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Yeah, I agree, but folks be touchy about their ball. Poor ol' Kirk seems to always get his azz chewed on. The home folk ran him out of OhiO and now he be finding a tough row to hoe in Music City.
Rece is sound in his perspective. Several studies are reporting right now that the Covid19 will be affected by increased heat. I didn't notice a M.D. after your moniker darth....but glad we have a proctologist on the site to give perspective.
As far as my interest was concerned, Nascar ended the day Big E died. Statistically, Nascar has been on a decline since.
In-person means with the actual individual face to does not mean by electronic communication.
Yeah, Herbie has been known to place his foot in his mouth on more than one occasion. I actually can see ball being played this fall....given 4 months of heat and sunshine to beat this CV down before fall practice begins. Just 60 days from now, things can look a whole lot different than they do now.
Boy he has had a cushy well paid job for a long time now. He is extremely fortunate to be able to make that kind of money without hardly any health risk. Life has been good for Tyler.
What a POS.....evidently he doesn't regret the shame he brought upon himself, family, and others with his disgusting sex scandals.
The curse of Butch Jones.....I cannot think of another place where I would want the butcher to be coaching or analyzing or washing Coach's cars...... The writing was on the wall after the 2019 National Championship beat down by Clempson.
Hmmmm. Agree about it mattering to the Vols....and maybe in the tournament too?
You should know, that was about the time Georgia last won a Natty...or was that before the advent of TV?
A mix of alcohol, testosterone, and hormones can result in some really bad youthful choices. I hope Darel is able to live a productive life and in time be a role model for his family.
So, if he had called Mayfield a Dwarf that would have been considered non-derogatory?? That is the thing about political correctness in this country, you don't know from week to week what word choice is in vogue when talking about people.
Lane Kiffin was not responsible enough to lead Tennessee or any other program in 2009. As it was, his short tenure brought on an NCAA investigation and minor sanctions....if he would have stayed he would have brought the house down. Between his wild personal behavior and the recruiting of criminals, he was not mature enough to lead a program. But you are right, he did nearly beat the Bubba Gumps and should have if TN had a kicker that was able to get the ball up over the line of scrimmage. One other note, you have your years wrong on regular season winning records....2015 was a 8-4 regular season.
I also think that Pruitt will get one of the four biggest games.....I am leaning towards the one with Georgie. The game being about a month later than average will work in the Vols favor. We won't have quite the SEC grind of Gators, Dawgs and Bama in late September/October that we usually have.
“This is nothing against JaMarcus,” Kiffin said. “It was midnight the night before the draft. I said, ‘We’re going to pay this guy $63 million and he’s not ready for it.’ I said I wouldn’t be ready for it at 21. He’s not ready for that and hasn’t played very much. Yeah, and Kiffin wasn't ready for the Tennessee job either and hadn't coached very much, but choices are made and their outcomes have to be lived with regardless.
Because you are still more shetty than the Vols.
Agree, when they cut it down to 5 or less then it might be worth paying attention to...
I think Rocker is a good coach....probably just getting a little long in the tooth for all the kid hype that goes with the recruiting BS. He's been there and done that and is about over it. Time for him to ease back and enjoy his sons baseball career and life in general. Probably one or two seasons left for him coaching for wild-eye Will.
I have seen the current football field in Columbia and the gymnasium where the Tigers play basketball. The facilities are very far behind the rest of the conference as a whole . I guess $100 million doesn't go as far these days?
Multiple uses of the word "dumb" in this column, is a direct reflection upon the author and his writing abilities.
Tennessee is much improved under Coach Tony Vitello who will be in his 3rd year on the Hill. I expect them to be ranked in the Top 25 when the dust is settled.
We have been told that the coaches did check on Darnell Washington and Jay Hardy to see if they had signed their LOI. At that time, the database was showing that Darnell Washington had signed but that Jay Hardy did not sign. They did not go back and check after the initial initial inquiry. Either way, Jay is all Auburn. Good Luck....something tells me that you might need it.
I think Tennessee will continue to improve under Pruitt & co. Could be a ten win year if the Vols don't start slow like has been the case much of the last decade. It will be interesting to see how the moving of the Georgia game to several weeks later in the season makes any difference in how it plays out. Could be a bit of a plus for the Vols, but will have to wait and see.
He is a great kid. I hope he plays as well as he can Monday night.