TN and GA are the clear teams to beat in the SEC East. The other teams are not anywhere close as of yet. If I had to pick between GA and UT I would go with GA cause I hate Tenn with a deep passion always have always will. Anybody that beats Tenn is who I’m for
TN and GA are the clear teams to beat in the SEC East. The other teams are not anywhere close as of yet. If I had to pick between GA and UT I would go with GA cause I hate Tenn with a deep passion always have always will. Anybody that beats Tenn is who I’m for
TN looks good, ball state showed the weakness of KY. Ky should be better after stoops goes over the game film and adjust for next game. If TN and KY went head to head right now TN would definitely win they are ahead of KY thus far.
I can see why KY is not ranked. Ball state just had a 13 play drive and scored. KY looks very suspect on defense early on. Offensive line looks better but definitely not elite
Not going to beat GA or Bama and I would give a 40% chance of beating Tenn. like most have stated it all lies on how well the o line holds up if one or two get injured KY is done. They really have no depth
U might as well bet KY to lose they have two O linemen injured and out for the season one more or two KY season already over before it started. This is one reason KY will never be an elite team they have zero depth where they need it most.
Ky will be KY they will upset someone and get beat by someone they should have not. KY always fall’s part when they lose 1 game than they seem to lose 2-3 more in a row. They have no depth once starters get injured their year is over like always. I see them at 7-5 this year. They will not beat any of the heavy weights like Bama, GA or TN, Florida,SC and Missouri are toss ups
I’m not a GA fan but I’m sure not a puke orange TN fan. Anybody that beats TN is my team!
I actually think before the end of the season there will be more ranked SEC teams in top 25 than the preseason poll suggests. KY and SC are the Wildcards. No one truly knows what they have and if KY actually has a good offensive line they will be airing it out for sure with their multiple receivers they have on the roster. It’s definitely going to be an interesting season. SEC is the best conference
Ky QB should definitely be in Top 25. He has the experience and the stats to back it up. He is better than a lot of QBs on here.
Unfortunately petrino is a scumbag of a human being. Remember he got fired and for what? He is very unreliable and could just leave mid season like he has done before. He has no integrity or of any value of character!