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College football should disband. Watching Alabama (yawn......) win is just boring. Hand them a "forever" National Championship trophy that doesn't expire and let's have only Alabama play Alabama every week. The NCAA is going to have to find some way to get parity into College Football or it is doomed. I am turned off and tuned out by Ala-Fing-Bama all the time. I switched channels during during Q2 of the laughable "Chumpionshi*" game to watch reruns of Gilligan's Island which was much more enjoyable and entertaining (will they ever get off that island?). Honestly, the same 4-5 teams going up against Bama is killing the game. I know the "rules" ae the same for everyone when it comes to recruiting etc,,,but there has to be a way to spread more talent across more teams. And don't get me started on the transfer portal.
Look,,get a grip. AU has always been and always will be 2nd to UA. When was the last time Auburn wins a game against Alabama that it wasn't considered an upset? And how often is that the case? So They line up with 4 and 5 star athletes against our 3's and a couple of 4's is the outcome in doubt? When we do get a % (once every now ad then) somehow they never get on the field and we run him off for under developing. Even Gus said it a couple of weeks ago,,,if we'd had our "normal" schedule with the small school push overs to pad our win column every one would be happy. So AU is a mediocre 7 or 8 win team with an occasional upset to push us to 9 or 10 some years. That's the way it has been and will be. Accept and move on.
No Excuses. UA is better and played better. We did our best and got our tails kicked in all phases of the game. Our kid's played hard and did their best, we just aren't as good as they are. No shame in that.
There are no positive take-aways from this game. Our players and coaches are not as good as UA and other than an upset every now and then; never will be. We have always been and always will be behind UA. That's the just the way of the football world in the State of Alabama. We can't out recruit them so there it is. Bo Nix is just like his Daddy,,he is an average QB with poor mechanics. Look at some old film of Daddy Nix you'll see a lot of Bo in there. Nix is a "chuckie-duckie". Just chuck it up there and hope your guy runs under it.
Bo is another Jeremy Johnson,,,all the physical tools but doesn't have any command of the game itself. Slinging a ball up for grabs while flailing backwards is just plain stupid (he does this at least once per game). Each week you can see him panic, bail to soon, over or under throw while off balance. He rarely sets his feet and has extremely poor throwing motion. He is not and never will be a "Championship" QB in Division 1. In HS he was physically superior to the other players,,,in the SEC he is less than average. So he'll play out his career and be done with most likely a 50-50 record. Don't get me started on coaching? How many "none" yard passes do you need to throw before you try something else? And what kind of idiot has a 3rd (or 4th) Down and four thinks completing a 2-3 yard pass is smart? You have to snap it, block it, throw and catch it but you are tackled short why not throw it four yards if you need four yards? Never throw short of the sticks (on 3rd or 4th) - it doesn't pay (almost all of the time) wann try that crap on 1st or 2nd down go ahead.
Who tha H*ll would want to coach at USC? They will always be second best to Clemson. Dabo rules recruiting in that area. USC is where good coaches go to die.
Sorry Gus, there is no such thing as a moral victory. Kept fighting,,,Ok play the whole 60 minutes,,truth is AU will always be second to UA in every respect. You can recruit, coach or play at the same level. You should hope that AU fires you, pays your buy out and then you can go back and coach HS football.
As a former coach I can say I never wanted anyone (player or coach) on my team that didn't want to be there. Good luck to the young man at Alabama.
Alabama - better recruits better players better coaches better game plan better execution
Bo "Oh No" Nix has poor fundamentals, awful footwork, a sloppy release, terrible pocket presence (awareness), and even worse decision making. He does not have the ability to start for any other team but AU where his Daddy's influence has forced Gus into starting him. Great QB's have the intangible ability to perform under pressure and just win. Bo melts and disappears under pressure and finds a way to lose. He is a "Chuck-ee Duck-ee" QB who will always perform below average. Maybe AU will hire Daddy Nix as next Head Coach to complete the disaster.
Don't resign, take the money and run are truly the greatest since Barnum & should run for Governor.
