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Ok so where was Ole Miss’ momentum when they held Auburn to a 3 and out after the bad call while still in the lead then fell flat on their face with poor clock management and another turnover? Arkansas can make an excuse, Ole Miss and Kentucky cannot.
In any case I’m done with this argument, I can’t make it any simpler and to continue I would have to charge a fee that I doubt y’all could afford.
Again Conference record determines the tie breaker in the event of a tie in division play. There is a reason conferences are split in 2 divisions and you seem to be missing that fact. If it just went on Conference record, there would be no reason for a conference championship. And to Bamascapes, this argument stems from another argument. I’m not naive to think Auburn will win the IB this year they way they are playing, I’m just trying to explain to these idiots the way the league works and they don’t seem to comprehend. But thank you for trying to help but I guess there aren’t enough crayons to get them to understand.
I’m just beside myself with how you are suppose to be a fan and still, when it’s spelled out for you clear as day, you STILL do not understand. If Auburn beats everyone in the west, why would a team that didn’t represent the west. My god you are simple.
I mean, why do you think there are East and West divisions in conference play and you only play everyone in your division every year with some opposing division games and nonconference games to supplement the schedule.
*Writes even bigger in crayon* DIVISION > CONFERENCE > LEAGUE
Auburn would win the west because Auburn would be 7-0 to Bama’s 6-1 in the West. I mean, how much simpler do I need to get here?
If you are tied in Division play, then Conference play determines the tie breaker.
Yet, you continue to comment pointless garbage with no valid substance.
You are just too simple and I’m starting to think that the 0012 in your username represents your age. If Auburn is 7-0 and Bama is 6-1 in Division play, Auburn would be seeded first in the division. Do I need to spell this out for you in crayon?
I think we all expected Auburn to be better than they are, at least Auburn fans did. That still doesn’t lend a valid argument toward this conversation. But don’t worry, you go read up on stats and watch some replays and I’ll be here when you come up with a valid argument to make.
I already educated you once regarding this, if you still don’t comprehend why there is an East and West division in conferences and how division records effect your standing within those divisions , then you never will.
You say that as if Kentucky, Arkansas, and Ole Miss are division II schools. This is SEC play son, every game matters and can be close. Minus Kentucky, Arkansas and Ole Miss have not been pushovers this year. Arkansas has proven to be a defensive threat and Ole Miss has proven to be an offensive threat. I highly doubt you didn’t read that long comment or at least most of it since you’re commenting on it. Still shows you can’t argue the points I made because you can’t deny they are valid points.
I think Chad will continue with setting the passing game up with the run. With Tank dominating every week in the run game you almost have to. However, that LSU secondary still looks pretty vulnerable so I wouldn’t be surprised if Chad does try to exploit that with a bit more throws this time around, especially if the weather is nice.
Actually we do know. They still held Auburn to a 3 and out after that call with Auburn punting with 3:00 mins left. Kiffen could have put the game away but his poor excuse for clock management gave the ball back to Auburn to take a 7point lead with a 2pt conversion. Then, Ole Miss got the ball back with enough time to tie the game and Corral threw another pick. Ole Miss lost that game because they couldn’t manage the clock and turned the ball over 3 times to 0.
So cute to see a Tennessee fan trying to troll when they’ve been dominated in 3 straight games. At least Auburn plays close enough to cause controversy. Tennessee doesn’t even show up to their games, even at home.
I do not understand where you get these ideas. If anything Auburn is lucky to not be 2-3 right now from the Arkansas plunder. And let me ask this, had Nix not botched the snap and spike, wouldn’t the game have ended the same way? I mean, Auburn just needed field position to take the lead and they mustered up a drive that gave them that. So Auburn got lucky that the play was blown dead and got to kick the FG. No other game was was even remotely close to that.
I love the sad attempts to troll. Funny thing is I don’t see anyone arguing these points....
Now explain to me what any of that has to do with turnovers and clock management, the 2 things that really cost Ole Miss the game.
