Cereal killer.

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Considering the alabama acorn that headed this team before.....yeah, light years is appropriate.
Maybe, but you can sure as heck mark bama off the list too as the Mannings have always taken great satisfaction in whipping the tide arse.
"It’s interesting that Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss didn’t get a mention there." Not really, I would venture a guess that Grand dad doesn't care for the Coach currently at Ole Miss.
No Georgia fan here, but Nick Chubb has always been looked upon as a straight up good person with a good head. He was highly respected by his people in Chubbtown. That's good enough for me. Probst just likes to hear himself talk.....kinda reminds me of Pruitt.
He is huge and has potential, but he still is going to be a project.
Yes, he is hemorrhaging transfers due to the previous moronic coach from non-other than....
And I might add that Jimmy Hyams as a source is lame. This is the same reporter that said Jeff Brohm was a done deal as B.Jones replacement.....and the Vols hired cornbread. :(
More fake internet news.....both Lsu and Tennessee have said there has been no contact. You guys just got faked out.
I agree AFan. He has always been a class act and never blaming others when things did not go his way. You can tell all those Manning boys were raised well and taught well.
We scored enough to beat the auburn terd heads in cornbreads first year.
Cornbread in NY? I would love to see that play.
Bill Battle was fired because he took an excellent program and and turned it into a below average program. Look at his record each year. It steadily went down hill. Coach Battle was a fine God fearing man....which is the most important thing in the grand scheme....but, he was not a top drawer SEC head coach.
Agree....announcers get carried away with themselves.
Yeah, it reminds me of the good old shark humper.
That is some good points Darviathar. I don't know for sure, but I don't really think that Auburn can afford to pay off Gus, hire Kiffin at an inflated price , and then pay off Ole Miss for the Kiffin hire. That is a boat load. Lane is a sharp cookie and he will not make the same mistakes that he made in his youth.
The above reply was intended for 9MMDave....but somehow was placed at the bottom even though I replied to Dave.
Cody and a pizz poor kicker that couldn't get the ball up. One of the kicks hit Cody in the arm pit....and we both know that Cody's vertical was non-existent.
No, he is not an idiot....but a terrible schemer who cannot tell the truth. Jones does a good job for Saban making sure that Saban's car gets washed regularly, his boat is prepped and ready for a summer afternoon, and does any heavy lifting that Ms. Terry might need...i.e. garbage emptied, grounds people finish before Nick the nat gets home. Yep, he is a perfect fit. Jones did some behind the scene things at Tennessee that will follow him throughout his career.
I could not disagree with a single ranking.....pretty much nailed it.
Seeing that Michigan State had 6 fumbles and Rutgers recovered 5 of them.....yea, this giraffe and his rhetorical BS won't last long.
What northern area did they dredge up this Schlarp fella from? Schiano wins one game at Rutgers or wherever and he is suddenly a commodity? What 's Schiano's overall winning percentage Mr. Scharpie?