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Good stuff! Haha... enjoy Athens. If you haven't been to Allgood for some beers or Last Resort for a fantastic brunch/lunch, you should... amongst other really good options.
Meaning in practice the DL should be making the OL better.
I have wondered why our OL hasn't appeared to take a solid step forward from last year because our DL is outstanding. Maybe time will tell. The DL and OL need to be elite against ND to have a chance.
You make valid points but in 2013 the main loss was Malcolm Mitchell. Without Keith Marshall we still had Gurley and he had it in him to be the feature back with 20+ valuable carries/game. We started that season off with a loss to Clemson. I was there and a helluva a game. We lost a lot of players in Neyland that season but ended up losing to Missouri and Vandy the following 2 games then Auburn and Nebraska in the bowl game. We didn't lose enough personnel early enough to lose that many games (losing Murray sucked but the SECCG had passed us by). 2014 was a solid season. However, we should beat South Carolina and Tech. Those were bad losses. I was at the South Carolina game... was it really 1 millimeter short of 1st down for the Dawgs toward the end of the game. It was a heartbreaker nonetheless. Losing Gurley was kind of ok because we had Chubb on a tear and Michel is a solid 1B option. 2015 was another solid year. Richt did a job that would normally allow him to keep his job. We got blown out by Bama... at home... again. We lost to Tennessee in Knoxville and if I remember correctly we were up 2 TDs at half and only scored 1 TD in the 2nd half. We lost to Florida... again. It was a lot like firing Fulmer. He did so much for Tennessee but let's be honest, Fulmer won a national championship and Richt didn't. If Richt had won that 2012 SECCG we would have killed Notre Dame and won the national championship. He could have coached at Georgia until his retirement after that. Unfortunately, he didn't and he had admittedly lost the fire. I think he should have gotten 1 more year but with 1 more year I think he would have lowered our depth even further. Kirby has filled the depth chart with some talent. Now Kirby needs to learn to coach, mainly coach offense.
I mean, 10 wins is great but when did Tennessee start settling for 10 wins? I want more than just 10 wins. Mark Richt piled up 10 win seasons but damnit hadn't won a huge bowl game since the 2007 season.
He is a beast but Chubb is 82 yards ahead of him. I think Chubb will be 2nd behind Herschel and Webb 3rd.
I agree with you. It should be a good game. Unfortunately, I have to root for y'all because Tech pulled one out of their arse last year and then rubbed it in.
We lost but if I remember correctly it was because Tennessee played a better 4th quarter. We, in fact, were winning the whole game up until pretty much the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter. 7-0 after Q1, 17-7 at halftime, and 24-14 after Q3. So, what is it you are trying to say?
Born and raised in Athens. Huge Georgia fan. Absolute homer. However, I think Florida is the pick this year. Georgia and SC are a close second but I think Georgia has the best chance to dethrone Florida as East champs.
Toughest home game for Georgia is Tennessee? Try again! Mississippi State or Missouri or Kentucky. It can't be Tennessee since that game is in Knoxville.
Come on, Jon. Nauta was the jet skier. Show him some love! Helluva a catch!
You make a good point about signing with a school that already has an equally talented and highly recruited young QB but think about it. If Fromm transfers after this year, he will not be able to play until 2019 unless he transfers to a Div 2 school, which he won't. Eason could be the top pick in the 2019 draft and would probably take the money and leave after his junior year if that is the case. So the first year that Fromm could play after transferring would be his first year starting at Georgia if Eason leaves for the draft. He was born and raised in Georgia so I figure he will wait it out and probably get some playing time this year, more next year, and then start, as mentioned above, in 2019.
Ummmmm... Georgia ran a power blocking scheme in 2016. Under Richt it was a zone blocking scheme the last several years.
CMR failed to recruit a QB in the 14 and 15 class that could compete for the starting job and failed to recruit elite OL that are abundant in the state of Georgia. It appears CKS is trying to do what Saban does and stockpile talent. Seems to have worked for him. We'll see how it works for CKS but I'd rather have a bunch of talent than not. What good is a 10 win season? As a lifelong Georgia fan I must admit we are not one of the blue blood programs but we have historically been on the cusp. 10 wins is great for nearly every team and probably Georgia most years but Georgia fans want SEC championships not 10 win seasons. I would take one 14 or 15 win season over the next few years knowing that if CKS recruits at this level that whole time there will be more than just 10 wins every year over that time frame.
The ultimate trump card is we beat y'all. And if y'all make the SECCG Bama will absolutely steamroll y'all. It will be 55-0 Bama wins. Part of me wants to see that. Go Dawgs! We won!
Wolfman, I'm just now seeing this and I sympathize with your sympathy for the players and their safety but I just don't see it man. I guess MIZZOU does provide safe spaces... even for the football players. It was a great game and there was no dirty play. I thought this was football. Decaon Jones use to closeline people as a legal play!
It's been a rough year. The loss to Tennessee broke our back and the rest is history. Win one game at a time now. But on the upside we beat y'all so there's that. Go Dawgs!
I was waiting for wolfman to share his feelings. All good points except for 2. Not sure the relevance to UGA playing dirty under Richt or not, for that matter. The player was ejected and will be out the first half of the Ole Miss game.
Where is BamaTime? I need some help here BamaTime! Is it just me or does armyguy007 say everything with absolute certainty? Shea Patterson is a great prospect. So is Eason. I'll take my guy over your guy. I'd like to hear what our fellow SDS visitors think... Eason or Patterson, everyone?
Lambert is no good. Kirby needs to start Eason.
I don't know... UGa is huge at O Line minus Isaiah Wynn but he is a player. We have a ton of young guys at 6'5" 300 plus. I've been watching you and BamaTime and it's good that he keeps you in check. This season hangs on Kirby keeping our D strong like those years at Bama and good coaching decisions. The offense is a toss up.
Here we go again... haha! Homer armyguy007 and BamaTime. I like BamaTime. armyguy007? Not that much. He whines like a mule.
California has several Chick-Fil-A locations.
I hear ya. Let's talk after some conference games. I totally disagree and think Eason is better. Patterson won't start game 1 just because Kelly is returning.