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No excuses, poor play all around. Dbs giving up too many 50/50 balls, and not looking at the ball. Too many drops by players that should be catching balls that either hit them in the chest or both hands. O-line (mostly RFr) look like they forget who they are supposed to block more than half of the time. QB making poor decisions and either [1] not throwing the ball away and instead throwing a pick, or [2] holding on too long and getting sacked, or [3] overthrowing receivers who are clearly open and missing scores by leaving points on the field. Play calling is too predictable and opposing defenses are calling the plays pre-snap (just like my dog does every game)...this of course is compounded with the above.
O Line play was horrific, but what can you expect with 3 RFr on the line and one making his first start. Injuries are killing us and Jarrett is getting happy feet with little to no pass block from the RB crew. It is hard to complete passes when you are running for your life and it is difficult for the RBs to break free when the OL doesn't open holes. At least the pre-snap penalties were eliminated this game, maybe we can work out some protection issues next week and get ready for atm.
2019: Stidham - Gone Willis - Never going to be the Full Time Starter Gatewood - May be ready/May not be Sandberg - Will be a 24 yr old RSFr (Should move to holder on XP) Nix - True Freshman/Coaches Son who needs a yr or two to get up to SEC Speed. Bryant would be a good stopgap between Stidham and Gatewood/Nix and both could learn alot from him.
Not making excuses, because we did win the game; but, everyone seems to overlook the simple fact that we had a new center in the game who hasn't played yet this year and that changes the dynamic of the entire offense. I am glad that Gus/Chip made the call to get Brahms (RFr) a full game of playing time against an SEC defense before the schedule gets too difficult. Once the O-Line gells the rest will hopefully work itself out.
Hey Glenn, we are not the "War Eagles" we are the freaking tigers and our "War Chant" or "Battle Cry" is War Eagle...if you are going to call yourself a journalist try to at least learn about who you are writing about. You don't call Alabama Crimson Tide the "Yellow Hammers" You don't call Arkansas Razorbacks the "Woo Pigs" You Don't call Tennessee Volunteers the "Rocky Tops" So please don't embarrass yourself by calling the Auburn Tigers the "war Eagles"
UNT (QB) was 40 of 50 for 444 yds & 3 Td's against SMU. SMU did not score until the 4th qtr when UNT had their 2nd and 3rd Defense in the game. Does not look good for the piglandia folks next Saturday.
Tiger FG, maybe if mizzu could win at least 8 games you might see that, otherwise you get the juicebox bowl.
Both of them need to be held out until Nov. 3, save that 4 game eligibility...
The difference being that AU has been practicing in the heat and humidity all summer and that dry cool air will should make them feel awesome well into the second half...whereas UW will be getting gassed by the 4th Qtr. The level of sound if AU gets a lead should be deafening
6-6 and going to a bowl in the first year of Coach Chad...that sounds like a great season for the piglandia folks
lesscowbell, every time i hear one of the msu puppies scream about how they are going to dominate I remember this little nugget. Mississippi State Total weeks in Top 10 (since 1936): 19 Last season in Top 10: 2014 Highest rank (most recent season): No. 1 (2014) Skinny: The 2014 season still stands out for the Bulldogs as they were ranked in the top 10 for 10 weeks and No. 1 for 5 weeks. They’ve only been ranked in the top 10 otherwise just nine other weeks in their history. But yeah, Pigs might fly this year and msu may break back into the top 10, probably not though...
This will have all of the effect of the student rallies at Penn State and Baylor...does nothing but let the rest of the USA see that the little 10 is more interested in protecting their child molesters and wife beaters than the student athletes and spouses of staff. But every year you hear the little 10 peeps talk about how the SEC if full of thugs...
The simple point is that if it was anyone but Meyer, Herbie would be calling for their head for lying (to the media) and protecting a spousal abuser...If it was Mason instead of Meyer Herbie would be calling for Vandy to fire him on the spot...
ESPN needs to drop Beadle and Rose and add Maria Taylor to pair with Greenberg. Then have the third/fourth seat open for guest host spots and have a daily/weekly rotating 3/4 host...
Bret Bielema says he has evidence proving his belief that hurry-up offenses pose a safety risk to college football players. "Death certificates," Bielema said Thursday night. "There's no more anything I need than that." So will there be an rash of Arky deaths this year with this new fangled tempo offense??? Bert always said that it was too dangerous for the players that he recruited to play fast...
Why would anyone consider Jeff Long for, "...someone they hope will help turn the football program around..." Ask any of the citizens of Piglandia how good of a job Jeff Long did of that.
someone in red stick must have invented a metal free flask and needs to make some $$$ this Fall
MSU will be lucky to get to 6-6 this year, with only 3 good wins and 4 pick em games: SFA - Win @ Kansas State - pick em ULL - Win @ UK - pick em Florida - Loss Auburn - Loss @ LSU - Loss ATM - pick em La Tech - Win @ Bama - Big Loss Arky - Pick em @ Ole Piss - Loss
You might want to start with beating LSU before talking smack about beating Bama...Johnny Football is not coming through that door...
What did UGA win last year, or any year since the 90's began????
Franks just threw his 3rd INT of the day. He's now 3/17 for 19 yards with 3 INTs and 2 sacks. He's also fumbled the ball once...Good Times indeed at the ol swamp...
...and what di fl do last year with the offensive genius "sharkman" at the healm????
...and how is the QB competition going down in red stick these days...do you think that coach oooo will ever find one...the mad hatter never could
Random research: Distance from St Louis for each @SEC team (in miles): Mizzou: 124 Vandy: 307 Kentucky: 336 Arkansas: 360 Ole Miss: 367 Miss State: 453 Tennessee: 486 Alabama: 512 Auburn: 607 Georgia: 612 LSU: 663 S Carolina: 746 Texas A&M: 809 Florida: 883 Long way to travel for a one and done day game.
Still will not finish better than 3rd in the SECW...