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*but he would've taken Purdue. Where's the damn edit button, sds?
Les Miles would be perfect because of all the free time he has and nobody wants him, but he'll take Purdue (hell, he was actually interested in that door-mat) and would be the only coach with a ring and experience that would take it.
Honestly, as much as I like the guy, I think Bjork needs to clean house at seasons end, unless Luke has a 9-3 record. Ole Miss is fun when they're competitive and I think he needs to keep the momentum going by hiring someone like Lane Kiffin (come on, he'd take it to escape FAU) or Chad Morris. Or... You know... Les Miles.
If Ole Miss wants to avoid falling back into the Ed Orgeron days and save some recruiting effort, then yes he would be a home run hire (for them, considering their situation). Speaking of coach O, how's his second chance going? That's right. The difference between his second chance and the Mad Hatter's is one of them brings a national championship ring to the table.
Good points, but I still believe the Mad Hatter has a few more 9+ win seasons left in him, as long as he divorces from Cam Cameron. The man can recruit and would be the only home run hire the Rebs could make at this point.
The end of an era, and possibly the Big 12. Maybe he can do some side work on TV for the Big 12 networ- oh... Nevermind.
Lol combine the name with a brand. That way, ADs get the money and fans keep the name. Bryant Denny's Air Jordan-Hare Disneyland Stadium SanFord Stadium
Well, he's an underachieving host who has a name that rhymes with cow-turd. So whatever.
UPDATE: Stoops has released a statement with a punishment. Mayfeild will be forced to sit out the bye week as a result of his misdemeanor.
Unfortunately, Auburn isn't going to make a home run hire and snag Art Briles, simply because they would rather be the Champions of Integrity instead of football.
Auburn was second in the west, so it makes sense to pick them. However, I think LSU vs Oklahoma would e been more entertaining. After that performance, I think it's safe to say that Sean White was THE man....
Patience.... The Jarret Stidham era begins soon.....
Art Briles? Fire Gus, keep Steele and bring in Stidham's recruiter? Makes a little more sense than Chip Kelly.
Lol why would he leave? He's the greatest thing in starkville
Okay, almost pissed myself laughing at the Orgeron part. Congrats on the win and good luck in the playoffs!
I have defended him unroll I was blue in the face. My patience with him is just about done. If we can't beat a Georgia team that is now SEVEN AND FIVE and can't develop a quarterback capable of at least finishing drives then we have a problem. 6 wins in a row after a 1-2 start mean nothing now that nearly all those teams are either going to the liberty bowl or staying home for the holidays. Gus better hope that Baylor kid signs on as quarterback, or he's out next year (Thank God. If he is, praise the lord)
*Common. As in common sense. Something my phone lacks, apparently.
For some reason, I think if Herman got the job he would have seasons where he would beat a ranked Alabama and Auburn, but then lose to underdog Mississippi State and Arkansas later on.
I hope Orgeron gets the job WITHOUT Texas hiring Tom Herman. Joe Alleva needs to prove he has some comman sense for once.
I agree, but part of me thinks that if Gus is gone that Auburn will finally swallow their pride and seriously negotiate with Petrino first.
It's time to start Woody Barrett. Now before you call me stupid hear me out, There are 3 things to consider- 1. Bama and Georgia are THRIVING off of unknown, freshmen quarterbacks whom no one knows how to prepare for and have not only found their quarterbacks of the season, but also the future. Since they have had 2+ years at best to develop them imagine what their senior season is going to be like. 2. Woody Barrett was a higher rated high school senior (4 stars) than John Franklin was a JUCO (3 stars). If Auburn really wanted a Nick Marshall-like performance out of anybody then Barrett deserves a shot because he has more of the frame and his passing accuracy from what I've seen is better than Franklin. We have the number 6 dual-threat in the country, so USE HIM. 3. We have nothing to lose. 2 loses, pretty much playoff elimination. LSU next week? See ya later, Atlanta hopes. Honestly I don't care if Gus is coach or not at the end of the year and frankly, he probably doesn't know what to do to make Jay Jacobs care either, so what does he have to lose other than his job? A new face might give the fan base AND the team a boost like Sean White did last year against MSU (also a freshman at the time) and that's all the offense needs at this point. We have players, but they will quit on Gus if the quarterback isn't effective. Time is of the essence for Malzhan and co. Woody may be all they have left to buy some more. Otherwise, Petrino becomes more and more likeable as the season goes on. Much, much likeable.
"Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl against Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl against Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl against Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl against Notre Dame" Where do I publish my article, sds?
Or Geoff Collins. But I would definitely like for Gus to reach out to Chiz. Cause, why not? Nothing to lose at this point.
What I didn't like was the obviously bad Texas A&M run defense? Please. Try Auburn in the red zone. That was poor execution and we're lucky to have this one. Props to Muschamp's defense for showing up. Georgia is officially put on notice.
I think that given Spurriers' fun-and-gun players are there, Ray needs to get an offensive mind for the HC position. So Ed or Kirby doesn't really make sense. Tuberville or Chip Kelly would be nice. PLOT TWIST: Ray manages to convince Urban Meyer to return to the SEC (not happening, but since we're all talking about maybes here)
Gorgeous! The stadiums don't look too bad either.
At this point we probably wont see a Muschamp defense until after Kentucky. Tray Matthews and Montravius Adams are the only ones looking like they want to be there rn.