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Maybe all the media can get together and settle their about in Pakistan.
It was a very uninformed and short sighted decision not to play by the Big10-14. Their narrow minded Commisioner had an agenda that was totally outside of what he was hired to do. This will go against him and probably will cost him greatly at some point down the road.
A incredibly smooth operator for a sophomore. He would look really good in orange. I am sure he will look long and hard at Ole Miss now that they have Kiffin.
As for me, 7-3 would be acceptable for the Vols this year. Been awhile since Tennessee has won 70% of their SEC games in the regular season. That means steady improvement under Coach Pruitt.
The worm will always has and it always will.
Guarantano is having an outstanding camp....primarily due to having the same offensive coordinator for the first time in his career at Tennessee. No spring practice and a bit of a late start to fall camp really slowed Harrison Baileys chances this year. JT Shrout is likely the backup QB and is having a great camp in his own right. The QB position could be very solid for the first time in several years for the Vols.
It's called Freedom of Speech...if it is removed then the liberals will rule.
Your right, until they sign the NIL it is all up for grabs. Speaking of rosters, from the looks of the Auburn game last year and the Clemson beat down in the CFP the year before, you self-proclaimed inbreds could use a little roster freshing yourselves.
Well you screwed up right out of the gate. Tennessee plays South Carolina in Columbia. I don't know that your predicted outcome will be any different, but it certainly could on the road for the Vols. Tennessee was still a 1 point favorite the last time I heard, so hopefully the Vols will be on your projected course after week 1.
As time goes on it is looking more and more like Greg Sankey is in over his head. His fumbling of the LSU/Florida hurricane game a couple of years ago and now his secret formula for the remake of 2020 SEC schedule....we may need a redo on the Commissioner.
Who gives a crap if the Big 10-14 cancels their season. It has no affect on the SEC's ability to play their season out. Let the conferences that want to play proceed. It is nothing but political postering by those schools presidents and some of the AD's in the Big10-14 to make themselves look like they care about what is "most important". Play ball and let the chips fall where they may....if the virus becomes overwhelming wide spread amongst the teams that are playing, then you can cancel the season and say "oh well, we tried."
Yeah, Dooley and Jones were two terrible hires by a couple of moron athletic directors. Puts me in mind of Mike Dubose and Mike Price....a couple of sexual deviant hires that fit the culture.
What? So the HBC can walk out on SC in mid-season again? Spurrier is getting almost as bad as Biden in the thought and memory department.
Pawl has succumbed to his temporary fame....which will be fleeting at best. He is getting paid extremely well and his self-esteem has inflated proportionately. And now his opinions remind me of a certain political persuasion whose thinking changes with the wind. Puts me in mind of an old Skynard tune......Mr.Breeze.
Uh huh....and you don't think the schools will turn to the next man up? Where are all these "leverage" players with demands going to go then? As soon as the schools hackle up and don't cave to these so called demands and let players play that want to be there, these "leverage" players will quickly disappear.
Agree, but I think out of the SEC that A&M is ranked much too high. More like 12-13 spot.
How do you figure that chicken little.....Stoops is 0-2 against Pruitt and the Vols at KY.
And you probably could add Missouri right behind Arkansas as a place of no Kiffin interest.
The mention of Duke in his list of schools is more out of respect for Coach Cutcliffe that the Manning family holds for David. Arch is not going to Duke. The Manning family is all-SEC. I don't know if the Mannings would really want their offspring to go to Ole Miss now that Lane Kiffin is the coach. It very well could be LSU that he chooses. Stay home and compete.
Your just an ignorant moron. Everyone is entitled to make their own choices. He may have had a good reason to want to go out of state. Maybe you need to go out of the country for awhile....Wuhan maybe?
Well see....might want to play a game or two before all the chest pounding....young fella.
I saw Ed jogging in a vid a few days ago. He looks like he has lost several pounds?
The Vols are getting better in all regards. We do have a bit of a way to go yet before we compete for the SEC, but it won't be as long as it has been. Probably just a year off.....maybe two at most.
Roundball officiating in the SEC is as bad as I can ever remember......and Teddy Valentine needs to be reeled in or let go. He makes the game about him.
UConn Pres. Tom Katsouleas says that fall sports could be does that mean no field hockey for UCONN?