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Not arguing with that, but did Bama ever lose as many starters (and quality starters, at that) as this year under Kirby? It seems like a fair question.
No doubt Kirby's departure was a big blow to Alabama. That should be obvious to anyone. But Alabama has fielded great defenses since and would likely have fielded a top defense again this year without the injuries.
It seems like every other Tennessee piece on this site is about the coaching search that ended two seasons ago (or at least brings it up in some way). This whole article is just pointless, really. Why not focus on something more substantive? I'm sure Tennessee fans would appreciate it.
Hate it for him. Luke had a tough task, no doubt about it. Wonder where they'll go from here.
Great defenses can have bad games, so the quotation marks are silly. That being said, yes, there were issues on Auburn's part that an A+ seems to overlook.
"The narrative was far too easy when Pruitt was hired. Fulmer hired a first-time head coach so that he was vulnerable for a mutiny. That narrative has changed." Who was pushing that narrative but you? I don't think most Vols fans have let you off the hook, but nice try. Seems like Pruitt is doing a fine job with this team, but time will tell. Good luck in your bowl game, Tennessee.
This list makes no sense. Florida is the only team to have soundly beaten Auburn (by double digits). Auburn should not be ranked ahead of Florida. The two plays away from 7-5 comment is nonsense. You could just as easily argue that Auburn is one play away from being 10-2 (if that long run had reached the end zone in the LSU game). But that's not how things work. As for Bama, yes, they're loaded, but they got outplayed and outcoached yesterday and lost by a more significant margin to LSU in their own stadium (AND have no quality wins to speak of), so no, it makes no sense to rank them above Auburn. Auburn's ranking at number four seems right, but it should be UF ahead of them and not Bama.
It's crazy how the talk went from Kirby's "death star" program in Athens to UGA being (at least perception wise) a sizeable underdog in this game.That Dawgs defense is good, but I'm not sure they'll be able to keep pace with an LSU team that's looking better than ever. I guess we'll find out. Hoping for a good game!