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Nick Marshall was a quarterback, but he was like Lamar Jackson. It wasn't hard for Gus to turn him into a quarterback with as much as Marshall ran.
I thought Hugh Freeze at first, but I don't know if it would fit. PJ Fleck would be great, but it seems like he's working with Minnesota for now. Where did the Bob Stoops conversation go? Not my number one choice, but he'd be an option. Call me crazy, and I probably am, but would Jordan Palmer be a possible option at offensive coordinator? It's far fetched, because it seems like he's content privately training quarterbacks, but he is the best quarterbacks coach in the entire country. We need someone like that who can actually develop quarterbacks. We really need someone like Bruce Pearl, but the football version. Someone with energy, passion, strategy, and poise. Could we maybe bring in Dan Quinn? Wouldn't be an awful hire.
Gus can’t develop quarterbacks, get the heck someone who can!!
Get out of here Bo Nix! The SEC is for talented players. I’ve tried to believe in you but i’m sick of it because I’m always wrong. Gus, it’s been 8 years and you’ve done what? Lost a National Championship game and beat Alabama a few times. Not good enough! Revamp the whole entire offense. Heck, let Kodi and Cadillac run it! Anything but this horrible offense! I mean gosh, I didn’t think being scared of unranked teams what part of Halloween. And for the two South Carolina fans on here, Muschamp isn’t good. He sucks, but Gus Malzahn, Chad Morris, Bo Nix and the Auburn defense suck ten times as much!
I don’t care if Gus goes undefeated the rest of the season, I want him gone immediately!
Bo Nix you’re f****** garage! If Auburn doesn’t fire Gus Malzahn this week i’ll start a protest. I mean this offense sucks!!! My gosh!
Gus, get the crap out Bo, get the crap out I’m tired of this dumpster fire
Can we PLEASE bench Bo Nix! I’ve hoped that he’d breakout, but it’s not gonna happen. Put in Grant Loy or Chayil Garnett. Anything but Nix. And the defense, don’t even get me started. We suck. Alabama will beat the breaks off of us.
We have a literal Challenger 2 Tank sitting in our backfield. You can't stop a Tank. Get Tank the ball. Please Chad Morris!! Get Tank the ball!!
Picks for every SEC game today. Auburn 24, South Carolina 20. Kentucky 17, Tennessee 13. Ole Miss 38, Arkansas 31. Texas A&M 17, Mississippi State 10. Alabama 31, Georgia 14. (Go Dawgs)
Yes, but the numbers of guys that just so happen to be Georgia student athletes are absurd.
Why does Georgia have a whole lot of former and current athletes either get in trouble or get arrested? Like what the heck is wrong with Georgia's athletes?
If South Carolina losses, is this the last time Muschamp will be the one giving the updates?
I'm most concerned about their defense. I think we can handle their offense, but they can also handle our offense. Two defenses that have potential to murder each offense's game plan. I don't think it's super high scoring.
It definitely seems like he's trying to be elite. But he doesn't need to be elite. He needs to be good. There's maybe two or three elite sophomore quarterbacks out there. Bo isn't one of them. He needs to accept that the way to be elite, is by not putting being elite, over being the best you can for your team.
Tank is going to be the best running back to come through Auburn since Kerryon.
I keep saying it. And I'm not the only one. If we can fix the offensive line, we can possibly work wonders. It all starts with the blockers. They've got to be worked at practice this week. Rotate guys so they don't get tired. Do something. The secondary on defense has to be more disciplined. In the SEC, deep balls are gonna sneak their way into game plans. We've got to be better in that position. The defensive line did good, against Arkansas. Arkansas aint gonna cut it. The defensive line has to be more aggressive. Our offense has a lot of potential, if the offensive line can step up. If Tank had 250+ all purpose yards with a struggling offensive line, think of the magic he could do with a good offensive line. And Bo would have more time in the pocket. Chad Morris, get the tight ends involved. You were supposed to have already done that. They're good tight ends. Get them the ball. On trick plays, we have two quarterbacks playing receiver. Caylin Newton and Kobe Hudson. Let them have the Ryan Davis role of throwing the ball. Be conservative with this, but please do it. It's a touchdown waiting to happen. Ja'Varrius Johnson, a RS Freshman, is small, but quick at receiver. He has Ryan Davis comparisons. And believe it or not, Ryan was one of the best route runners in SEC history. Get Johnson the ball. But wait. We have another Johnson at receiver. Malcolm Johnson, who's a speedster. Schwartz plus Malcolm Johnson could rip a defense apart. It would be like Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman if we use these two right. Don't forget the other freshmen receivers, who are quite impressive. Where's Mark Antony Richards? He's more of a third down back. He could play on 3D with Tank. Richards is explosive, so Gus Malzahn, get him a few carries. DJ Williams needs the ball more too. Last but not least. Bo Nix is not the problem, yet. He's decent as it is, he could be good with a good offensive line. We have Grant Loy, a pretty decent grad transfer from Bowling Green, and Cord Sandberg, a decent lefty. I don't think either of them are SEC ready. Keep Nix. But next year, if Nix continues to struggle, we'll have Dematrius Davis, a very dual threat gun slinger, who could scare SEC defenses. He could clash with Malzahn and Morris and make the offense work. But for now, keep Bo Nix.
Yeah but remember, Bo overthrew Schwartz like three times against Georgia, and they would've been huge plays or even touchdowns.
Marlon had been disappointingly quiet. He should be able to do big stuff though.
People in Alabama are usually good at driving lol. If you mean an Alabama fan was trying to trim your depth at receiver, that would make sense.
Put JJ at QB to run the ball, running back to run the ball and pass block, tight end to block and receive passes, receiver to receive passes and block on the perimeter, and heck, let him try and block field goals. He's as big as a lineman, but obviously much quicker. Also, Gus, why hasn't Caylin thrown a pass in a trick play yet?