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NCAA rule prevents that from happening. He will have to end all contact 90 minutes before kick off and have no contact with anyone on or with the team till after the game has ended!
An NCAA rule (tweeted by ESPN’s Alex Scarborough) has determined that Saban, who tested positive for COVID-19, can’t have any contact with the Crimson Tide starting at 90 minutes from kickoff. Saban can’t give a halftime speech or relay any adjustments either.
Think UGA proved their value on the field tonight with a second half shut out of the Vols 27-0 and winning by 23.
Where are ya Volz? Vols defense score 7 with a gift. JG didn’t score but 14 points on Georgia and the Dawgs won by 23!
Dude Alabama has been on the receiving end of a lot of love from all those in the right places so a mulligan has never been needed! So “perceived bias” is factual bias! Georgia beat Bama in ever facet of the game last night except the score board! Georgia would have never made it into the top 4 regardless and Bama win or lose was in!
The Blackout had it’s day! Been there done that....I was at both Blackout games - Auburn and Bama! Please just show up and be loud in RED! It was great the first time but please give it a rest!
And you are talking about the same team that lost to Mississippi State and Tennessee?
You are sadly delusional if you think Bama gets left out of the CFP. The playoff committee will put Bama regardless. Bama is the golden child of football and the likely hood of them losing the SECCG Being ever so small - should they lose they still will get in.....again the golden childe. Of football!
Y’all need miracles and none came - out played again.
There is no comparison - Herschel was a superior athlete in his time at Georgia. Finebaum is stupid for attempting any comparison or trying to allude that Snell is better than Herschel. Snell doesn't come remotely close! Finebaum stick to what you know - your alma mater is a dumpster fire!
In the end it doesn't matter it boils down to who the selection committee wants to see play. Bama will always top the list till either Saban dies or the noses of all those that think Bama is the end all be all don't have an ass to sniff. Bama won't have to play in the SECCG and they will be in.
Are you just sad because Tennessee is a dumpster fire?
It is true Georgia will run the ball but I think CKS will keep OU guessing by mixing it up with RPO leaning more on the running game as that wears a defense down and burns the clock. Fromm, however is playing in the Rose Bowl not the Sugar Bowl - an obvious over looked error - it is called proof reading.
The officials sucked and they know it.....blatantly missing obvious ones and calling ones that didn’t exist. Their incompetence ruins games
Congratulations Roquan! Keep choppin’ wood!
Danny is the Kardashian version of analysts, if you even believe he is an analyst. He is so irrelevant it isn’t funny.
Danny is the Kardashian version of analysts, if you even believe he is a analyst. He is so irrelevant it isn’t funny.
Apparently bitterness is rampant. I will call it KARMA. OSU got in last year and now because Bama has people are being cry babies. If UCF wants to dance on the big stage then play the big teams. Wisconsin is the only team that has a decent complaint and they lost their conference championship to OSU. Auburn could have been the first 2 loss team in the CFP had they not gotten man-handled by Georgia in the SEC championship. An 8 team play off is the most ridiculous crap I have heard. It will most definitely not solve any problems only create more.....the more teams involved the more cry babies. You want to dance on the big stage then grow balls and play the big boys and WIN!