Aubie never graduates

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As crazy as this sounds, if Auburn wins out, their in the SEC Championship game. Will they win it if they get there? No. But it would be incredible for this program under a first year HC. Alabama is not invincible. And with a great game plan, a wild Jordan-Hare, and a little bit of magic, Auburn could very well beat the Tide.
We took in Nick Marshall. He was kicked out of Georgia but ended up being a good kid and became one of the greats at Auburn. All this guy did was make a tweet. We’ll take him.
As much as I hate to say this... better make those 1980 jokes while you still can.
If he transfers, Harsin needs to be in immediate contact with him. A freshman with that kind of potential would really benefit Auburn. With that said, Hall is a freshman. Why is he getting frustrated. Most freshmen don't play much their first year. Key word "most".
This staff is much better than the previous. Harsin is a smart football coach.
Great win. Nix truly played amazing. I saw a lot of improvement everywhere but especially by the receivers. War Eagle! And now to address this stuff. Everyone who thought Arkansas would win this game, get tf out of here with that nonsense. O’Gara picked them to win a few months back. So did a lot of other people. BS. And Arkansas can get tf out of the top 25 with three straight losses.
Josh Jacobs was a 3-star. Mac Jones was a 3-star.
I’m not mad that we lost to Georgia. I didn’t expect to win that game.
I think Saban still believes they're an elite team. I think he's saying this to put a chip on his team's shoulder. He's done things like that many times.
Good gosh. We have to listen to Aaron Murray again.
I think Auburn will likely finish 8-4. I see us losing to either Arkansas or Ole Miss, but not both. And then we lose to Bama later.
Kentucky @ Georgia // Georgia 38-20 Florida @ LSU // Florida 31-21 Ole Miss @ Tennessee // Tennessee 28-27 Alabama @ Mississippi State // Alabama 34-13 Auburn @ Arkansas // Auburn 27-22 Texas A&M @ Missouri // Texas A&M 45-21 Vanderbilt @ South Carolina // South Carolina 28-7
I can definitely see this guy starting in a few years. Glad to have him and I’m beyond pleased that Harsin has just landed two offensive lineman both from Auburn high school. Auburn will never be an elite team if they don’t have an offensive line. Hopefully Bobo and Harris are contributors to great blocking in the future.
Florida is about to hand LSU a giant L on a silver platter. Lol.
Arkansas has played bad defenses the whole year. When they finally played a good one they didn’t score. I hope Arkansas expects this to be a cakewalk on offense. It won’t be.
Arkansas has a lot to look forward to for the next few years in any sport
Gruden may be gone but it doesn't change the fact that the Raiders lose their mind if there's a former Alabama player in free agency.
Yeah, Memphis and USF were definitely tougher than the team that beat the #1 team in the country twice in one year. I don't think Milton knows what he's talking about. Why is he talking about the glory days instead of focusing on his own team which is 2-4.
Dawglb seems to have a little too much bias to take him seriously.
Update… I just saw a tweet that said Rattler wasn’t listed in the student registry dating back to the summer and it’s likely just a mistake in the database. With that said, I’m not ruling out the possibility that they eventually fixed that issue, and now he is actually not in the registry.
Hey guys, out of curiosity I searched for Spencer Rattler in Oklahoma’s student registry on their website and to my surprise, the search results said “NO MATCHES”. I double checked my spelling and even made sure it wasn’t a glitch. This could be a mistake in the database but I highly doubt it is. Caleb Williams was reportedly taking first team reps this week in practice. It makes perfect sense. So from my understanding, Spencer Rattler IS NOT an Oklahoma Sooner.
He’s got more potential than most three stars.
Imagine a Bo Nix where his receivers catch the ball every time.
Nice commitment but still a lot of time until signing day.