Aubie never graduates

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That's pretty harsh. College football will be around forever and Tennessee could very well be elite again.
And now Billy Napier's name will come back into conversation for the hundredth time.
Sharife could possibly be a top 5 SEC player with only 2 games played.
Praying for the Jordan family. Terrible news. This is really sad.
If Ohio State had our defense from last year, they win this game. We had a championship defense last year. LSU only scored 23 on us.
Florida, they aren't elite. Are they garbage? Heck no. Also, Jones had a better offensive line, better receivers, and better play callers. Just saying.
Congrats Alabama. I don't see a single team out there that deserved it more than Alabama. They have athletes all over the field. And I don't think they buy them like they do up in Athens. Great win. Great team. Congrats on your 16th natty. Or 18th. It's only 16 if you refer to the College Football Hall of Fame. But according to Alabama, it's 18.
Is the Ohio State hype real? I wonder. I guess we'll find out. I think it's a close game that's decided by who gets more stops.
But both Shivers and Tank have had injury problems. That's what worries me.
Will miss all of those punt blocks Jordyn! Best of luck.
It hurts to see him leave, after all he's been through with Auburn.
Yep. Wooden was probably our best. Big Katnever reached full potential.
McGriff wasn't great. Take him. You're doing us a favor.
Example of a person who actually strikes fear in his opponents unlike Dylan Moses... Zakoby McClain
You'll be bringing Morris back in no time!
He'll be a top 100 pick in the draft i think. He's got the speed and hands to cover good receivers.
This is gonna be a really great hire. Mason is somebody that our players, and recruits, will love. He's got great energy and knows how to coach defense.
I mean, he can recruit. We've never been able to recruit offensive linemen so maybe here's our start.
This has nothing to do with the article, but, since we're losing so many receivers this year, we must go after Oklahoma transfer Charlston Rambo. Maybe Grant Calcaterra can recruit him for us.
Is it just me, or does it start to get on your nerves when every SDS report article starts with a question.
Imagine the Chiefs get Schwartz. My gosh what a good receiver core that would be. Hill, Watkins, Hardman, and Schwartz all together would be unstoppable.
Remember Slayton, he was close to Schwartz situation. Left his junior year, and nobody thinks he'll get drafted, but then boom, 6th round pick, and he becomes a star.
I'd actually love for Nix to transfer lol. Then we'd land a transfer or two who are experienced.
Bo Nix is definitely the reason for Seth being inconsistent. How many times have we seen him miss Williams? Probably like 75 times in the last two years. Just wait, if we land a solid grad transfer QB, Seth will light it up.
I understand what they've been through. But it's Auburn football. We're supposed to meet the standard.