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Is that what "you have heard" out in the cow pastures in College Station?
Dave Hooker and Jeremy Banks have a lot in common.....they were both run out of Knoxville.
He quit on two teams......when Tennessee beat him in 2001 at Gainesville he puffed up and took his Stevie ball and left the gators. And then he didn't have the guts to finish the season at South Carolina and quit in the middle of the season in 2015 because he couldn't face having a losing season on his resume. Yep, Steve Spurrier is a real winner.....and a troll.
Easy there Adam Spencer....Missouri got their arses torched also.
Like to see him in Orange....I have heard he is being recruited mainly as a TE, but the Vols are recruiting him as a WR.
The JP crew pic is from 1996 featuring Brando, Rowe, and Kesling.
And we owe a large amount of gratitude to Gundy for turning the Vols down. Really, he is just another Butch Jones....and I am grateful we don't have to listen to him or look at his mullet and say....that's our coach. We are heading the right direction now no doubt.....but it may not be fast enough to suit everyone.
Did not notice the ring, but I did notice he was sitting pretty high up on his orthopedic donut from the pounding he took last year. It pays not to be too bold on predictions in this conference.
The only thing petty is your critique.
Saban and Pruitt received the same grade...hmmmm. Author hands out a lot of A's. No one really gives a hoot about the media or what they's wins and losses that matter.
Not with that bucket head......Saban has more of the Bryant look than anyone.
So that means MO has won two games and Tennessee has won one game. Yep, quite a difference. didn't do well with homework either.....or operating a computer.
Ol Phil did get fired, but he still kicked alabubbas ass......his record was 11 wins and 5 losses against the bubbas. I think the person with the cigar must be your double first cousin the way you are reacting. The picture is a perfect example what happens when you bubbas marry your cousins. Have you poisoned any trees lately?
Ol' Phil didn't need to sneak in on a winning side....he kicked alabubbas ass 7 years in a row. Not as many as little dustin hoffman saban, but plenty good for most.
He puts me in mind of another alabubba fan....harvey updyke....another classy individual that highly resembles the person mouthing the cigar.
The Vols have been terrible for over a decade now.....but, they are still good enough to kick the crap out of the best team Kentucky has had for as long as anyone can remember. On a side note, that headline picture for this article says it all.....
Entirely too long of a layoff. ESPN is a very poorly managed network the last several years....just like when they emphatically stated that having a playoff game on New Years eve was a excellent idea.,,,,wrong!
Isn't this what all parents do when their children go to play for a school that is not the one that they had originally supported? When Tate finishes his time in Athens, it will be interesting to see if his father Dean removes his Georgia trappings and replaces them with the original.
I wish him good fortune and a little luck in the upcoming season. The Vols have a chance to be a bit of a surprise this year with a break or two.
Yes indeed, and no one knows better than Ole Miss that the escort girls are also getting their fair share! ;)
Are we supposed to feel sorry for him because he has a health issue that has to be dealt with like millions and millions of the folks in this country are doing everyday? I am glad to be here even though my life is not Camelot.....he should just be thankful that his career has been very good and he can afford all his medications and seek the best of care. Sometimes folks cannot see how truly fortunate they are in spite to the less than perfect situations.
Also a very impressive series win by the Vols.....taking 2 of 3 from highly regarded Georgia. It earned them re-admission into the top 25.
Dave Hooker is a drama queen for wording the article in a baiting sort of way.
I have never been to a Missouri sporting event in Columbia, but on TV their facilities look to be very weak compared to the other SEC schools. Maybe it is just visual thing?