Win lose or tie I am a dawgs fan till I die!

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Saban Will go down Alabama will lose to LSU and Auburn again first 3rd loss season in a few years SAY SO LONG TO THE BAN WAGGIN STATE
Just like LSU will be without Joe Brady and Burrow
We will Say How Bout' Them Dawgs when THE G beats Bama tide pods 28-21
I believe Jake Fromm could have done better on his 40yd dash Jake fromm - 5.09
Im wondering if Kirby will still be kicking it with the Dawgs in 2030-31 to face OHIO STATE BUCKFLIES
I would argue that Georgia be placed at #3 and Alabama #4
I feel Safe knowing that Virginia will get the dawg crap beat out of them
What's worse is recruiting kickers who hit uprights to lose a game especially at Auburn
This Just in Dan Mullen Sees potential in this kid
I know I'm a Georgia Bulldog fan and when your supposed to go for a SEC team when there not playing another SEC team or your team but I got Clemson 35 to LSU 31.
well Jake Good luck Go Dawgs and God Bless. QB position will be heated in spring practices and next season.
James Cook did some wrong things and got arrested. Zachary Evans is not a bad kid
Louisville-21, Miss State-24 OK State–24, Texas A&M–20 Tennessee–31, Indiana–13 Va Tech–28, Kentucky–21 Auburn–31, Minnesota–17 Alabama–41, Michigan–26 Florida–41, Virginia–17 Georgia–24, Baylor–14 LSU–35, Oklahoma–21
5 stars every year Goo Dawgs Sic them Bears!!!
We lost to Auburn in reg. season in 2017 and trounced them in the SECCG in 2017. I feel like since we lost to the LSU dirty cats last year we will trounce them in this game.
It looks like an ugly forecast on the way. I say Georgia Rolls with a 28-17 win verses the Aggies.
It's The GEORGIA BULLDOGS Go Dawgs Sic Em woof woof
This Game is all about Pickens considering that he picked UGA over AU. Are O-line has to keep the pocket clear from Derrick Brown or else it will be a nerve wrecking game. I Believe The Dawgs role 34-24 GO DAWGS!
Coley Has Let the pressure get to him just let him show what skills he has in the next couple of weeks
Notre Dame does visit Athens GA this year and it will be a dog fight all the way till the last whistle
It was close in the first half last year (UGA 7 points in first Quarter and Vanderbilt 3 points) and in the 2 Quarter it was UGA on top 14 to 3 I can't wait for the season to begin GO DAWGS SIC EM!!!!!
I believe Auburn Has what it takes