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Ole Miss was abysmal when Kiffin took over. If he can build up a school like that, he can have success at Auburn.
@Booches94 Most schools aren’t relevant by your definition. But two national championship appearances over the (approximate) last decade, an additional SEC Championship Game appearance, etc. firmly place Auburn as one of the most successful schools in the SEC/country in recent history. All it would take is the right coach to help Auburn over the edge. If Clemson and UGA can do it, so can Auburn. But, sure, let’s go with your notion that Auburn is just a middling school. That’s still better than Missouri. Still not sure what the SEC has gained adding that Yankee school to the conference.
I would be very happy with Freeze. He’s a good coach and a good recruiter, and he’s beaten both the big dog coaches in the SEC (Saban and Smart). Not everyone can say that.
@Booches94 That describes almost every school not named Bama, including UGA until a couple of years ago. Your statement makes absolutely no sense. The goal is to elevate the program. You don’t do that by settling.
Auburn has historically had players on par with the other good schools in the SEC. Your post is just nonsense.
If a sport is making you hate people, there’s a problem. Ashford didn’t cost us the game. LSU just has some dudes, and one of them made a great play.
Stetson didn’t forget how to play quarterback. Calling for his job at this point is just stupid and a sign of how quick some fans are to forget. It appears UGA isn’t what they were in the trenches last year. Maybe consider that first before continuing to throw mud at a quarterback who did nothing but the near-impossible in moving from walk-on to leading his team to its first national championship since a Georgian was in the White House.
I wish this Auburn team would “struggle” like Bama.
If Georgia plays like we imagined them to play, yes. If this same team comes out, who knows?
I saw definite improvement tonight. Unfortunately, the results were the same, but I don’t think it’s total doom and gloom.
I fully expected LSU to blow the doors off us tonight, and that didn’t happen. Auburn looks like they’re finally getting some type of offensive identity. Sorry to lose this one, but it looks like this team and coaching staff might not be a lost cause. LSU made some fantastic plays at the end of the game to seal the deal. Congratulations.
I don’t want Sanders. His “record” isn’t even what Harsin’s was.
What are you talking about? Auburn and UGA are about as even as two programs can be historically. It’s only been recently that UGA even got a lead in the series. Both programs have had major success over the last decade. UGA has much better coaching right now, and who knows what the future will bring, but you’re honestly just making stuff up. lol