Auburn 33

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Up 35-0, Auburn was playing for the W. Just don't let state score much and let's get the hell outta here is exactly wat Gus was thinkin.
True Freshman? ?? Lmao, where did they find the tard who wrote this article?
Agree with the bama score, but imho Auburn will beat tamu by a touch. Something like 30-23 or 27-20
They will Absolutely not beat Auburn @ home this year. They shouldn't have won at there place last year.
Im calling for a tough,low scoring game. Thoughts?
How about sending out a BOLO for Carl Lawson,surely he'll show up some game? !
Like 0-81 at one time. Not trying to be a homer,but I like the tigers at home.
Agreed, but is TCU all that good? ?'s what Brady does...comical!