Cereal killer.

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Yep, Saban busted the 40 pound heads arse from beginning to end.
You better worry about Dorkwitz and his masks and capes....he has more to prove than any coach in this conference. Of course, here's hoping that you roll with him a few more years.
Well if it is not BillBrocious....the one who said that the math would not work for Tennessee to beat Kentucky. Remember that math you were spouting about when I told you that Mississippi State and Tennessee would beat Kentucky. Glad to see you off suicide watch billy.
Have to agree BlueMan....I noticed Dorkwitz would get real cocky whenever he won a game. His Star Wars episode showed just what a dork he really is. Personally, I hope they keep Dorkwitz. He has been a easy win for the Vols. Even cornbread had no problem with the Dork last year.....and then this year we stomped a mudhole in their azz. Missery sucks in all sports.
And Tiyon skipped two paid appearances recently according to Volquest. So it is a lot more to it than money.
You don't enter the portal if you are going just go.
Supposedly he has some mental health issues he is dealing with and that he is entering the portal to benefit the Vols so that TN can count him as a transfer towards the additional 7 they could be eligible to sign beyond the standard 25 in this years signings only. He is not mad nor is he having any coach or teammate issues.
What will end up being the most hilarious occurrence of the entire season is when georgia loses to a “not as good” bama team in the sec championship game. Young is hitting his stride at the right time and will be able to fire a dart straight to the mutts heart. After all the bragging and boasting by the mutts, they better be prepared for the fan and media reaction when the “40 pound head” makes his annual choke. roll tide.
You probably don't have a thing to worry about as just when you think the Gators are done they will rise up from the dead....and ruin MO's hopes.
Here little kitty....go play next to the highway. We know you can't figure.
You better check your Depends, your post wreaks of a cry baby sh!tty diaper.
62-24. MO is the worst team in the SEC. Even cornbread beat them.
Good Luck Morven. I hope you find a landing spot that is fruitful.
How did that play out for you Fan in the ville?
The goal for Tennessee is to get to the fourth quarter without being completely out of the game.
Tennessee has 6 National Championships. Far behind Bama, but light years ahead of Kentucky. Tell Calipari Rick Barnes was asking about his whipping boy.
This was a great win for SC, but I think it says more about how FL has fallen. Playing AL toe to toe and losing by 2 and now losing badly to a rebuilding SC team. Mullet has lost his team.
Glad to see that Bourbon going home with someone who can appreciate it. No winners in the bluegrass.
No the hilarious part is that your still waiting on your coaches greatness.
It's in the fourth now versus Georgia. Still waiting for that trophy MO offense to explode.
Nope, not going to happen. I told you a week ago that KY would drop its next two.
Not in the middle of the season little banty. Lane left after the season was is that different than any other coach who seeks greener pastures.