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As long as David Cutcliffe is at Duke, they will VERY MUCH have a legit shot to land Arch.
"So unless you can hit this out of the park, let’s get back to your why the SEC needs to add ANYBODY." Because most of us felt that way last time it expanded. Many people still dont like the addition of either former big12 school. So as you say it does not need to expand now, we said that a decade ago when expansion was imminent.
Malzahn is back because his agent had us between a rock and a hard place and bent us over dry old school style while we had no AD. We had a baffoon as a President who has since been relieved of his duties. That idiotic extension in 2017 is the ONLY reason Gus is still employed with Auburn.
"The original 12 over expanding to 14." The comment of someone very young, or someone paying very bad attention. Im guessing you are the former huh kiddo? Orginal 12 would only be a youngster.
To me beating Bama is no different than beating any SEC Rival. And under no circumstances should that game alone determine whether a coach has a successful season. or not. And to Auburntruefan or whoever dont you dare tell me that you I have to support Gus Malzahn to support Auburn University. Because I do not. I dont have to love a coach to love the University. And I dont want to give his ass a raise. I want him gone. I have wanted him gone since 2017 LSU game. I wanted him gone before the UGA game, I wanted him gone before the bama game I'll want him gone after the bowl. But it's ok. With Gus completely abandoning OT recruiting the last 5 or so classes, 2020 gonna get him. The two OTs who will start next season are in JUCO currently.
You are wrong. Gus is the 6th or 7th highest paid coach now. Dabo is #1
@AutrueTigers: People like you are the reason Auburn will never strive to be a championship program. You dont have to support a historical 8-5 coach to support the team.
Gus has never lost out of a bye week... And Kirby has never won a SEC West game. The trends say Auburn wins. Then since 2010, any time Auburn beats UGA, they also beat Bama. Each time. But I dont care if he wins out and just misses the CFP. His seat wont stop being hot until after the 2020 season. Gus has all but abandoned recruiting OTs in recent classes. The three best OTs who will be on Auburns 2020 team are not even on campus yet. They are all 3 in JUCO right now. The OL is in a SCARY position next season...and that is 100% on Gus Malzahn. We were in such dire need at OT that a DT had to be moved over to OT just for a body this season.
There are a lot more than just people around Springdale who want him there. A lot of people dont like him, but more than half the state would kill to have him. I hope y'all take him off our hands
Dear sweet 6 pound 4 ounce Baby Jesus in your swaddling clothes let Arkansas take him.
Yeah Cam was under Chizik but he isn't wrong that Gus has never developed a QB
So you expect we will come out with a L in Athens in 2020? Because you sure can't mean this season
Haha you said "working" and "driving" when talking about Meth heads. You don't know too many of them do you? Because very few of them can still drive, and even less still work
Not bad ratings... I'd have to disagree with 3 of your grades... QB - You either have a personal relationship with Malzahn or Patrick Nix to rate this a B-. The ONLY game Nix deserves a B in was Kent State and even then a B- is stretching that rating. I would give Nix a C- for Kent State, and a D- or F for all other games. Other than Kent State, and one drive against Oregon, Nix has looked putrid. And even against Kent State, almost half of his yards came on one play...a trick play at that. Giving Nix a B, B- or not, just giving him a B is giving him FAR more credit than he deserves. OL- Anything other than an F here shows you must be an Auburn fan. Our OL has been terrible. We were pushed around for 3 quarters by Oregon's DL, and we could get absolutely no drive against Tulane... Let that sink in... No drive could be mustarded against MIGHTY TULANE. What are you thinking giving them a passing grade? Can't be thinking too much... And finally: Special Teams. Not giving them a F also says you have written this with an agenda. Have you noticed our punt return game? Both covering and returning sucks. Period. Not giving them an F is as absurd as giving Nix a B.
