Cereal killer.

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Congrats to the Bulldogs. A great team of guys who seem to really love the game. It was really good to see them win it all.
Best of luck to you Mississippi State. I hope the Bulldogs win it all.
Yes, he is gone. A lot of kids in this world would have begged for the opportunity that Salter was given. I feel bad for Salter's father as from all indications he raised that kid right.
It would be great publicity if the Vols and the Commodores met in the finals. But in reality, the SEC will be doing well to get either team in the finals.
I agree that Paul Mainieri is really a credit to mankind. A humble man who speaks with class and respect.
Yep, and the sow bellies won't be headed to Omaha....They can stay home and read how great they are!
That would be great if the Vols got another shot at the sow bellies. It would be good for college baseball too.
I was not there so I don't know what Wright State said or did not say from their dugout. But, from the very first time I saw the video of Gilbert's self indulgent display, I did not care for it. I love exuberance and celebration....but I detest posturing.
Nope...all gone when cornbread left town. But, talk on the street is that you can get a Value Meal bag at the Cow College on the plains.
Manziel's view is from the last 15 years or less. IMO, no one carried their team better than Herschel Walker. Others mentioned were great athletes and winners. Another reason for choosing Herschel is that there was never controversy with Walker....he always carried himself with class and dignity and was such a pleasure to watch perform with his speed and unbelievable power.
It's baseball. That's what you do when things don't go your way. Besides.....does anyone really give a crap?
It has been well documented on what a jackass Berman can be in "off camera" settings. He needed to leave and Mayne needed to stay. ESPN continues its downward plunge.
Not sure about Hardy. Seems a bit immature(long before signing) and maybe thought he should be coddled some, but evidently that doesn't fit the new HC mo at Auburn. We definitely could use the help here in Knoxville, but Hardy needs to get focused and grow up.
Who knows, but he is a lot more knowledgable than Acorn ever was. I think the thing most are waiting to see is how he can recruit once we get out from under the NCAA scalpel. No, not going to be a quick fix but if we can see real progress than most folks will wait.
It is strange, but hard coaching is not the reason. The article said he never even set foot on the Missouri campus.
Considering the alabama acorn that headed this team before.....yeah, light years is appropriate.
Maybe, but you can sure as heck mark bama off the list too as the Mannings have always taken great satisfaction in whipping the tide arse.
"It’s interesting that Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss didn’t get a mention there." Not really, I would venture a guess that Grand dad doesn't care for the Coach currently at Ole Miss.
No Georgia fan here, but Nick Chubb has always been looked upon as a straight up good person with a good head. He was highly respected by his people in Chubbtown. That's good enough for me. Probst just likes to hear himself talk.....kinda reminds me of Pruitt.
He is huge and has potential, but he still is going to be a project.
Yes, he is hemorrhaging transfers due to the previous moronic coach from non-other than....