Cereal killer.

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It's only going to get better at Tennessee. The Vols have the best AD not only in the SEC but probably in the entire country. The athletic program at Tennessee is rocketing.
Find your meds leeland. It was a great response by Joe and I hope they beat the little rooster again next week.
Great to hear that he is on the mend now.
UGAplaysD's mommy needs to step in and take his "puter" away.
There needs to be....I get tired of the same inbred DA's week after week spewing the same old gibberish.
Sonny will definitely has his team prepared. And if someone goes to bed early, they might wake up to an early morning surprise.
The Cats most likely will be a different team come tournament time.....and bama just might get to play them again.
Probably.....Dykes should be putting his focus on Michigan and not the SEC.
A grand slam hire by Barry Odom. He will do well at UNLV.
AL is the best team in the league right now, but it is very early and a lot of things can change.....especially when injury rears it's ugly head. The Vols could be number two if they get over some nagging injuries, but their offensive droughts are very reminiscent of last year versus Michigan in the tournament. But, like I said, "It's early".
No, South Carolina is a top 25 team with a 8-4 record and who beat two top ten teams their last two games. Missouri is a .500 team with no significant wins. Missouri beat Carolina before SC turned it around. Your ranked about right.
Cal really does like to strut his stuff. But, I actually like him and think he is funny. I always remember him standing up to Jon Chaney when Chaney got so mad at him that Chaney threatened to kill him. After that confrontation, I was a Cal fan.
Gators have small brains for their size, but not chicken small.....bird brain.
Georgia has never beat Tennessee 6 straight games...ever. The current streak stands at 5. Nope.... it ain't happening.
Go Vols! I will go with Heupel breaking the 5 game winning streak since the dogs have never won 6 in a row!
The bottom line for Kiffin leaving UM will be the question, "can Ole Miss win a National Championship?" It is doubtful. He doesn't need to wait to see if he will get a Bama offer on down the road, as building his resume is much more important at this stage. Auburn has a lot of constant turmoil and will always play second fiddle in Alabama. He might surprise you and leave the SEC in due time for "just the right job"....wherever that may be.
Bruce Pearl...still living in exile in Alabubba.
Yep, and the Vols are 5-0 which was totally left out.
The Vols will have their hands full with LSU to say the least. And Missouri is playing better....but SC will be hard pressed to win a SEC game this year.
Maybe....but I guess we can dispense with Georgia is a great team after the last two weeks too.
Vols could lose to Bama and Georgia.....but not the basketball school.