On very rare occasions am I absolutely stoked that a player is leaving the team. In fact I can't think of one other time that I wanted no part of having a player in our locker room. Moore has do you say nicely... an extremely insensitive extremist religious views. He absolutely hates anyone not of the melanin level. He absolutely hates the Jewish people who you and I would recognize. His extremest views have no part in a biracial locker room. Moore will likely have to go somewhere like Howard, Alabama A&M, Bethune-Cookman, or Alabama State... somewhere that 99-100% of the locker room will have around the same melanin levels as his own. None of that even touches on his belief that the earth is flat, or his foot fetish. It's a real shame. Moore has the ability to be an All-American on the football field. However his intelligence level is on par with an elementary school student. Good riddance
You would be welcome to take it. However, with his extremest views, I don't see him fitting in anywhere other than a historically black University. His chosen religion is the polar opposite of the KKK plus he is one of the idiots who truly think the earth is flat. I'm glad to see him gone
You are the one with 38-30 egg on your face.
I think when an updated list is made, Tennessee will takeover the #1 spot.
So... Will Tennessee losing at home to a 2-10 Georgia State be the new #1?
Good. He had no grounds whatsoever for immediate eligibility. Had the NCAA allowed him to immediately play, it would of made even less sense. Willis literally transferred because he got beat out by more talented underclassmen. At least Martell had a reason to be approved. Martell got approved since the NCAA had approved Fields even though Fields had no cause for immediate eligibility. If the Fields family would of been so concerned with Justin's health and well being, they would have also made his sister leave UGA. Yet she still plays softball for UGA. Since the NCAA approved Fields they had to approve Martell. Willis was simply beat out by more talented underclassmen. I love Willis, but he had absolutely no reason to warrant immediate eligibility.
"We don’t have to wait to go in to halftime and him drawing up these different adjustments. He can just do it on the sideline." So does that mean Steele hasn't made any adjustments before or after half time since he has been Auburns DC?
People are going to have a hard time accepting the reality that Nix isn't a true DTQB and is no more of a running QB than Stidham. At least Stidham rushed for 1000 yards his senior year of high school. Nix ran for 300. That sure doesn't scream TRUE DTQB to me.
Nix hasn't taken a single college snap and you people act like he is the savior of Auburn football. Call me crazy, but it's almost like you learned NOTHING from the JJ6 situation.
Their foundation is the same. Chad Morris just took Malzahns offense and adapted it to the college game while Gus kept his the same. After Morris left Dabo just kept the same offense in play. Gus needs to develop his offense. But he still goes by what that high school coach told him LONG ago, that was to have 4 or 5 plays you can run from different formations in your sleep. Gus doesn't understand he needs to have more than a handful of plays.
Why do I have to keep telling people this? At one time, Stidham was the #2 ranked DTQB out of high school. He was also the #1 DTQB out of JUCO. Stidham at one time also ran a 4.6 without YEARS of college S&C under his belt. I don't think anyone in their right mind would call Stidham a true DTQB. But he was listed as one. At least Stidham rushed for 1000 yards his senior year of high school. Nix, said #1 DTQB out of the 2019 class had 300 yards rushing his senior year. That sure does not scream #1 DTQB. Nix is no more a DTQB than Stidham. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out. I mean you guys act like Nix is the savior of Auburn football. He has yet to take a college snap. I dunno.... ITS ALMOST LIKE YOU LEARNED NOTHING FROM THE JJ6 INCIDENT.
Gus has averaged Ls per season. He has averaged 8-5 over his career. Throw out the 2 L year 1 and he is a 7-6/6-6 coach
"It’s also fair to say that Bama helps Auburn’s SOS much more than AU helps Bama’s" Sure thats fair to say of we live in opposite bizzaro world. We still have to play UGA every year and we play actual real teams as an OOC game every year. We dont play the likes of Duke as our big OOC game. So we play 1 big OOC game every year + UGA + the same schedule as Bama. You guys play garbage for your OOC games and play Tennessee. Auburn and LSU are the only teams Bama plays that can compete with them even in the slightest fashion. Im sorry, but playing garbage OOC and Tennessee doesnt compare to playing top10 teams as the OOC + UGA EVERY SINGLE YEAR.