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Multiple uses of the word "dumb" in this column, is a direct reflection upon the author and his writing abilities.
Tennessee is much improved under Coach Tony Vitello who will be in his 3rd year on the Hill. I expect them to be ranked in the Top 25 when the dust is settled.
We have been told that the coaches did check on Darnell Washington and Jay Hardy to see if they had signed their LOI. At that time, the database was showing that Darnell Washington had signed but that Jay Hardy did not sign. They did not go back and check after the initial initial inquiry. Either way, Jay is all Auburn. Good Luck....something tells me that you might need it.
I think Tennessee will continue to improve under Pruitt & co. Could be a ten win year if the Vols don't start slow like has been the case much of the last decade. It will be interesting to see how the moving of the Georgia game to several weeks later in the season makes any difference in how it plays out. Could be a bit of a plus for the Vols, but will have to wait and see.
He is a great kid. I hope he plays as well as he can Monday night.
So heartbreaking for his family. We were just talking about how widespread pneumonia has become at our gathering yesterday. Edward was the same age as my oldest son. It makes one take pause.
Agree. But if that were the case Mississippi State would not be going bowling and the SEC would have one less team bowling.
He walked out on USC to prevent from having his first losing season so as to not tarnish his "coaching record" you said, "vintage Spurrier".
We did win 7....but we didn't celebrate. We are getting better, but it is a slow process to catchup in the best conference in the land.....but we are getting better. We actually finished 3rd in the East instead of near the bottom.
He is fine with that about like he was fine with walking out on the South Carolina Gamecocks in the middle of the season. No fraud like an old fraud.
First, Chase Young is a great player and future NFL first rounder for sure. But Auburns's Coynis Miller is right.....the SEC is a different league from top to bottom. And, I really don't think that Coynis is too worried about what OSU's Damon Arnette has to say.
Kiff measures his words very carefully now compared to when he was hired at TN. You cannot help but like him. He is a great offensive mind and his most important hire will be who he chooses as his defensive coordinator. He will bring a needed change to the SEC which can get a bit stuffy at times. Give Lane three years and he will make some noise.
Extremely disappointing. Jennings lost what goodwill he had built back after the coaching change. Just disgusting to see this go on.
Not really....Clemson has been there.....multiple times. LSU an Orgeron have not.
Is that what "you have heard" out in the cow pastures in College Station?
Dave Hooker and Jeremy Banks have a lot in common.....they were both run out of Knoxville.
He quit on two teams......when Tennessee beat him in 2001 at Gainesville he puffed up and took his Stevie ball and left the gators. And then he didn't have the guts to finish the season at South Carolina and quit in the middle of the season in 2015 because he couldn't face having a losing season on his resume. Yep, Steve Spurrier is a real winner.....and a troll.
Easy there Adam Spencer....Missouri got their arses torched also.
Like to see him in Orange....I have heard he is being recruited mainly as a TE, but the Vols are recruiting him as a WR.
The JP crew pic is from 1996 featuring Brando, Rowe, and Kesling.
And we owe a large amount of gratitude to Gundy for turning the Vols down. Really, he is just another Butch Jones....and I am grateful we don't have to listen to him or look at his mullet and say....that's our coach. We are heading the right direction now no doubt.....but it may not be fast enough to suit everyone.
Did not notice the ring, but I did notice he was sitting pretty high up on his orthopedic donut from the pounding he took last year. It pays not to be too bold on predictions in this conference.
The only thing petty is your critique.
Saban and Pruitt received the same grade...hmmmm. Author hands out a lot of A's. No one really gives a hoot about the media or what they's wins and losses that matter.
Not with that bucket head......Saban has more of the Bryant look than anyone.