I think the Ref's blew the call.....Today they said that Bo made same kind of Backward Pass (just like Arkansas Game) to stop the clock when he played Pee-Wee Football and the right call was made then,,,backward pass, live ball, the other team returned it for a TD...So I guess neither Bo nor the SEC Ref's understand basic passing rules regarding laterals and backward passing. Sad for Arkansas to lose,,but they had other chances to put AU away...just a bad way to decide a ball game.
I haven't seen it yet but I am sure he pulled out the usual "really Proud of Our Guys"...."They Fought Their Guts Out"...."We'll Look at the Film"...."We Need to Get Better at "you name it""....We'll Improve on That"... "It Thought Bo had a Really Good Game, except for....", We'll keep Working with Him on That"..."Bo is Going to Win Lot's of Championships for Us"...etc.etc.etc....Yeah and there is an Easter Bunny Too.
I agree, Tank can be that next level guy,,but there are some really good players on the team beyond Tank ( like Shivers alot, DJ is also stong, Joiner now in the transfer portal has the skillset to be a factor but only average 5-6 plays per season. Gotta get them on the field. Gus can not evaluate or develop player talent. Bo Nix is a "slinger" and not in a good way. He finds a way to 'snatch defeat from the jaws of victory" when it really counts.
Same song different day. Excuses,,excuses, excuses. Tell the truth coach, we are who we are, we ain't getting better as long as you coach at AU. So "It is what it is" get over it.
Sorry,,,our best QB now plays for Kentucky...But you are right,,,you have to bring someone in. Bo doesn't have it,,so move on.
Bo is seldom good,,,he makes extremely poor decisions, his footwork, ball placement and basic fundamentals are "terrible" (with apologies to "Chuck"). He plays with fear and panic. Many of his completions are literally "chunk & duck". His receivers run under and catch balls he throws up for grabs. Worse starting QB in FCS.
That's what happens when you have Genies-azzzz coaches. They are always smarter than everyone else. As a former coach I can tell ya,,,if you think you are just gonna outsmart the other guy,,,you ain't. Team discipline, fundamentals, out block, tackle and hit and always remember you are usually just "one play away",,You can't fix the last play,,just the next one. Play what you know and if the other guy wins he was just better today....I can say too that my players never lost a game....but as a coach I did, because I failed to prepare them....
Agreed....Dem Hawgs are building a Program...I look forward to watching them to see if they can find some longer term success.....
Dawgs already blew their chance they kicked our tails couple of weeks back.....Bad Doggies.....
Bo Nix please find the transfer portal. You have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory one too many times. Well today it was three times.
Gus just being Gus,,spread the manure thick instead of taking responsibility for the lack of play by his team. I hear him talking but he says nothing. Worse he does nothing to bring discipline and intensity at game time...When things go wrong, they stay wrong,,,he scowls and cusses the players and/or officials instead of coaching...I have seen him scream at officials for 10 minutes over a "call" instead of focusing on the next play. Take your buyout and go to Arkansas...they maybe too smart for that now though....
His smoke and mirrors along with his luck has run out,,,he has been exposed again as a total Bust.
He'll finish his final season at AU...then he'll giggle all the way to the bank with his $21 Million Dollar buyout....and then someone else will be stupid enough to hire him but not at the price we paid.
His Plan seems to be to go from Bad to Worse. Well it seems to be working so far.
Just another overpaid and overhyped High School Coach....actually that's more of an insult to the many fine HS Coaches that never get a chance to move up and deserve to. I agree he is a true Genie's A.
Nix is a far below average QB at this level,,,he is well out of his depth. He cannot handle any pressure and is literally a "Chuck-ee Duck-ee QB.....Fear is an ugly thing if you want to play football....It' doesn't get any uglier than "Oh No!" Bo. Gus let the most talented QB on his team go to Kentucky...way to go Gus the Bust.
Wasn't Daddy's name,,but Daddy's friends,,,the group of "well heeled" Boosters who really control the AU Program...Bo needs to hit the transfer portal and Gus needs a fast Bus out of town with Chad carrying his bags so he can tag along. Worst Coach and QB in the SEC. Nobody tells Nick who plays or who stays,,,,AU is the exact opposite.
Really I'm trolling? The Carolina game just ended,,Bo was Bo again..So your Boy throws 3 picks that gave SC 21 points...Bo and Gus both go after the system. How do you like me now?