It’s so convenient to look at bad calls and completely ignore performances as a whole. Everyone wants to say Auburn is just bad and gets saved by refs while ignoring the big question: Why was the game so close that a single bad call changes the outcome of the game to begin with if Auburn is so bad? Have we really come to the understanding that anyone Auburn plays cannot possibly be outplayed by Auburn so any win is a result of bad officiating that’s completely one sided in favor of Auburn? Here’s a few observations that I contend had more of an impact in team losses than the bad calls: Kentucky played hard against Auburn, but only for 30mins then they gave up. So you say, “Well, Kentucky had a TD denied from a bad call that killed their momentum.” If that’s the truth, then Kentucky didn’t deserve to win if you’re going to let one bad call make you not show up in the 2nd half. Even with the TD, they still lose because they got outplayed throughout the 2nd half so this is hardly a call that changed the outcome of the game. Arkansas has the only right to complain. That call came in the final seconds that Auburn kicked the game winning field goal so it absolutely directly effects the outcome. I personally believe the officials knew they screwed up but the damage was done and you couldn’t just give the ball to Arkansas when you blew the play dead before it was recovered which made most of the players on both sides cease further play action. I understand that after the whistle Arkansas grabbed the ball, but only 2 players were going for the ball at that time. So I agree that Nix fumbled, but I do believe the whistle itself being blown would have had an impact on that ball being recovered by Arkansas as well. Now to the Ole Miss game. I’ve flooded the comments sections here with one main argument that had a much more significant impact on the outcome of this game than a single bad call with plenty of time left to recover from it, and that’s the turnover margin. You cannot be so naive to think that you can turn the ball over 3 times in a statistically matched game and walk away with a victory. Especially when the final turnover comes after the call that supposedly stole the game from Ole Miss. Even Kiffen said that the week before about the Arkansas game and their 7 turnovers. So again I say, fanbases need to step back and ask yourself, “If Auburn is so bad, why does a single call effect the game?”
This is something I hadn’t thought of and an excellent point. I watched the replay and you’re right, he does seem to stop going for the ball on the official’s gestures. Little consolation though since it was in fact another fumble blown dead from officiating error before a recovery since it was ruled a touchback.
You mean like Tanks kickoff return for a TD that was taken away on a BS holding call. People can whine all they want on that one bad call but fact is, Auburn was more on the receiving side of bad officiating than Ole Miss in that game. Only game anyone can say was gifted to Auburn was against Arkansas, and even then I’m not convinced that had the play not been blown dead before a clear recovery that Auburn wouldn’t have recovered since Cedric Jackson was in position to fall on the ball but stopped when he saw the ref running in waving his hands and blowing the play dead. So continue to complain but that won’t change the fact that Ole Miss had the opportunity to win the game but couldn’t stop Auburns final drive to take the lead and then threw another turnover trying to tie the game. Pretty naive to think that one bad officiating call cost Ole Miss the game when they had 3 turnovers to 0 in a statistically matched game. Any statistical analyst will tell that with those figures, you’re supposed to lose. Even Kiffen said that the week before in regards to their 7 turnovers against Arkansas. But hey, at least it’s not as bad as Kentucky fans thinking they got robbed of a win on a bad call at the end of the first half as if that made them not show up in the second half.
The 2017 season completely trumps your argument. Bama was 11-1 with the only loss coming from Auburn. Auburn lost to Clem and LSU. When Bama beat LSU and Auburn beat Bama, that seeded Auburn above Bama in the West. Top seed from East plays top seed from West. If Auburn doesn’t lose a West division game, they’re seeded first in the West and will play in the SECCG, regardless of losses to the East. Again, will this happen? Probably not but it could happen. That’s the point you seem to be missing that we’re both trying to get thru to you.
Defending bad calls made against Auburn is against SDS rules. Didn’t you know that?
Bama doesn’t have to lose a game before AU dude. They just have to beat Bama
I would also have to question a ranking system that places Matt Corral at #10 when he’s thrown 8 picks in 2 games.
That was nowhere near as “huge” as Ole Miss turning the ball over 3 times, one after that call.
The flaw in your theory that Auburn should’ve lost this game is that Ole Miss and 3 turnovers while Auburn had 0. After the bad call, Ole Miss had the chance to stop a scoring drive and failed. Then had the chance to tie the game and failed with there 3rd turnover of the night. Seems to me that if you turn the ball over 3 times in a statistically matched game, that has more of an impact than a bad call with enough time on the clock to recover from it.
Especially when you factor in the Ole Miss had 3 turnovers to Auburns 0 in a statistically matched game. Auburn won the turnover battle, plain and simple.