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He won't be head coach next year, but I can assure you he will still be involved. Why would someone from Kentucky care anyway?
Completely agree, and with a new coach and OC; at least for now, who says he wouldn't get a fair shot at more playing time now? I assume that he wasn't good enough to beat out the starters?
THIS Derrick Mason: Overall 27–55 Bowls 0–2 Fired from at least one previous job and currently coaches the #119 defense in the country? With all due respect, no thanks
Great, another coach with little to no experience. That's just what we need at Auburn.
Every one of our opponents for the next 3 years hopes so. No DS
I think a few of those players are doing just that and are going to be very disappointed, namely our average-at-best yank punter and Coe and Iggy..
I sure hope so, preferably OL & DL
Wait, what?? A bammer on here running down someone else's team... Say it ain't so!
Well, ol' weiner arm smoked your team for 330 yards and won by 40 points, so you might want to at least trash a team that yours actually beat.
I usually get Athlon and a couple of other preseason mags every year; and it's most fun at the end of the season looking back at them to see how far off they were! I think Athlon picks the obvious top ten and just guesses the rest. They are definitely the worst prognosticators.
I too thought that he would wind up back on the offense somewhere. I wish we could find another NM at Auburn.
I still think it would be a hoot to have Mike Leach in the SEC. Not sure Starkvegas would be a match though!
That would be great! Now let's get us another Marlon Davidson.
Excellent news! Would really like us to sign more 5 star recruits. Not that you can go by stars but...
Right? Besides, like the above bammer said: LOOSING 2 games doesn't mean the program is falling apart
Agreed. Maybe he needs to spend more time in the film room instead of making commercials and doing bspn shows!
They beat us by what 30 points last year? Just not sure we have gotten that much better or they have gotten that worse worse. Our kicking game is worse this year, and we are playing not to lose on offense. Can't see us beating them, even with our monster D. I sure hope I'm wrong.
Me too. Usually I wait until the ink has dried before getting too excited about a recruit, but this kid seems to have his head on straight!
Can we issue Ohio State an invitation to join the SEC, since they are so good and all
Amen! And if we lose again this year to uga and bammer, like we did a combined 79-31 last year; then they have to make a change.
JG had an entire year to learn the offense, but still lost the QB duel. Nix isn't the problem imho