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Not sure of the #'s either. But, Gamecocks should at least get an honorable mention.
No arguments from this Gamecock fan. I was as shocked as Mullen and "didn't see this coming" either! Can we sustain that type of effort this week at Mizzu? No idea. Hope so!? If we could win and go bowling that alone would exceed my expectations for this year. After that playing with house money against AU and Clemson both at home. Who knows - but there is hope now!
No idea what USC-1 is talking about!? Pretty sure alcohol was involved - apologies offered. Thanks for your thoughts. Shane was a slow sell for me too during the hiring process. But since it has been a very refreshing change. We have hope - for the first time in a very long time. I hope we can maintain the new found offense and get another win or two and go bowling it would far exceed my expectations.
Surprised that no one mentioned that there is a coach in the SEC that recruited and coached him at OU. Beamer. Not that the idea of having him at South Carolina stirs my dreams at all. But would seem to at least be worthy of a mention.
To my eye he seems to be running more upright and a bit stiff compared to last year. Given his off season back procedure understandable. Up to the coaches to get him in run formations to give him a shot as getting some traction before being hit. Which this year has not happened with any regularity. Agree, we need a FB or TE to help be a lead blocker to give him time to find a hole. OL - you are in my prayers!
I feel your pain brother. We at South Carolina suffered through some disheartening defensive performances under Muschamp. Poor, poor tackling and the worst just flat out quitting. I joked with a buddy that Mizzu must have gotten a seminar from Muschamp on tackling and effort last week. The thing this year is our D is having fun and flying to the ball all sixty minutes - SO refreshing win or lose. That said, I think we have a "shot" at beating UT. Limit possessions, RUN the dang ball ( ughh don't get me started). We will need to score 4 offensive touchdowns I think to be in this game. Honestly - haven't seen an offense for USC this year (yet) that can do that. Wish us well and keep your chin up things do get better.
WOW...amazed by articles here and elsewhere calling for some radical change. Shane has literally not been the HC for a full calendar year yet. Relax! He is doing great. Coulda, woulda, shoulda against Kentucky. OK, move on win the next one and keep building. Our effort on the field is light years beyond where it was under Coach know who. Keep recruiting, trust and refine the process make changes when needed keep chopping the tree. We will get there.