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Really? Never seen a Targeting called on a shoulder hit. But was a good game. Hate we lost. Ridiculous amounts of penalties.
It was a clean hit. Targeting is defined as leading with the crown of the helmet on a defenseless player. Burrow was in bounds, was still up, and still moving therefore not a defenseless player. The Auburn player clearly lead and hit with his shoulder on a clean hard hit. There was no penalty committed and no need for all this fuss.
Alabama, Oklahoma, and Ohio State all three have have the same problem. They are very good teams, arguably the top 3 at the moment, but they've played no one and won't play very many good teams before the cfp, aside from Bama. The best 3 as far as big games and tough games played at the moment would be Auburn, LSU, and Georgia in an order of your choosing. That leaves Clemson trying to decide if they gonna be a cfp contender or not, maybe the UNC game was a fluke.
I'm sorry nudge into the new years 6 or the cfp if we survive that gauntlet??? Let's put this into scenario. If we run that gauntlet (huge huge if) and come out undefeated, we will be the number one team in the country no questions asked. If we lose 1 game, pick any of the 4 ranked we play, then it's still virtually impossible to leave us out of the cfp. If we go 2-2 in there, again take your pick of which 2, we won't likely make the cfp without a lot of help and other teams losing but should be a lock for a new years 6. The way we're playing losing two or even just one is a possibility, but this is the SEC and there's a lot of really good teams so never know what's gonna happen til timer hits double 00.
Florida nearly lost to Miami and Kentucky both and has played no one ranked. It's not disrespect, it's you have no resume. You fail the eye test. Beat Auburn this weekend and claim your spot. But if y'all don't step up big, it's gonna be a long day for you.
Don't say that man. Those fumbles, missed blocks,missed tackles, missed XP, bad throws, and kylin hill only getting, what, 17 touches for just over 2 ypc, is not on the players at all. Heaven forbid we hold anyone responsible but coach Moorhead.
Because he is ridiculously inconsistent and quarterback development is lacking. If he played every season like this season and with that fired up intensity, there would be no questions and we would be a overall better program. But he gets too comfortable, can't adapt his offense to his players strengths very well, and it results in 8-5 seasons like last year, and Auburn fans expect to rival bama every single year.
We are looking very good. Best in the SEC is a stretch. If we are 11-0 stepping on the field against bama, then yeah we will fight for that title, but that's a long hard road. We have to work on pass defense, receivers making better catches in open field, keep improving our offensive line, fine tuning Nix, and stop this bend don't break sh!t in the 4th quarter. Everyone keeps saying Gus should stay he should go, he's coaching great Ball with lots of intensity, well there wouldn't be any questions if this was the effort we see from him every season instead of this inconsistent crap. Hope Florida brings their A game or we gonna make the swamp look like Kyle field and the 12th man did last week.
So volume of passing matters? Because the team that throws twice the amount of passes deserves special treatment? If both sides are playing physical then let them play and quit complaining about it. Work on your run game and you won't have to pass so much.
Alabama and Clemson aren't going to move until someone beats them in the regular season and the post season both. Auburn being below Ohio State and Oklahoma is honestly criminal. So glad they destroy high school teams and pad stats while Auburn has won 2 top 20 contests, both away from home. Can't wait to see how things are going to shake out between AU, LSU, and Bama in the west, Florida and GA in the east, then I'm interested to see if Wisconsin can dethrone OSU for the big 10. Will be another great season no matter what.
Even as an auburn fan I still give walker the edge by a small amount. I think Bo was the better athlete and quite possibly the greatest athlete to ever grace a sporting arena(my opinion). The biggest thing going for Herschel to put up his stats was that once he took the field for the first time he never came off. He was basically Georgia entire offense all 3 seasons. Take the draft for example the year both walker and emmit smith were drafted. When choosing between the two, smith was taken instead of walker because he had less wear and tear on his body. But back to original point even though Bo didn't have a gaudy season like Henry he definitely is the best outta the west due to consistency and overall production. Herschel had the best 3 season career in ncaa history no argument and is the best in sec history by a small margin over Bo.
