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The Hogs + the Tess effect together again.... usually means we can expect another wild game. WPS!
No doubt. Got some others to go out and get first though! WPS!
Oh lord, don't remind me. That game was one of the biggest hose-jobs by the refs I can ever remember. Couldn't let the Rev. Tebow lose one to little ol' Arkansas though I guess. smh
I hope TCU is as confident about that assertion as you. They got 42 and 500+ yards offense dropped on them by an FCS school in week 1, iirc. Just saying.
There's about 8 or 9 games on our schedule this year that really could go either way in my mind -- the SEC west is just such a gauntlet of quality opponents. Would love to see us beat Bama, but I just don't think this is the year. And I hate where the Auburn game sets up on the schedule. Ole Mi$$ and Miss St too for that matter. On the flip side, Florida and especially A&M I really think are both going down. LSU has been overrated every year since 2011, so that game to me seems way more winnable than Bama. The TCU game could go either way too, just depends on how quickly our O-line gels and how improved our pass D is. In short, I fully expect yet another season full of nail-biters for Razorback nation. It could be a special season, or we could be struggling just to make it to a lower tier bowl again. Regardless, I can't wait for the season to get underway. WPS
What SDS doesn't tell you is that Devwah Whaley is near the top of the pecking order in that "logjam of five running backs" the Hogs have. He's going to get every opportunity in the world to shine this year, and all reports coming from practice is that he's the real deal. Sept 3 can't get here soon enough. WPS
Hey 'Bama, you know that big game you've got against your hated rivals Tennessee? Be sure to overlook that game you have the week before in Fayetteville. We won't mind. :D Seriously, though, I'm not saying it's going to happen this year, but my Hogs are way past due to beat a Saban-coached 'Bama team. As an aside, I'm curious as to if everyone feels the same way as SDS when they say "the Razorbacks simply aren’t an opponent worthy of excitement at this point". Is it just because Petrino left the program in that ditch along with his Harley there for a few years? I get the "lack of history" argument if you're talking about teams in the East, but Arkansas has been in the SEC since 1992 and has played every team in the West every year since (A&M notwithstanding, but we've got our own previous history with them). At what point does that argument lose its effectiveness?
"there is nobody else called the Razorbacks" And yet Arkansas finishes 6th in a list of the SEC's most "unique" mascots. This is a silly list to begin with, but c'mon SDS. smh
Keon Hatcher is another name to remember as a 5th year senior coming back from a foot injury. With him, Morgan, Reed, and Jared Cornelius, ntm Jeremy Sprinkle at TE, the Hogs have their best group of receivers since the Petrino days.
No mention of Steve Atwater? Considering how awful the pass D was last year, I would think he'd be an obvious choice
Call me a homer but I'll be shocked if my Hogs finish last in the West this year.
Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but Bielema isn't saying that players should be allowed to go through the entire drafting process, then come back to school if they didn't get picked high enough. He's saying that players should be allowed to declare without signing with an agent, go through an evaluation process, get feedback, and have the option to come back to school before a certain date if they don't like the grade they get. Basketball just started doing this this past season, and has been highly praised for it. There's nothing wrong to think that football couldn't/shouldn't do it as well. It can only benefit the players and the overall state of both college and pro football.
I get we're talking about a new year, but when compiling a list of "most exciting SEC West matchups", did SDS not consider at all how close most all of Arkansas' games were last year? Then for the one game we're included, they picked the LSU game, which really wasn't at all close the last couple of years. smh Our games against A&M, Tenn, Aubie, OM and Miss St were all nailbiters last year, and that OM game might have been the craziest or "most exciting" Razorback FB game I've ever watched.
I just hope the Hogs don't decide to sleepwalk through September again.
Funny, I don't remember hearing that sentiment from Bama fans after that silly flop-gate fiasco during our game last October. I guess 4th and 25 OT miracles that help send your favorite team to the SECCG/CFP can change opinions on people, though! ;-) On a serious note, you have to love hearing stories like this -- people often forget about the personal side of athletics. AC ended his career as one of the all-time great Razorbacks and we'll certainly miss him. Best of luck to him at the next level. WPS!
Can someone talk CBS into getting rid of their B-team announcers too? Those guys are even worse than Verne and Gary.
Best of luck on your big weekend, BA. Will miss seeing you in that Razorback Red. WPS!
Keep firing those coaches, Volfan, I'm sure you'll get it right one of these days.
If you're "bretsbelly", shouldn't you already know the answer to that question?
Bazzel loves it too. So much that he decided we needed another trophy for this Mizzou "rivalry" that's being crammed down our throats. Somewhat off subject, but can the Agros and Shorthorns please just kiss and make up already so we can have the LSU game back on Thanksgiving weekend again?
It's totally fair to say it -- the secondary play (and the pass defense in general) last year was atrocious. It was the direct cause of three of the 5 losses last year, and would have cost us at least 2 others if not for the offense's play. Lack of depth at LB was certainly an issue, but lack of a consistent pass rush was just as much of an issue, if not a bigger one, imho. That said, I do like the Rhodes hire as the DB's coach this year, and with 9 of 11 starters back with that experience under their belt, I expect the defense to be much better in 2016. They certainly couldn't be any worse.
Best wishes for a long and successful career at the next level, Hunter. WPS!
Pretty sure Arkansas will have better luck than the last SEC team to play at the Liberty Bowl stadium. Oh, and pretty much every one of these helmets are awful.
HAHA.. The Hunter Heave! WPS
Would love to know how Sumlin swung that 5 mil salary. That must include bonuses he gets for having QBs transfer.
Verne and Gary are definitely better than the CBS B-team that called a few Arkansas games this year (Blackburn and Taylor I think are their names?). Those guys are complete buffoons.
Don't preach to us about close losses -- this Razorback team experienced as many of those as anyone. We were coming off 3 consecutive losses in September at the time also if you will recall. Arkansas was a better team than Tennessee this year, and proved it on the field in front of 100,000 plus at Neyland.
Keep dreaming Agro, you won't be able to rely on us choking the game away in the 4th three years in a row. Your luck's run out.
Bert certainly has a propensity to open his mouth when he should keep it shut, but in this instance, he's certainly not wrong. Arkansas was the best team on the field last Saturday, and thoroughly dominated in all phases. Go Hogs!
Can we trade? Better them than CBS' B-team announcers. Those guys are even bigger buffoons.