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I don't think the game would be sacrificed. And if it were to be, part of me would die with UGA actually having a sizeable lead in the series for the first time in my life. The game means too much to too many people for it to be thrown out, though.
Let's hope it takes just that long, too. No disrespect to those programs, but I'd like things to stay as they are a little bit longer. I love the regional aspect of college football. The sport is just changing too much for me.
From my (limited) understanding, they add value on the academic and basketball fronts, so they may be considered. It's not like Rutgers added football value, either. I was never a Big 12 fan, but there's something sad about seeing these teams being left to the winds.
I don't see how this benefits any of the traditional SEC powers, including the ones currently dominating (the ones you mentioned), the ones middling (Auburn), or the ones looking to totally rebuild (Tennessee). This seems like making the SEC "better" by adding good teams from other conferences and not by actually focusing on making the actual SEC better. It's just watering down what the brand even is.
The schools, maybe, but not the fans. The fan experience is dying.
I don't think the West looks super deep this year. I don't see both Mississippi schools finishing above Auburn. Or Arkansas for that matter. Guess we'll find out.
Absolute nonsense. I can't think of a single SEC fan who would want to merge with the ACC and take on teams such as Boston College, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, etc. The regional aspect of college football is what keeps it interesting for many people. And the idea that any SEC team would ever play even semi-regular games with some of these Northern ACC teams is just ludicrous. Adding Oklahoma and Texas is bad enough.
It almost feels like one giant off-season dating back before last year because the COVID season was just so bizarre. I'm ready for full stadiums and good, old-fashioned SEC football again.
A bit biased, for sure, but I thought Harsin's presser was pretty good. He hedged off a few reporters by answering a few of their would-be questions in the beginning (vaccination rates, thoughts on NIL, etc.). He did what he needed to do. I enjoyed watching many of the coaches (probably because I'm football starved lol).
I thought he spoke and presented himself very well. Love his discipline-focused mindset. Was shocked to hear that players weren't showing up to practice under Gus (but then again, should I have been? lol).
You were already done because you never backed up your claims to begin with. lol
You're either being purposely dense here or are believing unbelievably dumb. I meant that he didn't respond horribly. But you know that. And if you don't, I feel sorry for you. For all your talk about grade school references, you're the one mimicking someone else. But, hey, I probably would too if I couldn't come up with any cohesive case as to why I'm right. All you can do is continue to repeat your misinterpretation that's an obvious misinterpretation to anyone who can actually read. When you get called out, you can't explain it in any real way other than to say "Everyone else thinks so" or dodging it altogether. It's beyond juvenile.
It's only a gaffe to people like you who can't understand basic English.
He didn't. Why is what he said so hard for you to understand? It blows my mind anyone could have such poor comprehension in their native language.
Lol My genius self replied to the wrong comment but you can read below or not per your choice.
What do you even mean? We're constantly asked to juxtapose our lives to that of Christ to see if we're living up to our calling as Christians. Again, in the juxtaposition, Nix admitted his inability to ever be like Christ. This seems like a fundamental Christian view. Not sure what your problem is with it. The points I'm making would still stand even if I were a Bama fan.
Yes, thanks for putting this here for everyone to see. It's obvious based off the text that he's saying even Jesus (the Lord Himself who is perfect) had people criticize Him, so OF COURSE people are going to criticize Bo Nix (who is far from perfect and not only in terms of football but as a member of a fallen human race). He's not trying to say he's taken a similar degree of ridicule as Christ or anything like that. He's simply saying people have bad words to say no matter who you are and that you simply cannot escape criticism.
No, 9mmDave, it's simple common sense and reading comprehension.
I see you're still confused about this. He didn't compare the ridicule he received to that of what Christ received. He compared his worth with Christ's and said since he (Bo Nix) is far less worthy than the Lord (who was also criticized), it's only natural that he (Bo Nix) would be criticized, as well.
Not that it changes your overall point, pop, but Opelika is much closer to Auburn than 30 minutes... try border cities. You can go back and forth between the two cities in a matter of minutes. Auburn-Opelika is basically the same place, so it makes it even stranger that this kid wouldn't want to go to Auburn.
"He only got arrested for throwing some little white guys out of a window. I ain’t never seen him fight a Black man unless there were referees around." This sounds like a racist thing to say, for starters. Second, capitalizing the "B" in black and not the "w" in white is also racist. Not sure this is an article I would have published on my site.
I didn't watch the show, but I'd bet he was just answering an easy question that Paul threw his way.
Reverse the fluky A&M loss the year before, and that was an 11-win LSU team even before the national championship run. Coach O beat Kirby and the Dawgs two years in a row, I might add. Last year seems more like the outlier.
Until Riley wins the big game, Coach O was the best hire. LSU had become a stale power under Miles, and Coach O helped change that fast, even given the poor showing last year.
You may be right. But just because we miss him this year doesn't mean that Harsin won't be better long term. It will take a few years to see. I'm sure UGA fans were missing Richt Kirby's first season.
The point is that Mizzou fell apart because they were totally gassed. Auburn didn't even need to pass because the Missouri rush defense was all but non-existent. I'm certainly not ignoring Missouri's success. You can go back and read my post where I say "Missouri also had quite a good offense that year." I think Missouri was a fantastic team that year and that the game was a nail-biter.
I think the passing game will be better, even given the fresh receivers. Bo's got better coaches and two QBs behind him who are hungry for playing time.