Well thank you both for proving how little you pay attention and how romejr just proved my point. 1) as I clearly stated pettway was fighting injuries all season, including leaving early and missing a couple of games altogether yet still managed to put upgreat numbers. Give did not have this issue. 2) guice did absolutely nothing against great defenses. He put up yards against jvst, USM , Arkansas, and Texas A&M, then Louisville. None of whom had a better than semi decent defenses. I mean guice did nothing versus Wisconsin, Auburn, Alabama, or Florida, all top ten defenses. Guice is a great young player but he has failed to produce against a stellar defense. Which don't get me wrong, basically no one had success running against bama. So both healthy, both at top performance, guice has the speed edge, but pettway is stronger and more consistent. Look up the stats guys, compare the defense. Just saying.
Ok call me biased if you like but I don't think guice is the best returning running back much less the top offensive player. Kamryn Pettway from auburn leaf all starters in average yards a carry and had 1224 yards in 209 carries, he technically played ten games but four of those he played hurt or he left early due to injury. You've also got to include both Chubb and Michel of Georgia both excellent very talented players. Williams from Arkansas and of course big Bo Scarborough from bama. I'm okay with ppl saying who they think is best but Mr palazzolo what was you thinking???
That's one reason I am an Auburn fan is our integrity. We may go through the same recruiting bull as everyone else but we will dismiss players who do not meet the standards expected of being an adult and acting like a respectable person. We have dismissed top tier talent in the past few years over their inability to be mature even if it does cost wins, examples include Michael Dyer and Duke Williams. That's why I have problems with coaches who will take wins no matter what, example-Jimbo Fisher with jameis Winston, Bob stoops with mixon, and sorry TAMU fans Sumlin with Johnny Manziel. If LSU cheated they should be punished but recruiting is an ever changing landscape plus the way LSU defense embarrassed the "Heisman trophy winner" Lamar Jackson. Just saying. SEC4LIFE
I think this might be more of a hit than most are expecting. Auburn offense has been slowed by lack of QB development and coach Lindsey has a lot of experience coaching QB. We weren't looking for someone to totally revamp our offense but to help fine tune and develop the players which Coach Lindsey should be able to help with. Good luck and War Eagle!!!
Florida has talent but to "kick the door in" is a bit of an overstatement. I respect him pumping up the fans and the campus and he does have talent on his roster, but he's gotta get past Georgia, Tennessee, and a dark horse South Carolina in the east, then the monster of whoever wins the west. (Most likely Alabama but Auburn and LSU are both talented squads) Florida has a reasonable chance to make it to the championship, but not a lock for sure. The defense will have to step up with the NFL departures, and the offense will have to be more consistent.
Sorry bud. I gotta agree with BamaTime on this one. Patterson is talented but he doesn't give the production he could or should to make this list. But with any list like this there's going to be discrepancies.
Hahaha maybe we can get a writer with facts instead of trying to blow a nice little smoke screen of crap just to put a story on the board. On the football side I see a lot of great young talent for our conference and a whole lot of firepower to use against haters. SEC4LIFE
My opinion is slightly biased due that I am an Auburn fan. However, this is a good matchup and could turn out to be one of the best bowls of the season. Between Baker Mayfield and OKs stable of RB and a good receiving Corp they have a very good offense. Defense is average. With Auburn being totally healthy and rested it should be a lot better game than most think. Our defense is a top tier defense in the country not just SEC and with White and Pettway healthy it'll be quite a game. Instead of just making seat of your pants calls and team bias, look into things a bit. I think Auburn takes this in a close one something like 31-21. PS for all the haters, what you gonna say if Auburn does step out there and blow Oklahoma away?
Oy piss misread that. Sorry. But correcting my error, I think that you are partially right and if muschamp has another 6-6 season his seat will start to heat up a good bit more. Smart on the other hand is setup perfectly to dominate the east for years to come. I think it'll be interesting if he can live up to it. Look forward to the annual deep south oldest rivalry with him at the helm. Should be interesting.
Uh think you mixed your names up. Malzahn had the better record, defense, and recruiting class. I think Malzahn is right there in the middle where he should be. Auburn should've been at least 10-2 this year and fighting for a playoff berth and where's the famed offense? Super proud of our defense but when they get no help makes it challenging even for the best D.