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You are the one with 38-30 egg on your face.
I think when an updated list is made, Tennessee will takeover the #1 spot.
So... Will Tennessee losing at home to a 2-10 Georgia State be the new #1?
Good. He had no grounds whatsoever for immediate eligibility. Had the NCAA allowed him to immediately play, it would of made even less sense. Willis literally transferred because he got beat out by more talented underclassmen. At least Martell had a reason to be approved. Martell got approved since the NCAA had approved Fields even though Fields had no cause for immediate eligibility. If the Fields family would of been so concerned with Justin's health and well being, they would have also made his sister leave UGA. Yet she still plays softball for UGA. Since the NCAA approved Fields they had to approve Martell. Willis was simply beat out by more talented underclassmen. I love Willis, but he had absolutely no reason to warrant immediate eligibility.
"We don’t have to wait to go in to halftime and him drawing up these different adjustments. He can just do it on the sideline." So does that mean Steele hasn't made any adjustments before or after half time since he has been Auburns DC?
People are going to have a hard time accepting the reality that Nix isn't a true DTQB and is no more of a running QB than Stidham. At least Stidham rushed for 1000 yards his senior year of high school. Nix ran for 300. That sure doesn't scream TRUE DTQB to me.
Nix hasn't taken a single college snap and you people act like he is the savior of Auburn football. Call me crazy, but it's almost like you learned NOTHING from the JJ6 situation.
Their foundation is the same. Chad Morris just took Malzahns offense and adapted it to the college game while Gus kept his the same. After Morris left Dabo just kept the same offense in play. Gus needs to develop his offense. But he still goes by what that high school coach told him LONG ago, that was to have 4 or 5 plays you can run from different formations in your sleep. Gus doesn't understand he needs to have more than a handful of plays.
Why do I have to keep telling people this? At one time, Stidham was the #2 ranked DTQB out of high school. He was also the #1 DTQB out of JUCO. Stidham at one time also ran a 4.6 without YEARS of college S&C under his belt. I don't think anyone in their right mind would call Stidham a true DTQB. But he was listed as one. At least Stidham rushed for 1000 yards his senior year of high school. Nix, said #1 DTQB out of the 2019 class had 300 yards rushing his senior year. That sure does not scream #1 DTQB. Nix is no more a DTQB than Stidham. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out. I mean you guys act like Nix is the savior of Auburn football. He has yet to take a college snap. I dunno.... ITS ALMOST LIKE YOU LEARNED NOTHING FROM THE JJ6 INCIDENT.
Gus has averaged Ls per season. He has averaged 8-5 over his career. Throw out the 2 L year 1 and he is a 7-6/6-6 coach
"It’s also fair to say that Bama helps Auburn’s SOS much more than AU helps Bama’s" Sure thats fair to say of we live in opposite bizzaro world. We still have to play UGA every year and we play actual real teams as an OOC game every year. We dont play the likes of Duke as our big OOC game. So we play 1 big OOC game every year + UGA + the same schedule as Bama. You guys play garbage for your OOC games and play Tennessee. Auburn and LSU are the only teams Bama plays that can compete with them even in the slightest fashion. Im sorry, but playing garbage OOC and Tennessee doesnt compare to playing top10 teams as the OOC + UGA EVERY SINGLE YEAR.
Actually there is a Cam Newton(ish) QB this season. Get used to the name Joey Gatewood. And no Asa Martin? Cant tell if serious. Asa never contributed. And to say all there is at RB is Boobee and a "speedy sophomore" isnt correct. We signed 2 highly recruited "feature" backs last class. DJ Williams will likely be the starter by the end of the season. Shannon Terry (the cat who started 247) called Williams the most underrated RB in the class. He said that there was VERY LITTLE difference in DJ Williams and Trey Sanders, the #1 RB in last years class. We also signed Mark Anthony Richards. That doesnt count KMart and Miller. We will be just fine at RB. Its just our most talented RBs are like our QBs, freshmen. Gus has stacked a roster for the next coach. Although Gatewood may just save his job for a few years. Gatewood is like 6'5 250. You WILL hear the Cam Newton comparisons.
"That’s an extremely tough schedule, and that would most likely be the cause of a firing if one takes place." No. What will get him fired is things like: 1)Giving up 20 point 2nd half leads vs LSU. 2)Rushing up to the line and running it up the gut 17 straight times after a 1st down vs LSU. 3)Someone on staff not being able to count to 5 and costing one of the jewels of the class to lose a season of eligibility and thus transferring. 4)Hiring jokes of OCs 5)Having 8 year old little girls who hate football able to call out a play once we line up. 6)Losing at home vs a team that hadnt won an SEC game in 2+ years 7)Playing 4 or 5 QBs in 1 game 8)Coxcat/Whirlybird These are just a few of the reasons Gus will be fired. It isnt because of the W/L record. Its because of how we look in the Ls. Gus is in over his head. There is a reason he has lost 4/5 of the fanbase.
