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So... We beat florida state in 2013..... Could have fooled me.
Hard to be on the sidelines when your your ability to know when to doesnt exist
Hows that SEC championship ring feeling? Oh....nvm. Embody greatness in the league and we will talk. Yall get the same treatment as us- hot starts and late fizzles.
Hmmmm civilized comments.... rare sight on here. war eagle im ready for saturday
So in a nutshell contain and maim
Wasnt Lambert announced as the starter? Well thats one down
yeah because after smoking pot ive said.... you know maybe i should try meth.... think before you type this nonsense
I think Duke Williams should've been added but that's my opinion
Katy Perry likes two corn dogs at once was my favorite
Also read OURS south Carolina to the playoffs will never happen
End of the day this will be a game unlike any other this year and we are all blessed to enjoy it. Don't trash stay classy like the SEC is support to be. The best team will rise up. S it back and enjoy the thrills. WDE
If you don't figure out your quarterback and get solid playing from him... Aubuens defense will just torch you all night like a repeat of saturday
Go auburn lol. But in seriousness the game was electrifying all the way till the end did it hurt to see one team lose? Yes but in the end I think USC had the better team that night and give respect to Coach Spurrier
We definitely will be by more than 9 points I'm not worried in the slightest