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Bill Battle was fired because he took an excellent program and and turned it into a below average program. Look at his record each year. It steadily went down hill. Coach Battle was a fine God fearing man....which is the most important thing in the grand scheme....but, he was not a top drawer SEC head coach.
Agree....announcers get carried away with themselves.
Yeah, it reminds me of the good old shark humper.
That is some good points Darviathar. I don't know for sure, but I don't really think that Auburn can afford to pay off Gus, hire Kiffin at an inflated price , and then pay off Ole Miss for the Kiffin hire. That is a boat load. Lane is a sharp cookie and he will not make the same mistakes that he made in his youth.
The above reply was intended for 9MMDave....but somehow was placed at the bottom even though I replied to Dave.
Cody and a pizz poor kicker that couldn't get the ball up. One of the kicks hit Cody in the arm pit....and we both know that Cody's vertical was non-existent.
No, he is not an idiot....but a terrible schemer who cannot tell the truth. Jones does a good job for Saban making sure that Saban's car gets washed regularly, his boat is prepped and ready for a summer afternoon, and does any heavy lifting that Ms. Terry might need...i.e. garbage emptied, grounds people finish before Nick the nat gets home. Yep, he is a perfect fit. Jones did some behind the scene things at Tennessee that will follow him throughout his career.
I could not disagree with a single ranking.....pretty much nailed it.
Seeing that Michigan State had 6 fumbles and Rutgers recovered 5 of them.....yea, this giraffe and his rhetorical BS won't last long.
What northern area did they dredge up this Schlarp fella from? Schiano wins one game at Rutgers or wherever and he is suddenly a commodity? What 's Schiano's overall winning percentage Mr. Scharpie?
It is sad to see the continued moral demise of our country. Supporting my favorite teams means less and less each year with my passion for sports a fraction of what it used to be. Is it asking too much of folks anymore to try and do the right thing and want to be considered a good person?
Yeah and Georgia needs to seek out another Linda Lovelace.....cause she didn't choke on the big ones.
We shall see about what kind of bragging some do after the Bama game come Saturday. I got a feeling that someone else will be chided about losing the "big one".....again.
Agree.....I can see Urban right now listening to some cowboy booster with boots and hat telling ol' Urban "how we do things in Texas". LMAO.
Refresh my memory hooker, why was it you high tailed it out of Knoxville?
Doesn't seem to matter who the coach is, Kentucky is going to find a way to be Kentucky.
Could be all sounds plausible.
Easy now cojones.....give Leach the rest of the season and see what his record is. Everywhere he has been he beats teams he shouldn't and then turns right around and loses to teams he shouldn't. I like Leach and think he is a great add to the SEC....but he is no threat to the hierarchy in the SEC West.
One thing about week 1 games is that the standings come after week 5 will look a whole lot different than they do now with probably the exception at the very top. I am guessing that MS State will likely have a losing record after week 5....we see it every year. Take deep breaths and let in evolve. Georgia will lose at least 3 games this year and it might be 4.
Agree, SDS is chicken dung.... more concerned with censorship and political correctness.
I agree, Timmy been hittin' the hooch before he does his Top Ten update.
Maybe these two teams will beat each other into oblivion Saturday.
Maybe all the media can get together and settle their about in Pakistan.
It was a very uninformed and short sighted decision not to play by the Big10-14. Their narrow minded Commisioner had an agenda that was totally outside of what he was hired to do. This will go against him and probably will cost him greatly at some point down the road.
A incredibly smooth operator for a sophomore. He would look really good in orange. I am sure he will look long and hard at Ole Miss now that they have Kiffin.
As for me, 7-3 would be acceptable for the Vols this year. Been awhile since Tennessee has won 70% of their SEC games in the regular season. That means steady improvement under Coach Pruitt.
The worm will always has and it always will.