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Alot of people nationwide will hold Alabama and their entire fan base responsible for the irresponsible ignorance exhibited by the bad apple part of the Bama fan base.. There is really not a lot you can do to change that. All schools have them and they kind of take the fun out of the sport, but you can ignore those idiots and be yourself and remain classy as you chose to be.. A very large percentage of my friends are Bama fans (classy and still have fun) and I cherish each and every one of them. None of the people on this thread strikes me as "those fans"... When someone tries to get under my skin about my team or about something some dumbass has done to show his ignorance, I simply laugh it off and let them know I have no control over the situation and had no part of it.. most of the Bama fan base seems truly embarrassed about this and some off the other incidents THAT THE TEAM NOR THE UNIVERSITY HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH..So, be a duck. Let the comments roll off just like water off of a ducks back.... Enjoy your game.....WDE
I agree with all the Mizzou fans.. Give them what they are due.. You get a team that lost their last two games and one of them was a total blowout (because they just did not want to be there..yeah right) and they get a ranking they don't deserve.. Mizzou should at the least in the top 25. I believe they should be in the top 20 because they are basically the same team they were last year (almost).. They're gonna be strong again this year... Mizzou, get use to being treated like the red headed step child, because the pollsters have there favorites.. I'm surprised they ranked Auburn as high as they did.. if Mizzou will keep going like they did last year and fighting and scratching their way through opponents, they will do fine.. Good luck Mizzou!!!! Your fans are a class act also!! Didn't hear of any of your fans diving on to someone and kicking and cursing them or t- bagging anyone or killing anybody just because they was not mad enough about losing the game... just a word of caution, protect any objects that your fans hold dear to them and/or is part of a tradition because a certain fan base is known to be notorious for doing stupid things like defacing or destroying traditions...WAR EAGLE