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I get what they were going for, but yeah, this cracked me up a little bit. LOL
It's only ridiculous if you think that what he's comparing is the degree of the ridicule and not the fact that it's occurring, which are two different things that you're conflating.
Dave, you're one of the more cerebral posters here, but I really don't think that's what Bo meant. IF that's what he meant, I would agree that it's not only "strange" but "appalling" to say. But the point of what he said was simply that he needs to learn to take criticism because it's coming no matter what. This isn't a knock on Bo, but you have to remember that these kids are largely at school to play football, not because they've got some higher calling for education or are gifted academics. Combine that with public speaking and sometimes people say stupid things or things that appear to be stupid because they aren't worded the best way.
You clearly have. You don't need to equate your personal suffering with that of Jesus Christ's to note in principle that everyone faces criticism and that you need to adapt to that if you wish to have success.
He wasn't comparing his suffering to that of Jesus. What he was saying was that nobody, even God Himself who is obviously perfect, can escape criticism, so you can't let what other people say get into your head. There's nothing narcissistic about it. Seems like a misinterpretation on your part.
It's not even strange, let alone "very" strange. I'd love to hear your reasoning.
I certainly didn't realize it until driving through North Georgia and South Carolina last month. Color me shocked lol Not sure who I'm going to root for in this game yet, but I'm sure it will be a classic.
The point of the quotation that even Jesus, who was perfect, was hated by people. One of the ways he deals with his own criticism is knowing that even if he were perfect, people would still hate him. No matter what you do, people will criticize you, so you just have to brush it off and do your best. That's not a strange quotation at all.
I don't think anyone seriously believes that. That's why it's a "meme" sort of thing.
The Egg Bowl is a good rivalry, but it's not the Iron Bowl or even close.
Muschamp certainly seems elite, especially when he's got the talent. It's hard to do well at South Carolina, especially given the talent restrictions that come with Kirby's and Dabo's uptick in recruiting, but he did great at Florida, and he totally turned around an absolutely porous Auburn defense in just a year.
I've felt for a while that this will be UGA's year. I've seen nothing that changes my mind so far, even the Pickens injury. Better recruiting, turnover at programs like Alabama, LSU, Clemson, and Ohio State, and rivalries that aren't as tough as they used to be in Auburn and Florida make this a very good year for UGA.
A-Day offenses are rarely flashy, anyway. We likely won't be able to judge the product until the end of the year/next year. This is a big change for the guys on the offense, many of whom are new or didn't get the development they needed beforehand.
As long as her mother died of natural causes (and I assume she did), I don't see why Darla Moore would need to "regret" it.
That might be the case if he threw more picks than touchdowns in either of his two seasons, but he didn't.
Auburn has been a quarterback away from winning several games over the last few years, including those against teams like LSU and UGA. Hopefully what happened under Gus will be the floor from now on, but we'll have to wait and see.
"There are others (myself included) who assumed that the new coaching staff would bring in a transfer and that Nix would find another home" With all due respect, I don't think this was ever really an option. Nix has great athletic ability and some of the tools needed to be a good QB in the SEC. He's had the misfortune of being coached by Malzahn and Morris, and he's still got nearly double the wins as a starter than he does losses, even playing an all-SEC slate last year with no spring and consistently playing ridiculously tough schedules. He's an Auburn legacy talent who hasn't gotten the fairest of shots given the previous coaches. I expect him to be much more fundamental under Harsin and Bobo, though I can't speak to his ceiling. Hopefully, it's high.
I was just thinking the same thing. It's one thing to hate on a team because they're your rival. It's another thing to see this type of negativity in someone's life and mock it. I won't go as far as to say Corch is sick. Maybe just very immature. Either way, it's not a good look.
Fine, and even then it came down to the wire. Having about a 25% win percentage over the last decade versus Auburn is awful. You're splitting hairs here. You have to like Auburn's chances until Arkansas proves they can be competitive consistently. Even Bama/Ole Miss games are more nail-biting than Auburn/Arkansas. lol
New coaching staff so who knows, but Arkansas has beaten Auburn once over the last eight years and generally loses in blowout fashion. Not saying the trend will continue, but I like Auburn's chances at this point. The programs just aren't comparable.
lol Probably by the same doctors who say Biden is sharp as a tack. We have a houseplant for a president.
Not sure that LSU and TAMU are brutal, just based on the last few years. Of course, I'm not saying they aren't good teams, either. Bama and UGA likely will be a different level.