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"What about the Pac12?" Hahaha, that's adorable
Did you see me spouting hyped up stats? No. I think this is the biggest test that both teams will have faced so far this year. Just trying to say be realistic. Mr. 500 Yards up there was trying to use it as an end-all be-all argument, which it's not. I think winning against TAMU has made all of you worse than Mizzou fans. Regardless, it will be an awesome game. War Eagle!
You keep touting this vaunted "greater than 500 yards per game" stat. Please, tell me all about the amazing defenses you've faced so far. LSU's yearlings? TAMU's holey secondary? UAB? USA? Don't get me wrong, this game is going to he epic, but Miss State hasn't seen anything like Auburn's defense this year. I say within 10 points, but Auburn's stamina puts them on top. War Eagle!
That's complete BS. Watch his leg. He puts deliberate force into his landing. And the second one he has plenty of chance to place his foot elsewhere, but his helmet is aimed downward...he knew exactly where he was placing that cleet.
I saw that, too, but most of those came in the 2nd half and at that point, after multiple blatant missed block in the back and holding calls, I almost felt it was our due to catch a break on the penalties. At least they were more consistent in NOT calling them the 2nd half. Illogical feeling, I know, but I was so sick of it by then I didn't really care, haha. Also, the correct phrase you're looking for it "Gig 'em Tigers". Gig 'em War Eagles is kind of like saying Gig 'em Gig 'ems or Gig 'em Howdys. War Eagle is our battle cry/greeting, not mascot.
Agreed. But I don't think LSU is one who should be lecturing on ugly wins...I was at one game where the only reason LSU won was multiple missed FGs by Death Valley. Poor time clock management, sheer name it, the Mad Hatter has managed to pull it off. We'll take the W, take the experience, and move on.