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C'mon Dave...Fulmer was at the press conference because Pruitt is his guy and he wants to support him, not to mention his own reputation as a new AD is riding on this young coach. He's at every football practice because he is infatuated with Vol football. He hired Pruitt because he is a "football guy". Pruitt obviously has been and will continue to be learning on the job, but there is no doubt he is all about football. I'm sure there is a part of Fulmer that would love to coach again and we all (most of us Vol fans) know about the "behind the scenes maneuvering", hell, Coach Majors isn't shy about telling anyone who will listen, but I doubt he would be ready to pull another coup for the same reason that Peyton said he would never Coach. That being, Coaching would be the only way he could tarnish his beloved status as a Vol icon. I may be wrong about CFP wanting to coach again but if they fire Pruitt now/this season Fulmer would probably be the only coach they could get over on the hill.
Don't need to bench JG. He threw 2 pics all of last season. He has definitely made some terrible decisions this year and he is not the best at reading the blitz but he is our best option at this point. Respectfully, I don't think throwing in a freshman one week ahead of going to the swamp would be our best option. It's his 4th coordinator in 4 years, JG will get better as the year goes on. Unfortunately it may not show in wins this year but then again, it might.
I usually like Dave's stuff, but this is a ridiculous article. Lot of young talent and Pruitt is definitely learning on the job but no chance UT fires Pruitt right now or this year. 12 - 14 mil buyout and we're still paying Butch. Not going to happen. Fan base needs to suck it up and get behind the team instead of spewing all the negativity. As bad as UT has been for over a decade now they are still listed in the Top 10 best programs of all time, no matter what list you see. Pruitt will get it turned when/if he can build the lines of scrimmage and that's why CFP hired him.
Fulmer is not "Slimy", and he should be the AD because he knows what matters and he loves the University. There is no excuse for losing the GA. St. game and they should have won Saturday night as well, but constantly changing coaches is why UT is in the position it's in now. Lot of freshman playing and JG hasn't got the offense down yet. It's going to be a brutal first half of the year but It will get better.
Blah, Blah, Blah ASET! Yeah Bama is great, we all know, but life (College Football) is cyclical and I'm pretty sure Fulmer's Vols owned your @#$ so just relax, "the time for honoring yourself will come to an end", at some point.
Blame CBS for this one, playing the HNboot call again right before UT "crushed YOUR face" was so classic. Atlanta radio and all the whining pups are hilarious. Stop crying and just realize what you are, the most overrated program in the SEC. Year after year we have to hear about how great Georgia's recruiting class is going to be. DO SOMETHING WITH IT! Either team could have won the game, put on your big boy pants on and stop crying about a T-Shirt slogan. You need to worry about getting bowl eligible.
UGA4Me, how can you say definitely 0-2 in that stretch? I wouldn't even say UT definitely beats UGA this weekend but if they play like they did in the 2nd half against UF, they can beat anybody.
I fully expect UGA to come out strong on Saturday. Ole Miss would do that to a lot of teams. This game is almost always close and playing on the road in the SEC is never easy. Eason looks like he will be really good, just needs someone to hang on to the ball. That being said, I expect the Vols to win a close one but wouldn't be surprised either way.