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@Dawglb Nope, I'm just someone who knows what the words "whining" and "moaning" mean. Sorry that you don't. lol
Can't speak to comments I haven't read made on other articles, but this doesn't seem like whining and moaning to me. lol
I'm not going to argue with your main point because I do think it was time to move on from Malzahn. With that being said, however, he did take Auburn to two SEC Championship games and a national championship appearance. It's easy to overlook that because Auburn's had a taste of success, but before Chizik/Malzahn, coaches weren't really doing that for Auburn. You can argue that Tuberville got robbed, and I'd likely agree, but Gus did do a lot to help elevate the Auburn brand in the 21st century. Again, doesn't mean that he hadn't reached his limit at Auburn. Just some perspective.
No one can keep up with Alabama, but there's no reason why Auburn shouldn't be able to keep up with UGA. The programs have been equal (roughly speaking) my entire life and longer. Now Auburn's seeing itself slip behind its two biggest rivals, which is a reason to fire any coach.
I don't think it's awkward at all "dude." That's part of the reason they hired a brand coach. That's kind of why Gus going there's a big deal to begin with. It would take some cognitive dissonance to find what he said awkward even while understanding all that/being hyped at his hire for those reasons.
If the general impression is that Go5 teams aren't as good as Power 5 teams (of which there are several more than 20), I don't see this as being the same as the situation you gave.
Sure, but it's normal for coaches to say such things about their teams. I just don't see it as a big gaffe. When Gus said, "we'll be a top 10 team year in and year out with me as head coach" (paraphrasing, obviously), he's basically saying the same thing ("we can't compete with the best of the best yet"). Given that UCF has been ranked within the top 20 at several points over the last several years, it seems like a fair assessment, especially knowing who his audience is. It's okay if he overrates them a bit because why wouldn't he? Even you admit that he should. This just seems like a hullabaloo over nothing. lol
This guy is clearly pressed that people know his favorite program is down. Unfortunately, projecting his woes onto the Auburn football program doesn't change the reality of Tennessee's situation at all.
I agree with that, Tidefan8x5. The reality is that two times out of the last decade, Auburn was at or near the top in the country. It's hard to stay there consistently, but hopefully Auburn has more success doing that moving forward.
I actually think Gus could do pretty well at a place like UCF. It's just bad luck that Auburn's three biggest rivals are year in and year out some of the best teams in college football.
@Tidefan8x5 While playing in an easier division for the last two decades to boot.
Maybe I'm just naive, but I don't see how that's any better than giving a numerical assessment. Just a weird thing to latch onto in my opinion.
Auburn is currently a much better program than Tennessee. Whine all you want, but it doesn't change the fact that Tennessee is the SEC's doormat. Auburn's only problem is that they can't find consistent success against some of the most elite teams in the country. Tennessee can't even find success against bad non-Power 5 teams. It's cute that you want to compare, but the comparisons aren't apt.
That's just horrible. Prayers for this young man and others affected by the tragedy. Very classy of Kirby and UGA to do this, but it's not the first time. I was at the UGA game a few years back when that opposing team's player was paralyzed, and UGA was nothing but classy then, as well. The class and grace with which the football program conducts itself (and the fact that that's where I ended up getting my degree) give me nothing but respect for UGA as a program, even if I wish they'd lose a few more games every now and then.
@Tidefan8x5 Fair enough, but there are still seven spots or so left in this class. The current number won't reflect the final standings.
Smith is rated a 4-star by some, so I think that's a fantastic pick-up, especially given the way O-line recruiting has gone the last several years. I'm not sure that anyone could have done much better in a transition year.
Gus left with almost the 50th ranked class. What are you even talking about? Moving the class up approximately 20 spots in a transition year with so many unknowns isn't "drowning."
The meaning of what I said was as clear as day. lol
It wouldn't be a rivalry if Auburn always lost in a blowout, but that's not the case. The games are typically close. I wouldn't say 2010 and 2013 are ancient history. Current players grew up on that success and can still remember it. What's ancient history is the national championship UGA won before many of us were even born.
UGA has lost to South Carolina in the last two years. Auburn has not lost to Tennessee in the last two years. No evidence was found of any wrongdoing Auburn's national championship season. But I guess when it's been the better part of 50 years since your team won a national championship, that's what you have to fall back on...
I agree the record looks bad out of the last 16, but the series is almost tied and was an Auburn lead for years. It took the recent surge for UGA to hold a lead in the series, and most of those were competitive games. Stinks we always seem to be on the losing end. I get what Aubie is saying, though. Auburn has achieved more in the last decade than UGA has in 40 years, so the trash talking is a little ironic. lol
Actually, Auburn has two national championship appearances (and a ring) from the last decade to fall back on, even playing in the toughest division in college football (where they average 9 wins a season... not 8). I'd love for UGA to be in the West so they can get blown out by LSU and lose to Bama every year, but unfortunately y'all get to pad your schedules with Kentucky, Vandy, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Missouri every year.
The first step to rebuilding what's been a subpar OL for the last three or four years.
@oarkian Then you are the exception, not the rule. I noticed a difference myself, and so did many other people I know. And okay--I'll keep it off this site as well as you did. LOL
@willybob Trump also lowered taxes at an historic rate, which means a lot more than your golfing figures. lol I get you're probably just trolling, but at least try.
@sds1967 Yeah, except Kentucky played an all-SEC schedule in 2020. Doesn't really count. If Kentucky had just matched their 2019 win total this year under a regular season, that would be considered moving up.