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How do you interpret the odds as listed in this article? What does +500 mean?
Agree with you, LSUSMC. I do not think Alabama could fell comfortable about being included at this point.
I think he is incorrect that either Kiffin or Petrino would be accepted,
Who knows? Probably strength of schedule - West vs. East
Georgia should be a Top 5 team this year.
Contracts: The big print giveth; the little print taketh away !
He is paid enough that he should be able to pleasantly respond to 10 minutes of questions after games. Field a winning team and it will be more fun.
Pre-season rankings do not matter, Coach. If you disagree with them, prove them wrong on the field.
How much on Fla. St.? Think your guys can stay within six?
How? Because they drop TD passes and miss FG's!
You, like Coach Bielema, need to worry about whom you play and not about other's schedules!
and yet, the dogs did their usual el foldo
No SDS consistency. Yesterday you picked the best defenses in the SECW. Auburn was not in the top 5 overall, against the rush or the pass. Today you have them ranked Nationally. ?
Can't be done. Just the way the point values added up. Auburn is either boom or bust while UAT is consistently 1 or 2.
Undefeated ! ? ! You are Joshing, right, Josh?
% Auburn Tiger games
Having the Univ. of Fla. as a top ten team makes the article a joke.
Georgia fans are unrealistic. Go ahead and fire him and you insure yourself 5 years of mediocrity