Aubie never graduates

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True. But that offensive line is usually bad. And as displayed in the Super Bowl this year, a bad offensive line can make any quarterback look bad.
The offensive line is the big problem. I’m worried about that.
I’m so glad we hired Harsin and Bobo, who are two of the best quarterback developers in college football. Nix would be soooo scary to defenses if he can get that decision making corrected. He’s already got the arm of a gunslinger and the agility of a running back. #FixBoNix
Wait, they moved Carroll to DB? I thought he was supposed to be like a super good running back. Wonder why.
I believe he will do wonders on the defensive line once he gets the ha g of it. He’s too fast for guards to handle.
Let’s get one of these articles for Auburn please.
I expect JT to be gone. But if he comes back, we will be even more loaded.
I like golf. I don’t necessarily watch it more than football though. My comment however was dumb and I admit it.
This will be the most talent loaded roster we’ve ever had. Maybe not the best team, but most definitely the most talented roster. The jungle will be rocking!
Wendell Green Jr Trey Alexander Chris Moore JT Thor Jabari Smith Zep Jasper Babatunde Akingbola Walker Kessler Allen Flanigan Jaylin Williams Devan Cambridge Dylan Cardwell Let’s add TyTy Washington or Kyky Tandy. We’re stacked. Maybe more so than Alabama. Especially in experience.
Your opinion is noted... Nobody cares. LMAO
I think maybe once Saban retires, they lose some recruiting momentum, and then it’s a little more even between Auburn and Alabama. But Alabama will still be the better team for a few years after Saban retires.
Who cares about pro sports usmc?? The falcons? They suck. The Titans, they suck. The hawks, they suck. Hate to say it, but the braves have been sucking it up as well. Nobody cares about pro sports (unless it’s baseball) as much as they care about ncaa sports. And BamaTime, get off your period.
Usmc you are by far the most sour UGA fan on this website. You get mad wayyy too easily.
I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched his raw film. Just the highlights. I think his frame and athleticism is what makes him a top prospect.
Yeah. 8 minutes per game. It was pretty underwhelming.
I want TyTy Washington. 5-star 2021 point guard. If we can get him, we’ll be finished. Washington and Green at point. And Zep can run the point too.
Bama lands Burnett Bama lands Gurley Auburn lands Kessler Mic drop
War Eagle! The best transfer on the market is heading to the Plains. I’ve also been a firm believer for multiple weeks that this guy is the best shot blocker in the country. Let’s go!
I meant to say it defines sports in the south. Especially the deep south.