How in the world is Stoops on this list? He should be as secure as Saban. He only has made that program better year after year. What i wouldnt give for Stoops over our Mickey Mouse 8-5 coach being paid top 5 money. We will be looking for a new coach soon. It wouldnt surprise me for us to start 2-4 and Gustov the buger eater to be fired after losing to LSU yet again. Oh well... WDE anyway.
Again, I respectfully disagree. Tulsa is well...Tulsa. Production at a school like Tulsa should not be said in the same breath as SEC success. Let's look at this objectively. Arkansas yes Gus had success at Arkansas for one season. Which featured 2 1st round RBs. QB play was a wash. Also he coached there 1 season. He had very little to do with their production. It was widely known Nutt would hamstring the offense he wanted to run. Auburn... The only real success he has achieved was with a DT QB. 2010 Cam Newton and 2013 Nick Marshall. 2017 was a successful season however it was dependent on our NFL RB. That was clear in the SEC Championship. Also for some strange reason, Stidham was considered a DT QB. But let's not pretend Stid was a DT in the same breath as Cam and/or Marshall. However technically Stid was a DT QB. So... every year at Auburn without a DT QB he has gotten 5-6 losses per season. The 3 seasons with a DT and you have 1, 2, and 4 losses. It's clear Gus needs a DT QB to have success at a high level when he gets to run the offense he wants to run. The only exception being 2006 Arkansas team that relied heavily on 2 first round RBs that Malzahn had NOTHING to do with their recruitment or development.
Except they are. Gus doesnt even know what kind of offense he wants to run. You say he runs a legit DT QB... The last 3 starters have not been DT QBs so he doesnt even know what type of offense he wants to run. He is running pocket passers in a spot where he needs a legit DT QB. At least this season he will have that in Gatewood. So this guys comments are right on par. They are exactly correct. Its do or die for Gus this year. Then assuming he turns it around this season (which is a huge assumption) he needs to sustain that success. This nonsense of having a successful season followed by a 5 or 6 loss season has to stop.
Yeah 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th rounders as well as UDFAs arent ANYTHING to brag about. We (Auburn) have had a grand total of 1 (ONE) player drafted in the 1st round since 2010. 0 (ZERO) since 2014s draft. Our draft acumen under Malzahn is NOTHING to brag about.
With all due respect, Sean White couldnt hold Stidhams jock strap. I dont care if White was an established 3 year starter who never missed a game due to injury. If Stidham still wanted to come to Auburn, he still would of been recruited, and he still would of started over White. White, at his best was never in the same stratosphere as Stidham.
All this MSU love is garbage. Maybe when Auburn drops 50 on them again, all this MSU love will cease. Saying Auburn has almost a 60% chance to lose that game makes whoever/whatever made these predictions lose ALL credibility.
@WDE0012 "It is laughable that you think Washington is so overrated. I do not even see where you can believe that" Something tells me his opinion would be different if it was Bama who just beat them. He probably thinks Louisville is better than Washington, lol. East coast bias at its best.
"He isn't as good as Tua, but no one else seems to be either." Seriously? After 2 and 1/2 games, no other QB seems as good as Tua... Oh I get it, you must only watch Bama games. Correct, no other Bama QB looks as good as Tua. And yeah watch the Iron Bowl from last year, everyone blowing Hurts like they do Tua now. The announcers were calling Hurts Cam Newton for gods sake... At that point, Hurts had lost 1 game in his career and Bama people thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread
Gloating over a win against Vandy... Gotta love most Bama fans. Some have class like Space Gump. Most like thig don't.
That's extremely easy to say you upgraded your coach when the new one is winning with the talent Mullen brought to Starkville. All Mullen did was take your program to heights not seen in the modern Era, but sure. You upgraded your coach. I'd wait a few years until Morehead gets his guys to Starkville before squawking about upgrading your coach. How fast one forgets the Jackie Sherrel and Sylvester Croom days...
"Way too injury prone." Yeah because barely anyone would go down when they basically break an ankle. If you said way too injury prone about Sean White, you may be on to something. But Stidham has been really hurt once... by a chipped bone in his ankle... that isnt what you would label as "injury prone."