Aubie never graduates

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Okay… now Bo is engaged, which i’m sure is very exciting for him. It also probably means he’s happy as he’s ever been. This simply adds to the reasons that this could be his breakout year. Congrats Bo and Izzy.
You’re spot on Unclenutz Penn State has far less talent than Auburn. They may be a decent team, with an incredible home field advantage, but Auburn should not only win this game, but win by 7+. Auburn is still one of the better SEC teams, despite all this bull crap about Auburn finishing last in the west. As long as nothing crazy happens before that game, we should be fine. But it’ll be a big test for Bryan Harsin.
Demetris had his charges dropped like two weeks ago. Why do you think he still has legal issues?
You’re an idiot. Six people in the last three days have acknowledged that. Cry about it. You are so pitifully sad. I almost feel bad.
Say im a liar all you want. It doesn’t matter. Notice in none of my responses recently have I rebelled against you claiming i’m a liar. You’re opinion of me being a liar is irrelevant. Sure, I may not know anything about your life, but based on what you post on this site, it’s not hard to assume you’ve got a sad boring life with nothing to do. If that’s the case, go fix your life and stop wasting your time on a website that is for discussing sports opinions, not bashing them.
I could care less about Imperial, but he made a valid point about you and you can’t stand it. You are constantly on this site bashing opinions that you don’t agree with. Bama articles are holy to you. If everyone on this website spoke out about you they’d all say the same thing because it’s true. Even some Bama fans would call you a little over the top. You must have nothing to live for in life if you’re on here 24/7 posting crappy responses to everyone who you don’t like. This site was made for opinions from fans. That’s why there’s a comment section. People can discuss their opinions. You choose to snap at users who’s opinions you think are wrong. And that’s what makes BamaTime a straight idiot.
I don’t think that saying he’s a raw prospect is knocking him. I think it’s being honest. There were lots of raw prospects taken early, like Scottie Barnes. Look man, I like Joshua Primo. I wish nothing but the best on him. I think he’s raw as a player. I think he’ll probably improve. Period. Conversation over.
These don’t mean anything for any team in any conference. Football isn’t played on paper.
Wow. I feel really bad for this guy. He can’t catch a break. Prayers up young man. So I guess this means Johnson is officially going to start?
For the third time now, I wasn’t trying to complement Primo. Is he a great player now? No. He’s very raw. I believe a lot of prospects including Coop and Thor were better. Primo is a raw prospect and several of the top NBA analysts acknowledged that it was a bad pick. I’m gonna type all caps here so that maybe you’ll understand… IM NOT COMPLEMENTING PRIMO. IM HAPPY FOR THE GUY. IF YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND THAT, YOU ARE PITIFULLY STUPID.
BamaTime, Imperial just sh*t on you. He told you the truth about yourself and now you’re crying because you can’t accept the truth. You’re a four year old who throws a temper tantrum when someone says he’s wrong. What a pitiful human being.
I could care less about what people think about me on this website. I have a real life with real friends and a real family. I choose to live the real life instead of a fake one like you do on SDS.
BT, making a decent post?? That’s a first. LMAO!
Negan is annoying, but at least he’s not toxic.
You may be the dumbest poster on this website and even dumber than Negan. The pick, it was a bad pick. Yes, it was. The Charlotte Hornets drafted an Auburn player at pick 37… that was a bad pick too. I’m happy for Primo, I like the guy. You’re a dumb retard if you really think I “hate” all bama players. You’re not worth paying attention to. You’re insignificant, as several other posters including Nova and Mountain Dog has pointed out…
“All three of you idiots have been called out by numerous posters on this site yourselves.” Yet you’ve yet to name them. Meanwhile you just got sh*t on by five posters on this site in the past two days and you still think you’re significant and relevant.
I just love showing you how many people think you’re an idiot. Now you know.
Only some of you will get this, but Kool-Aid McKinstry is A.D. Diamond's son. If you don't get it, it's an inside joke.
Honestly, I think Max Johnson has more upside than Brennan.
Anyone else just hate an individual on this website with the name BamaTime?
I though Gilert was already confirmed to be eligible.
I bet Cam gets hurt at some point, and Jones starts the next week after that.
Cam should be more efficient this year. More weapons. He had none last year. His only weapon was Julian Edelman who was way out of his prime and who was injured most of the season. Cam seems to be one of the hardest working quarterbacks in the NFL. With him, the grind never stops, and I think that may finally may off this year. Will he be a star this year? I don't think so. But I think we're going to see a very solid quarterback.
Neither of these are insults towards me, and if they were attempted to be, it was a very poor attempt. You just got roasted twice in the comments above by guys other than myself. Go cry about it.
ImperialMagestyX02 with the killshot... Everyone hates you BT.
And we'll leave it at this... I knocked the Spurs for making a bad pick. In truthfulness, it was a bad pick. I'm happy for Josh. What's not to like about him. You for whatever reason think I hate him. That just shows how stupid you are. According to BamaTime... "I'm happy for him!" = "I hate the kid because he played at Bama!" Very logical..