Aubie never graduates

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Dart is probably going to be a really good QB. Ole Miss doesn’t often fail to develop QB and Dart seems to fit their offense perfectly.
The fact is, you are not the NCAA and while I hate the NCAA, they make big decisions, and not you or me. They didn’t take Cam’s eligibility, he went on the make history, and 12 years later you’re still crying about it. Get over it.
Are you opposed to a fan having a favorite player?
JTF, I hope you realize that even if Cam was paid, Georgia paid players at that time as well. It’s just that nobody on Georgia’s team that year was good enough to make a fuss about, meanwhile people were clinging to something, anything to get Cam in trouble because he was so unbelievably dominant. His dad accepted money from MSU, that’s a fact. But did Cam get money? I It’s not been proven. And if he did, it wasn’t much. Auburn stumbled upon him by accident. He was a random juco player who had already failed at the SEC level.
Darth is one of many classic Cam haters that remembers the few negative things he did and decides to ignore all the great things he has done. He has a youth football 7v7 program in Atlanta that is focused on developing the future generations. He also does lots of community work and donates to charity. Watch some of his Funky Friday episodes on YouTube and you’ll discover how interesting and how intelligent of an individual Cam really is. I don’t think the few childish things that he’s done outweigh the many many great things that he’s done for the people around him.
He’s an NFL MVP. Don’t think he deserves the disrespect of an opinion like that.
I agree with these early basketball rankings for now. In a few weeks I think Auburn should jump Kentucky.
Bo is more well known than Herschel because he’s a legend in two sports and was Nike’s premier athlete. He’s a household name.
That’s a ridiculous punishment… but hey, if he’d been smart enough to not break the rules, he’d not be in this mess.
We were the #1 team and they were unranked at the time. Makes sense that they’d rush the court.
The guy that averaged 5 points per game is the same guy who is easily the best defensive point guard in all of college basketball… points don’t always determine how good a player is. Remember Dennis Rodman?
You still seem salty about that 100-81 obliteration that Auburn gave the tide….
I think the whole season is on him. He’s an overhyped coach. Great recruiter but poor as a coach. Yes he won the SEC Tournament last year, but he also did it in a down year in the SEC.
Bama would’ve done the exact same thing… but they couldn’t because they’re a poorly coached team with poor effort.
They slack off a lot lol. They were probably too lazy to mention it.
I think a regular season title this year is really impressive considering how good the league was this year.
They didn’t play bad at all… not sure what you’re talking about.
It was an awful second half but an incredible overtime performance. We scored at least 20 in OT and that’s really impressive.
I think Bama could’ve used him in the second half lol
Could be worse… we could have y’all’s guards…
Zac Etheridge is anything but mediocre. By the way, how’s basketball going in Athens?
Oh heck yes he was offered the job. And he’s dang good at it. Just sounds like you’re upset he didn’t leave us for y’all.
Seems like a mentality thing. If they can maintain focus the rest of the year, they’ll be dangerous.
I most definitely agree with the first half of your paragraph.