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So you guys fired Mark Richt because y'all were so relevant right? Georgia is a joke
As an Auburn alum from Mississippi, I feel like I need this shirt lol
"I don't buy in to Auburn's preseason No. 6 ranking last year so when the Tigers crashed and burned last year, it wasn't a complete surprise." Oh really? You could have fooled me with the unwarrented amount of hype SDS put on Auburn last year with an unproven QB. We did not play well last season, you are correct. However, I attribute a lot of the disappointment to the preseason hype you and the rest of the media put on us. Do I think we will have a national championship season? Doubtful with the gauntlet we have to run. However, I do think that now that we won't have a target on our backs, especially if we lose early to Clemson, we will have a chance to calm down and do well because no one will be looking for us. I could see us potentially going 10-3 or 9-4 this season. Not spectacular but an improvement.
Well it's not his fault. SOME "news" sites like to make click bait articles out of context. Hint hint.
I'm very surprised by this decision. Peyton had a great season but I don't feel that it was stand out enough to get him very far in the draft. It's tough since the lifespan of a running back is short in the NFL but I feel like he could have boosted his stats next year in stead of jumping in with a draft sure to be full of solid backs
To be fair that was Spirit, aka War Eagle 6. So actually, yes it was our eagle.
Can we at least make Keenan Reynolds in the discussion?
Guys...It's concept art...stop freaking out. Nobody is going to change Bama's disgusting uniform any time soon
Another way to say it's 1:33 would be to say it's 27 minutes until 2:00 or as noted in the joke 27 to 2
Do Florida fans call the time as 1:33 or "Twenty-seven to two" being the score against the gators
Is this what you ole miss fans get off on? You have nothing to brag about your team so instead you choose to bash a team that kept it close with you till the end of the 4th? Whatever. You live your sad life the way you want to bro.
You might be the dumbest commentor I've ever seen and that's saying something considering all the bammers we get on our articles.
We had already gotten a sideline warning earlier in the game.
He's not calling them buttheads, he is saying the two coaches would "butt heads with each other" which is another way of saying they would not get along together very well.
Uh...that's the Haley center. Those aren't dorms.
I understand the confusion. There is an understood "if" before the statement. The article is saying, "(If they) Beat Mississippi State..."
You guys should just leave your defense out there for the whole game. It's not like your offense is getting anything done for you
That's absolutely not true. I've seen many cases where another player has picked up and returned a fumble for a touchdown
How were either of those two not touchdown calls Controversial?? Looks like you guys were just looking for some filler.
The reason Sean White couldn't throw the final pass was his knee being hurt. He couldn't plant and heave it 50+ yards. While I dont like JJ being in there either, he was the only one who could have thrown it.
Larry, I can see us putting up 34 points if our offense has rhythm, but you and I both know our defense isn't good enough to hold anyone to just 20 points. If we win it would be way closer like 34-31 and we'd win it in the last 2 minutes because Auburn can never just win a game. We always have to make it heart attack inducing.
Guilty until proven innocent I guess
No one, and I mean no one, is bigger than the team.
Lawson is a leader on defense and a huge missing piece. We practically have no pass rush without him. By no means is this all of our problems but it certainly doesn't help
How could you leave out the bama fan hanging over the wall? That's about as sad as a fan can get
I...I'm not even going to try to explain that one...
Not gonna argue the fact that Auburn played poorly but the fact that you wont even acknowledge that JSU is a solid FCS school competing for the FCS National Championship is completely disrespectful to them. Not to mention "Awbun" is just about the most juvenile insult I think I've heard to date. You learn that one in middle school?
I don't know about the fan base in general but I know most of the students here found a lot of the hype to be worrying. 1. We don't like being top dog going in the season. Auburn has a history of playing better as the underdog. 2. Where did the hype come from? JJ played like 2 quarters against arkansas. Granted, he played well but still it was a limited pool of data.