A displaced Auburn fan in Bowling Green, KY, I spend my time with my kids at home, my kids at work, and a second shot at college, all while keeping up with Auburn on SDS and watching Aubie vids on youtube.
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That's all about TV rights like the article said. It doesn't make much buisness sense for them to go to a game that they aren't showing.
Wait, so this is NOT satire?
I disagree. Gus won't let Jacobs fire Lashlee; that's his boy. Steele won't get the ax if the defense keeps putting up numbers. Seems to me if Gus stays, they all stay. If Jacobs pulls rank and fire Lashlee anyway, I believe Gus will step down.
Sorry about the typos. My phone really stinks in the auto correct department.
I've always been a big Gus fan. I think he's a really good coach that needs the right quarterback to run his offense. He had that in Cam (and lets face it: Cam had proven to be the right quarterback in ANY situation, but we didn't know that then) and Nick Marshall. Jeremy Johnson and Shaun White are not duel threat guys. Jeremy Johnson was anointed with the Heisman before he started throwing the ball to everyone but Auburn, so We didn't recruit a AN. We thought John Franklin III could be that guy, do we didn't recruit a QB, but he has struggled greatly. I think Gus deserves at least one more shot at getting the right QB for his offense in 2017.
Sounds like Rice is going down. He needs to if he forced himself on the suspected victim.
That's a pretty hefty accusation. Got a source on that?
I respect Arkansas a whole lot. I've gone to a lot of Arkansas-Auburn and have found that Hog Fans and very fun, nice, and respectful. However, I can't stand Bielema. All he has done since he's been at Arkansas is run his mouth about how good he is and then go out and lose 5 games a year. I know this should be the best year of the Bielema era yet, but I still hope he goes 3-9. He is college football's Rex Ryan-run your mouth about how good you are, then lose. I still love Arkansas fans, but this guy is just a jerk.
Did I read right that we only picked up 2 defensive backs? That's the place we needed the most help! I know we got a great class, but we didn't improve the area where we struggled most.
Prayers from me going to a speedy recovedissapoints dwell, and for him to realize that NO ONE is dissapointed in him. He looked as if he thought that he had done something terrible as he left the field. All he did all night was be a stud.
Yeah, I didn't realize how evenly matched they were statistically.
I thought it was pretty classy myself, even if someone else wrote it.
Suddenly, after reading comments about him on SDS, Meyer held a presser to state that, for his health, he needs to spend more time with his family.....
Did I miss the part where AJ burned bridges in Tuscaloosa? That's what this was suppose to be, right?
I know that. I just hope the team knows that on Saturday. That's the SEC though, great teams that beat up on one another so only one goes to the Big One. BTW, saw someone mention Mullen to replace Muschamp if he doesn't beat Georgia (just a rumor). I hope that doesn't happen. If he stays at State, he could have a statue in Starkville.
I agree with Dawg. Trees and people are not the same. I loved the Oaks as much as the next Auburn fan, but this is a little much. However, if everyone is right and it's just a kid being stupid, it will probably go largely unpunished. Thats just the society we live in right now.
I agree. Kids do stupid stuff like this. Bill Cosby calls it "brian damage."
This should be a great game.
We have to keep a spot open for that Georgia DB that got dismissed earlier this week.
This is the biggest thing I do not understand about targeting. If it is a reviewable penalty (BWT penalties were never suppose to be reviewable according to the NCAA when video review came into play), then wouldn't it make sense if it is overturned that there is no penalty enforcement? If we are going to say that there is no penalty, then why are we marking off yards? It makes no sense, and if they NCAA doesn't throw it out at the end of the year, Mark Emmerit and all of his cronies should be demoted to grounds crew for the D-3 playoffs.
Targeting is the dumbest thing the NCAA has done. And remember, we're talking about the NCAA's really hard for them to out-dumb themselves.
I would love to see that happen, and I have thought about it too, but we need to pump the breaks a little. We got to get past Arkansas, Tennessee, and Georgia first. Tennessee has done nothing but get better week in and week out, and Georgia will get up for us. Arkansas has not looked good, but with the madness we saw this week it could be a trap game.
He is a good player. Hate to see anyone get hurt. Get well soon Vinne!