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Florida's passing game was good, but OL didn't play well-enough. 21 yds of rushing won't cut it. UGA passed well and ran for over 100 yds. Done deal. Spurrier or Meyer might have mounted a better comeback, but Mullen didn't. His mouth got in the way....
UF won 8 SEC Titles in 17 years, though they've been in the conference 87 years. Your last one was in 2008. UGA has won 13 titles (second to Alabama's 24) over 75 years. We've also been in the conference since its inception, 87 years ago. UF has had a great run since Spurrier came back to coach in 1990, but be real, without 90s and 2000s, UF is nothing. Z-e-r-o. Georgia has won SEC Titles in 7 decades. That's a team of long-term relevance. UF is the upstart who has had a lot of quick success in a two decade period. The three NCs are very impressive, no doubt. But look at the the totality and the place you are now without Spurrier or Meyer. They would have won that game on Saturday. Mullen will just keep running his mouth and losing to big rivals, except for FSU. They are so down anyone could cover the spread on them. UF will be be good but never great under Mullen. Spurrier and Meyer are CF HOF material. Those coaches don't come around very often. Just ask Alabama fans during the Perkins/Shula/Dubose/Price/Franchione eras.
Yes, 11-2 while going 1-2 against the ranked teams you faced. 11-2= Outback Bowl vs Indiana or Minnesota. How would you like that steak cooked on the barbie, Sir?
I was alive in the 70s and 80s, and Florida was nothing but 2nd Tier then and before then. Miss St (1940), UK (1950), and Ole Miss had won conference championships (all teams ever in the SEC won titles before UF, except Sewanee,Tulane, and Vandy) before UF finally sniffed one in 1985 and finally won one in 1991. Since then, UF has had two great coaches and has won pretty consistently. UGA has struggled during that period at times, but we now have the right coach and recruiting base to win for a while. You all live in a fertile recruiting base in Fla, but I'm not sure Mullen is the right guy to bring you back. Out of the three good teams you've played this year, you're 1-2 on Nov 4th. You will likely win out and solidify an Outback Bowl invite. That is not going to please your fanbase, which has gotten used to winning since 1990 after being starved for wins for decades.
What did the rapper once say- check yo'self before you wreck yo'self?! Your mouth is writing checks your 21-yard-rushing-for-4-quarters team can't cash. Get Mullen to find some five stars and get back to us. #dawgsontop
IMHO, if you can't beat FSU in this condition, you need to check....something. That should not be a tough game for UF. Miami just bombed them and got their coach fired.
Good point, LawGator01. Some older UGA fans will definitely say it's Tech. Some will say it is Auburn b/c we've been playing since 1892, and others will say it's UF because of the way your program came on in the 90s and 2000s after decades of mediocrity. I agree that it is UF for us. We don't like to lose to Tech when we're eating leftover turkey sandwiches, but they aren't in our conference and don't affect our destiny that much. The UF game always matters for the east crown.
Exactly. ...and they didn't win. They had 21 yds of rushing on 19 attempts. Just another day in paradise for Dawg fans. #keepthegameinJax
There are some older UGA fans that would say the same thing about ua beating Tech over UF. But most of the early part of my life (70s and 80s), we beat Tech and UF pretty regularly. But hen Spurrier, Meyer, Zook, etc. beat UGA for a lot of years and closed the gap in the rivalry. UF finally won a conference championship after 57 years in the conference, and then you won 3 NCs. Florida fans came out of the woodwork. That's why I'd always raher beat you than Tech, if I had a choice. Plus, Mullen is running his mouth just like Urban and Steve did. Bad move when you don't have he personnel to back it up.
NASA Gaytor has a daddy now: it's Georgia! Figure out your post for next year, loser, because you'll be in Tampa for the Outback Bowl playing either Minnesota or Indiana. Good season!