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Why has the “recent articles” part gone away except for two articles before the comments. Now when I scroll past the comments it’s like 5 ads and then an article and then 5 more ads and then an article. And not recent articles. One I saw earlier was from 12 months ago.
That’s true. I’m from Lanett and it’s only a 30 minute ride to Auburn, but game day traffic, especially for this game, will surely be bad and backed up getting into Auburn.
I know everyone always says “”Insert player name” from “my favorite team”” should be on lists like these but I don’t see how Jeff Holland isn’t on here. Although he plays more like a defensive end, he is technically a LB
Yeah it was a nice pass! I have to ask, have y’all had trouble with false starts this season, or was it just one of those days where the noise in the stadium could have affected the players? It seemed to be killing y’all on some drives
What about the refs saying the Mississippi state player touched the ball on the one yard line when he was standing on the goal line. And maybe if y’all didn’t have a false start what seemed like every other play it could have been different. I got to say though, I did start to hold my breath every time Fitz kept the ball and began to run.
I thought they were just the Stingrays.
Are you serious? There were many calls (or no calls) that favored Vandy. First some of the holding calls against Auburn were ridiculous while Vandy didn't called once for constantly holding and multiple hands to the face that I saw. Also not to mention the 4th and 18 on the final drive should have been a delay of game but it wasn't called. The only thing I saw go Auburns way was the block in the back be called off.
Yeah he's that good. Firstname Lastname from College University is pretty good too.
Julio is a good receiver but I don't think he is the best, at least not this year. That would have to go to Eqqsnuizitine Buble-Schwinslow. This year alone he has 1,418 yards on only 12 catches and 15 touchdowns. Ever since he got drafted after his performance in the East-West bowl a few years back he has been unstoppable. And although some people may not like me for saying this since he's from Ohio State, but Jammie Jammie-Jammie has also been one of the best in recent years. But I would say Julio, AJ Green, and Antonio Brown would all be second tier behind those two guys.
I'm not sure about Texas A&M but only because it seems like the away team always wins.
It hasn't been confirmed so I don't know why people keep saying he is definitely transferring.
Yeah Daniel Tosh is their offensive coordinator...why is he recruiting a defensive end?
Yeah the whole "punching rampage" was an exaggeration. According to the security video he was being escorted out and was just "flailing" his arms to get the people to let go of him. What he did still wasn't right but it definitely wasn't a rampage where he just punched anybody he saw.
Jacksonville state is a good team. After all, they did almost beat a top 10 (at the time) team.
I still don't understand why people keep ranking Auburn so high. I get that the team has a lot of potential and is getting a lot of hype but we shouldn't be that high, 11-15 maybe but not number 2 over Alabama and TCU.
I completely agree. The thing about Ellis Johnson was that he was never on the field to get the players pumped up. Muschamp will give the players some energy which, I think, will at least help some.
Having us at #3 is just really stupid. Maybe 10-15 range but number three because of what we may be with a new DC isn't that smart. Look at last season. It's better to start lower and prove it like we did in 2013.
Gus should have Charles Barkley as his partner. That would be quite entertaining.
He's trying to get drafted high. What's he supposed to say; "You're right, he is way better than me and should be drafted ahead of me"?
Didn't Pat Sullivan retire from coaching after this past season?
Big ten: where they go after fired NFL coaches. NFL: where they go after SEC coaches.
Plus Kerryon Johnson who rushed for almost 200 yards on 8 carries in the state championship game.
Yeah Gus's would most definitely be "Boom!"
Well that's an interesting name. Hope we can get him.
I agree that Auburn has been stuggling but if this is based on just last weeks games then Arkansas should be number 1 then probably Mississippi state then Mizzou. I'm not saying that Alabama is not the number 1 team or that Auburn should be higher, but compared to the other teams like Arkansas in their games they played THIS week they shouldn't be 1 (for this completely meaningless poll). Anyway, this weekend could be crazy.
So Bama wins by 34 and they are the best team (not saying they're not) but Auburn wins by 31 and they aren't impressive? Neither team really played as well as people expected in my opinion.