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What Saban has built at Bama is historic. No one seriously expected Auburn to have a shot in the game, and the blowout margin isn't really worse than what Bama has done to other good teams this year. Whatever reasons there are to fire Gus, the Iron Bowl loss isn't one of them.
I get she's a good athlete, but this doesn't seem remarkable in the slightest to me. PR stunt probably, and it likely saved Mason's job.
Just now seeing this, but it's worth replying anyway, in the off chance you ever go back and read the nonsense you wrote. I never said my feelings were hurt. It's just annoying. If you've got a high enough IQ, maybe you'll be able to understand the difference.
Yeah, loved the storyline going with this Arkansas team, but the constant Morris bashing and general state of butthurt of the fanbase really taints it for me. Rooting for LSU, but Arkansas could easily win this one.
I suspect Florida will win handily, but who knows? That's why the games are played.
I didn't realize that there were two other UF-UGA games where the teams were both ranked in the top 10. That is pretty important. Notre Dame is a big game, I guess, as well, though it's hard to say because they aren't really THAT good (or haven't been, anyway). I think it's fair to bring up Texas because it is a big game. Auburn played Oklahoma after the 2016 season and lost (as you'd expect 2016 Auburn to). 2017 followed up with the even more embarrassing loss to UCF. Deflated or not, I still put that loss on the coach because it's his job to get the guys motivated. At the end of the day, Kirby struggles to win versus the really good teams. For all the talk about the 11-win seasons, I'd love to see how UGA would shake out in the West playing Bama and LSU (and even a tough Auburn team) every year. Based off Kirby's track record, that would be almost a guaranteed two losses... lol I think Kirby is a great coach, don't get me wrong, but I think even honest UGA fans would say they are disappointed with Smart's performance in big games, at least relative to the expectations put on the team by recruiting rankings and media coverage.
Very few Auburn fans think the Arkansas game should have been an Auburn win. The Ole Miss game isn't comparable, so yes, there's no sense in trying to convince someone it is.
The SEC's official comments said Ole Miss would have won if the call hadn't been blown? Or they just admitted to blowing the call? There's a difference there. That's kind of what's implied by "build around," I'd imagine...
"Lane Kiffin has a quarterback in his first season at Ole Miss, and were it not for a horrific call from SEC officials in a loss to Auburn, would have 3 wins with a team that probably shouldn’t have any." Horrible way to frame the game, especially given there's no way to substantiate the claim. "Unless there’s something crazy good and unexpected for Auburn, the Tigers are staring at a 6-4. That would be easier to handle if there were something dynamic to build around." I think Tank Bigsby is "dynamic."
Was waiting on someone to comment this, and sure, that's a big win. But losing to Bama three times afterwards, LSU twice, Florida today, Texas a few years back, etc. pretty much shows Kirby struggles against really good teams (and especially against good offenses). Don't forget he also got blown out in a big game against a healthier Auburn team that year. He's not a very good big games coach, unless I'm overlooking something...
Kirby does choke in big games (minus Oklahoma), but he's an undeniably good coach. UGA can't get better than Kirby, who will likely get better the longer he coaches. Remember, it took Saban decades to win his first title, and Kirby is like, what, in his fourth year?
Bama, LSU, and 2017 Auburn also made his defense look inept. Kirby's always struggled against elite offenses, though, even at Bama. The real problem at UGA is the lack of a good offense.
What were we doing when we played South Carolina?? lol Still strange to see this after all those great years under Spurrier. Time to get a new coach and let Muschamp go back to being a defensive coordinator somewhere.
Atlanta very well may have stolen something. We don't know yet. There are still votes to be counted, anyway. Pennsylvania and other states are in litigation, as well, and Trump could very well flip AZ, which Fox and other stations called too early.
You know there are tons of "hillbillies" in Georgia. lol Just don't understand this insult on an SEC website.
Every fanbase has obnoxious fans, but UGA fans take it to a new level. Not all of them, obviously, and not even most of them. But we can all name an inordinate number of UGA fans on this site who are absolutely unbearable, and my experience with real life fans is pretty much the same. Doesn't make sense, considering their best year in the last 40 years wouldn't rank at the top of multiple other schools in the SEC, including Bama, Auburn, LSU, Florida, and Tennessee. lol
The only thing sad right now is the UGA locker room, and probably you, too. We all know UGA's a good team, but pompous blowhards like you and the constant media attention on a Georgia team that obviously isn't as good as the elite teams in college football gets old.
This wasn't squirrels and nuts. It was just better coaching.
Wait!! You're telling me SIDESHOW DAN THE CLOWN beat the legendary Kirby Smart--in a near blowout no less?? Sounds like someone on here's been pedaling a bunch of nonsense. LOL
Nick Marshall didn't get coached as a QB at UGA, as far as I know, and Nix is better than Gatewood.
Clock management at the end of the game was atrocious for Kentucky.