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We keep forgetting there are no articles on this site. These are glorified blog posts. With that being said, is Gary Danielson going to be a regular "article" on this site? If so, one less thing to click on. He's always going to be "biased" if he says something about your team you don't like. Don't take the bait.
Mays didn't deserve a waiver because his dad can't work a $9 folding chair. UGA gets a QB from California because the guy already sat out a year with an injury. He did his time. Even with all that ... it's time for transparency from the NCAA or completely break away from them.
I would liken this to the years during WWI and WWII when not every school fielded a team or fielded a team of scrubs. There were still national champs those years. But there's still going to be griping and calls for an asterisk. This all makes me wonder ... will all 14 SEC teams be ranked in the top 25 now?
We could debate Herschel vs. Bo all day. Of course I'll take Herschel. People seem to forget Herschel was also an All-America and SEC champion track star.
I read an article a couple years ago about UT Athletics operating in the red. Is that still true? I also noticed a lot of construction around Neyland when I was at the UGA game. Have they been able to stop the money bleeding? New facilities = national championships. Ask LSU.
I haven't watched any LSU football this year. Is their defense not as great as years passed because they're just not as good, or is it because they've gone into prevent defense and/or pulled starters after getting big leads and giving up garbage stats?
I can't wait for this game, but it's already giving me anxiety. UGA is going to need touchdowns, not field goals to stay in this game.
I stopped getting worked up over bad calls years ago. They happen to both teams. aTm got away with plenty of holds by their offensive linemen and still didn't get any rush yards. And that's why they lost. It wasn't calls going UGA's way.
I stopped getting worked up over bad calls years ago. They happen to both teams. aTm got away with plenty of holds by their offensive linemen and still didn't get any rush yards. And that's why they lost. It wasn't calls going UGA's way.
Didn't UGA schedule OSU before and Urban Meyer talked OSU into canceling the series?
It's intact, not in tact. "Upon the outbreak of WW2, each branch of the U.S. military faced the seemingly insurmountable challenge of providing enough officers to command the massive influx of new soldiers, sailors, and airmen necessary to fight the war. To alleviate this situation, the U.S. Navy established technical training schools at colleges and universities under the V-12 program. The University of Georgia was part of the Navy’s V-5 program, in which a Navy pre-flight training school was established at the University, but its students were not part of the general body of regular students enrolled at the University. The few remaining students enrolled in Athens were either females, *men completing courses of study to then enter the military*, or men who were either too young or physically unable (a 4-F draft status) to join any of the service branches. The Georgia Bulldogs athletics teams were able to draw from these students, but not from the Navy school’s cadets." "With many colleges and universities stopping play for the duration of WWII, Wally Butts allows the 1943 team to vote on whether or not to continue with the season. Despite knowing that they would be only marginally competitive, the team votes to continue to play. The 1943 and 1944 teams would be comprised of men too young for the draft or physically unfit for military service. Had the 1943 team elected not to play, Butts would have been given a contract to work as an instructor in the Physical Education Department." Nutshell: in 1942, UGA was helping to prepare men to go to war ... while being in college. There was no ploy to keep players out of WWII as the writer and many commenters on this site have incorrectly assumed. And don't forget that UF did field a team in 1942, they just don't like the team they had. Many colleges fielded teams with guys that couldn't get into the military, including UGA. UF just doesn't want to acknowledge the loss. WWII didn't end until close to the end of 1945 and UGA men were sent to war to fight and die alongside men from UF for the USA. Gromit should be ashamed of himself for insulting all the soldiers that put their lives on the line and by dismissing the service of all the soldiers who went to UGA.
I believe I read the same article maybe in the 80's. I believe it talked about how UF tried to enroll their football team into the ROTC but was rejected because the military needed qualified cooks, ditch diggers, and latrine cleaners, so I believe the UF players were shipped out immediately. Give up. You lost the argument with your beliefs and incorrect "facts."
Your feelings are hurt because you have red hair? Great comeback.
Clearly? The tone you get comes from within yourself so clearly you're the one with your panties in a wad. Happy New Year. :)
Actually, you don't. You just have to be a FSU student. Google it. And geez, you guys are dense. I don't give two sh!ts about political correctness (as mentioned earlier); I just dislike the mascot (as mentioned earlier). It's as tacky as white guys dressing up as Mexicans for Cinco de Mayo and the only thing that will get rid of this mascot, that I think is tacky, is the ACLU. You guys sound like the chronically offended. Don't get your panties in a wad.
That's what you get for putting a white guy in redface ... one of the lamest pre-game "rituals" in college football. I wish the far left would protest this thing and get it out of football, not for PC reasons, just because it's lame.
I'm just hoping I can pick up the game on the radio. She's almost as irritating as Jesse Palmer.
DeSean Jackson whining about not getting a warning for his cleats? He doesn't know the dress code/rules by now? That's another reason to not watch the NFL, a bunch of whiny cry babies.
Seems odd to me that the current employer can reprimand and fine someone for something that happened at their previous job. Could Burger King reprimand a current employee for taking free fries and not telling anyone when they worked at McDonald's? But, then again, didn't the NFL suspend Terrell Pryor before he ever played a game because of tattoo-gate at OSU? Yeah, I don't know; it's all still odd to me.
Wow, I didn't realize Dooley played in 20 bowl games.He must have gotten a really special dispensation to be able to coach and play 20 years. He must have also earned four or five doctorates to maintain his eligibility.
He says she blew smoke in his face outside. Whether or not that's true, I don't know. I think it's more likely she was smoking outside and he just happened to walk through her puff of smoke and didn't like it. But I've seen multiple versions of this video on different TV shows and they all seem to have their own edits. Good Morning America is the only one I saw that didn't edit out the version of the girl waving/calling Mixon over to her table. He didn't approach them on his own. Again, I never defended him and never said it was ok for him to punch her, but this girl is not innocent in all of this.
Your brain is weak. You're all missing the bigger point. This absolutely has to deal with domestic violence and the ramifications of gender inequality. There was no defense of Mixon, but part of the bigger picture is the question of getting both sides of the story and holding all parties accountable so this doesn't happen again because there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It's not as black and white as you seem to think. It's obvious you all didn't listen to the interrogation and failed to notice the girl waving him over inside and instigating the incident. Again, there's no defense of Mixon, never did.
We say that now, but the climate on domestic violence has changed over the last couple years. If the police and DA thought he should be in jail at the time he'd be in jail. I don't condone hitting women, but what are we supposed to do ... just let women go nuts on us whenever they want and just take it? I'm not sure what men are supposed to do. Women can't be allowed to pick a fight and not be held accountable someway. This girl started the whole thing and no one seems to want to mention that. What if it were Rhonda Rousey? Are you allowed to fight back then? Are we supposed to somehow determine a person's size and strength before we're allowed to protect ourselves? Would we be having this conversation if a big guy hit a small guy? This whole thing is a mess not just for sports but for society as a whole.
This just reinforces my thoughts about removing bowl game stats because they're unimportant exhibition games (except for extra practice and something to watch on TV). I hate seeing old records get broken because new players get 1-4 additional games per season now.